Largest part of brain is cerebrum that launches learnogram of knowledge chapters

Cerebral cortex is important for the cortical learning of knowledge chapters, but rehearsed practice runs in subcortical learning. We know that learning from mistakes should not be ignored. Temporal lobe plays significant roles to send the transmission of knowledge transfer in the subcortical region of brain. In fact, we have very large cerebrum in our brain and this is the most advanced aspect of human evolution. The learnogram of knowledge chapters is initialized in the different parts of cerebral cortex and it is processed as the cortical learning of knowledge chapters. Learnogram is not achieved from the teaching performance of classroom.


Use of ancient tools and fire was delivered by the cerebellar learnography of human brain

Learnogram, cyclozeid and learnograph are the three basic parts of human learnography. The cerebral cortex of brain acts as the learnogram of knowledge chapters. It prepares human brain to launch the brainpage theory of learning mechanism for knowledge transfer. Learning from brainpage development is crucial to the performance of school system. Cyclozeid is the second part of learnography that conducts the rehearsal practice of knowledge chapters to consolidate learning, memories and behavior. Basal ganglia, limbic system and hypothalamus launch the learning mechanism of cyclozeid to provide the efficient learning of goal oriented knowledge tasks. Brainstem and cerebellum play a vital role in the modulation of functional learnographs.

Stephen Hawking was the first physicist to explain the union of general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics

Mathematics and physics are the key subjects to understand the creation of the universe. Hawking was the first scientist to set out a theory of cosmology explained by a union of the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. We can learn the mystery of genius brain and the mystery of longevity from Hawking’s life and his research work. The world will also know the mystery of brain learnography from Hawking’s working life. It is fact that genius is generated in the dorsal and ventral streams of visual cortex, but processed in the posterior region of cerebellum. The behavior of genius activities is distinct in the cerebellar learnography of brain, ultimate learning of science and technology.

High speed modular brainpage is rehearsed in learnography for the preparation of exams

Book to brain knowledge transfer may transform students into the small teachers of classroom. This is a great achievement of brainpage theory. Cyclozeid accelerates imaging and mapping to develop high speed modular brainpage for the preparation of exams.

Learning behaviour of knowledge chapter deals with brain plasticity and cerebellar learnography

Cerebellum is the lower region of brain that provides the center for behavioral and productive changes. This is the seventh dimension of school learnography and it is also the source of dark knowledge. In this way, the ultimate plasticity of brain occurs in cerebellum to show behavioral learnography in school children. Gradually, behavioral plasticity may be shifted to productive plasticity when cerebellar learnography is modulated with the cognitive functions of prefrontal cortex.