No Homework for Kids : Home is not school and parents are not teachers 

​Homework is the daughter of teaching in education system. Stop teaching in school and homework will disappear from classroom. School runs from 9 am to 4 pm and the time period of seven hours is sufficient for the modulation of smart brainpage. Zeid factor is one of basic human factors which deals with the working, understanding and learning functions of human brain. Learnography follows the theories of human engineering to practice and learn knowledge chapters by using the facts and findings of applied neuroscience.

Brain science is the most advanced chapter in the world of knowledge and studies. Brain controls everything in surroundings that is important about objects, living, thinking and learning. Our body and behavior are also controlled by the fear, pleasure, memories and passion of brain mechanisms. The acquired knowledge of brain may help in effective formatting and building of smart brainpage to apply in the learning process.

Production of education is the quality brainpage of teaching. Period of twelve years passed away in school education but required brainpage of children is not developed. Result is low grading in exams and future becomes jobless and uncertain for working and living. The body of knowledge provides the surface of human factors where learnography enables the working mechanism of brain to improve the chapter of science and technology. Human factors engineering is a collection of data and principles about human characteristics, capabilities, limitation in relation to machine, job and environment.

Brainpage learnography is important for the grading in education. Smart brainpage is prepared for the achievement of high grades. Teacher develops his own brainpage of chapter topic during classroom performance. How could students make their brainpage from teaching performance? Listening and visualization may initialize brainpage formation but it does not become complete to face the challenges of test paper.

Paper writing is the homepage of learning brain. The mechanism of learning brain is interesting and this is not teaching. What is the knowledge achievement of school hours? It is bitter truth that teaching is the fundamental part of school learning. Making new brainpage is the vital task of classroom learnography. The formator of brain mechanism helps in brainpage improvement and old brainpage is updated using the zeid markers of amygdala. Hippocampus is the search engine of learning brain and this is the powerful compass of white knowledge.

How do you believe that our brain needs teaching and motivation to understand the knowledge of school chapters?

School is well known for teaching space but we will have to change it into well-defined learning space. Ergonomics is described by human factors and this is the scientific explanation of human interaction at workplace. The understanding of professional interactions is described by ergonomic principles to optimize learning brain and system performance.

Knowledge is learnt in school under education system and it is based on teaching process. Teacher has the professional skill of knowledge performance but students, lack of knowledge skills, have to finish the chapter learning of course book. Education is odd in this context that teachers are trained with quality techniques and high motivation, but students don’t have learning skill and are totally dependent on teachers for learning and understanding. School teaching must be replaced by the learnography of applied neuroscience. Imaging, writing, learning and understanding of human brain are the procedures of brainpage and that is brain writing for skill, knowledge and experience.


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