Funnel model of knowledge transfer based on the learnography of brain circuits is the basic design of School 2020

Our students learn chapters in school from the teaching performance of classroom. We know that teaching is everything in education and students have to watch and listen to the teacher for learning, writing and understanding. In fact, the teaching theory of school system is not the scientific system of learning transfer because it does not […]

Highly experienced maths and science teachers may have large volume of gray matter in the anterior hippocampus of brain

The classroom performance of maths and science teachers mainly depends on the brainpage modulation of rational thoughts, cognitive knowledge and intuitive ideas based on facts, events and evidences. The brain creates a model of the world around us using cognitive and limbic knowledge. We can use this representation to perceive and comprehend what we see at any space, object, time, instance and module (SOTIM). These cognitive and motor functions such as perception, imagination and recall of scenes and events, all engage the anterior hippocampus of brain for behavioral and academic output. It has been discovered that the high level cognitive functions of maths, science and technology have been projected in the brain circuits by specific substrates of the anterior hippocampus.

Subject teacher is the real task moderator for book to brain knowledge transfer in school learnography

What is education and why is it running in school system? Our students require knowledge transfer from the books and we are providing the teaching of motivational instructions. Association cortex of human brain is main part to produce the learnogram of knowledge transfer in school learnography. In traditional school system, teaching performance is the conventional method of knowledge transfer. All types of knowledge such as rational, emotional, cognitive, academic as well as intuitive are finally converted into motor knowledge to write and enhance the brainpage of cerebellar #learnography.

People believe that high salary is good earning but saving money is real earning

Brain learnography is an essential factor to understand the saving mechanism of financial activities. It is fact that high quality professional skill is developed by the cerebellar learnography of brain. Therefore, cerebellar circuit of the brain is responsible for quality production and high earning job. In personality, earning behavior is projected by the circuit of basal ganglia while high spending attitude is triggered by the limbic circuit of brain. The cognitive circuit of prefrontal cortex can interpret the mechanism of regular savings in working life. In this way, the working mechanism of our brain is focused to express the characteristics of financial activities in real savings.

A classroom of small teachers is defined as the beta version of knowledge transfer in school system

Students make brainpage in the learning process of chapters and this is the software of knowledge transfer. Education runs on teaching system but this is not the beta version of book to brain knowledge transfer in school system. We observe that alpha knowledge transfer testers and beta knowledge transfer testers are the main aspects of classroom system and academic performance. Then, what is the difference between teachers and students from the point of relevance in neuroscience and brain learnography? In fact, the teachers are alpha knowledge transfer testers, while students are learning as the beta knowledge transfer testers in classroom situation.