Productive system of knowledge transfer is crucial to effective learning and working in classroom or at workplace

Main drawback of education system is the defective system of knowledge transfer that doesn’t activate the learning parts of student’s brain during teaching process in the classroom. The volume of gray matter does not increase in the learning parts of student’s brain, particularly in prefrontal cortex. It’s true that neuroplasticity occurs in learning process after the completion of knowledge transfer. But it doesn’t happen in classroom teaching. Instead, gray matter volume increases in the teacher’s brain. It is fact that students are always dependent on their teachers for learning, writing and understanding.

Highlights :

  • Teaching isn’t an effective system of learning transfer and not suitable to process the neuroscience of plasticity during classroom performance.
  • Volume of gray matter increases in the learning parts of brain circuits after knowledge transfer.
  • Brainpage theory of learnography is crucial to effective learning and knowledge transfer in school system.
  • Most parents can’t afford modern education, as it is providing highly advanced expensive classrooms.

Students can’t make high speed brainpage in classroom to face tough questions in the exams. This trait suppresses the creative side of their personality and they never get to know their strengths. When there are more extracurricular activities in school’s premises, students become focused on playing activities and may feel difficulty in concentrating on their studies, learning and brainpage making process. It’s difficult for students and teachers to keep actual balance between classroom studies and extracurricular activities. They’re directed and absorbed with the things affecting their required knowledge transfer, brainpage development and educational performance.

Traditional education is costly and not good in knowledge transfer. Tuition fee is very high, but learning is based on the teaching theories. Moreover, course books and other school things are quite expensive. Parents have to face difficulty in paying tuition fee and other expenses of schools.

Productive classroom provides efficient learning space for the school chapters and students show learning initiatives to take active part in the brainpage processing of classroom activities. Knowledge transfer seeks to organize and modulate knowledge and ensure its availability for student’s problem solving activities. The lecture method of teaching theories involves the teacher doing all the talking or describing with little or no input from the students. This is the problematic classroom transfer of education system because students go to take on a passive role, which can hinder chapter learning and related brainpage modulation.

In this way, knowledge transfer doesn’t proceed in the classroom to make the brainpage of subject matter. Students need to be active learners to keep the brain working and integrating new information and memory formation. The science of knowledge transfer and motor brainpage development is required to the design of productive classroom. The teacher must make sure to involve student’s initiative in knowledge transfer by asking them short questions and encouraging participation in working and writing, so they can learn and understand subject matter to develop the learning spectrum in brain circuits.

It is very difficult for a student to sit for a long time in classroom and listen to the teacher on a motivated topic for learning and understanding. Nowadays children are engaged in watching the television screen changing every half a second and therefore have a difficult time staying focused during a teaching session. Newer learning methods involve the hands-on learning, where students can manipulate objects as well as work in groups to learn the lesson’s objectives in a stimulating way. But this is not the scientific system of knowledge transfer that can be conducted in the classroom. Brainpage is never modulated to achieve learning efficiency for problem solving activities.

The transfer of knowledge is very much related to the school system and academic performance. It is managed and conducted in learning space to deal with the problem solving activities of knowledge integration, knowledge application and knowledge use in the real world of science, technology and economy. Transfer of lesson learning or transfer of knowledge refers to learning in one context and applying it to another such as the capacity to apply acquired skills and knowledge to the new situations of project work. The issue of knowledge transfer is a central issue in both education and economy. There is probably a subtle difference between transfer of learning that addresses what is learnt in school or university. And the transfer of knowledge that addresses the general localized issue of applying knowledge to new situations in problem solving work performance.

Artificial intelligence (AI) of machine learning is generated by the cognitive circuit of human brain while human intelligence (HI) of knowledge transfer is governed by the limbic circuit of our brain.

Kid’s attention deficit is the lack of proper brainpage to regulate brain circuits for the knowledge transfer. When we focus on how we want to feel and figure out how to feel good and interested, we start to create the right choice and environment for our mind, body and soul to thrive. Focus in the classroom is an essential factor to make high speed brainpage in the modulation processing of knowledge transfer. Who is defined in your surroundings or inside the miniature school of your classroom bound influence? Surround yourself with the smart dimensions of learnography that are running on the pathways of goal oriented tasks, purpose and success. Don’t ever attach yourself in a significant way to thing or person that would steal your joy, mock your success or hinder your purpose and growth.

In learning process someone will teach, and in teaching process they will learn and make their own brainpage. Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find wisdom, live it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it.

Social factors and basic skills: Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of other individuals at working place. Education system can’t manage the social factors of growing children in school system. Sympathy describes the feelings of pity, guilt and sorrows for someone else’s failure, suffering or misfortune. Bullying attitude in school or at workplace is not empathy or sympathy, but it is defined as the bad brainpage and misconduct of social behaviour.

New knowledge is the Blue Mountain of possibilities, hardwork and progress that may be difficult for exploring, learning and understanding, as it is not programmed in the hippocampus of our brain to climb or navigate the zeid pathways of knowledge transfer. Children have to do modulation on the notepage to face the challenges of blue mountain. The knowledge modulation of brain learning and finger mapping is the real learning of children. The teacher can help in the module making activities of classroom. It is necessary to learn and practice one super module builder and then finish the five associative modules of knowledge chapter in the brainpage making process of knowledge transfer.

Reflective choice: We can express feeling, thinking and experience by posting text or picture on social media. Visual perception selects picture and shows its emotional reaction as pleasure, fear or grief. But the post of text paragraphs needs reading to interpret and understand the statements and facts of written segment. Cognitive analysis is necessary to use the text for the details of information. It’s amazing that picture is liked without much effort and it makes text valuable in perception and recognition as the response of reflective choice of individuals.

Wise brain and smart brain: Home learning is utilized as brainpage making process in school system. We know that self-learning is the source of experience. It is done in object language to rationalize the processing of goal oriented tasks, so the spectrum of knowledge transfer helps in the modulation of segment formatting solver. Wise brain category develops from self-learning, rational practice and logical experience while the brainpage theory of learnography makes smart brain from the knowledge transfer. It’s scientific analysis that modular learning is the source of smart functions.

If we don’t know one thing, then it means we are unknown about so many things. So everything has a great value, connectivity and associative property. We must give importance to every such thing, objects or knowledge for the learning of each topic segment. Brain writing and finger mapping both are essential for exams preparation to secure high scores or grades in academic achievement. Source page, brain page and white page are practiced in learnography for problem solving work. Subject matter is studied to write answers for collective questions. It is memorized by repeating sentences and rehearsing knowledge segments. We don’t follow the learning mechanism of brain in teaching system. But learnography is brain writing and it can be practiced in learning process. Teaching process can’t perform the brain writing of knowledge chapters.

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Teaching is not an effective system of the knowledge transfer for the development of human intelligence in school education. What are the differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence?Prefrontal cortex of brain is the center of cognitive knowledge and the algorithms of artificial intelligence are generated by the rational functions of prefrontal cortex. But human intelligence is governed by the limbic circuit of cingulate gyrus. Software is required to launch the functions of artificial intelligence while software is not available in classroom to conduct the knowledge transfer of human intelligence. We must know that brainpage module is the software of human intelligence that is required in classroom to transfer skill and knowledge in the children’s brain circuits.

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Pictures : Featured image from the Pexels showing factory, other images related to classroom and student’s activities

Resources :

  • Traditional education and teaching as system of knowledge transfer
  • Differences between artificial intelligence and human intelligence
  • Scientific analysis of memory types, modular learning and knowledge transfer
  • Study of hippocampus describing learning methods, memory formation and pathways navigation

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal


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