Negative potential of brain mechanism leads to the discovery of science and technology

Persistence in learning process, working discipline, self-confidence and creative ideas are required to improve the smart brainpage of knowledge chapters.


School education was born from the evolution of human language

School system must be changed so that the modulation of brain learnography could take the place of school teaching.

Home is not school and parents are not teachers

Brain learnography is the neuroscience of skill, knowledge and working experience. Brainpage modulation is applied in school system and brain writing is finished in learning process.

School provides education in human language but knowledge is written in object language

Intuition is ocean of dark knowledge where we can find all types of definitions, matrix and spectrum to generate learning potential in classroom learnography. 

Smart brainpage of knowledge is necessary to secure high grades in exams

Brainpage school is procedural learning school where learning by doing is encouraged and students get chance to learn knowledge from mistakes

Well-defined space brings changes in thinking, working and learning

Direct learning of chapter gives modulation of knowledge to brain in which cognitive ability improves by bringing plasticity in brain mechanism

Education is failing because of inefficient school system

Education is basically a teaching system of motivation and instruction. It’s not real brain learning system of knowledge chapters.