Big teacher can change students into small teachers using brainpage theory

Quality education is expected everywhere in the world. The brainpage of skill, knowledge and experience develops from the learning process of school system. Quality is evaluated by asking questions or tests of problem solving activities. The learnodynamics of smart brainpage produces learning quality in task processing. 

Task, time and brainpage are moderated in the space of learnography to secure high grading in school performance. Blackboard performer conducts mostly three types of brain activities – visual imaging, page writing and speech broadcast. Cyclozeid is crucial to accelerate knowledge processing for good learning and long memory. It is door to new ideas and innovation. 

20-20 brainpage is the good practice of course book for test preparation. Altogether brainpage of four subjects may be finished everyday. The cycling of knowledge segment undergoes brain imaging in prefrontal cortex and loop formation is launched on cyclozeid until target is achieved. Learning voice is the memory card of human brain. Human articulation is advanced in evolution and helps in the task processing of learnography. 

New chapter is always uneasy for understanding and learning. It is often discussed that teaching can simplify difficult lesson and students will know new chapter without hardship. It’s not true because brain learning remains incomplete and teaching can’t trigger the opening of new synaptic potentials and help in problem solving activities. 

The brainpage of formator recognizes the necessary pattern of subject matter and solver is prepared to know new knowledge and hard task. Learnography is the alternate form of education. Task is moderated in school hours instead of teaching. School learnography is more important than home learnography but teaching is performed in school hours and students don’t get time to make the smart brainpage of knowledge chapters. 

Medical doctors are produced in classroom conducted and taught by the doctors of medical college. Engineers are produced when they are taught by an engineer. So big teacher can produce small teachers in classroom and learning may be enhanced in brainpage modulation. A classroom of small teachers is defined as the taxshila design of school system. 

Teacher is a good moderator of knowledge task to guide children towards the working mechanism of brain learnography. Small teacher is the transformation of a student. He may be the task modulator in classroom to help in brainpage making process. Big teacher is the input of school system but small teacher is the outcome of classroom performance. 

Knowledge learning is the application of pattern, format and template of object programming. This is known as formatting ability of brain. Skill learning is brainpage development and corresponding finger mapping of pattern, formator and solver. This is known as the procedural capacity of human brain to get success in academic performance. 

Brainpage theory can change students into the small teachers of classroom. Qualified student may be the modulator of task performance using the learning mechanism of brain science. He helps in brainpage making process by describing time and voice to the moduation of knowledge chapters. 


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