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Brainpage module is the building block of book to brain knowledge transfer

Block is a new modular advanced tool for building, writing and engaging contents of the posts and articles. With blocks, we can insert, rearrange and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge. Instead of using custom code, we can add a block and focus on our content writing. Gutenberg is more than an editor. It’s also the foundation that will revolutionize customization and site building in the WordPress.

With a new block editor and Twenty Nineteen theme, WordPress reports its 5.0/ Gutenberg release will be the platform’s major release of 2018. It will be significant change in editing interface because WordPress 5.0 is coming with a block editor. We know that block segments are really the building blocks of our articles, front page and websites. The most important fact is that the Gutenberg editor is modular in editing and working, and it is more comfortable to the working mechanism of our brain. It is obvious that knowledge is transferred to brain circuits in the format of modular brainpage with spectrum and space definition.

Highlights :

  • The release of WordPress 5.0 will be announced on Thursday, December 6th, 2018. 
  • Twenty nineteen theme and Gutenberg editor may be announced with this release.
  • WordPress is moving towards new horizon with advanced technology, magnificent theme and visually efficient page editor.

It’s true that I’m writing this post from my smartphone using Android app, Chrome browser and new editor on the twenty sixteen theme. I saw the notification of new editor on my site and decided to know its functions practically. I am very excited that block editor is similar to the learning modules of brain in design and functions that I included in the brainpage theory of learnography and knowledge transfer.

Knowledge transfer of book to brain circuits happens in the format of brainpage modules for smart learning and high performance.

— Shiva Narayan

Yesterday, developers, page builders and users were active on the Twitter to chat about the WordPress 5.0 release and new block editor. One individual said, “I like Gutenberg. It’s a compromise between page builders that are overwhelming for some of our clients and simple wysiwyg. We use @wp_acf flexible content to make editing easier in the past (cause shortcodes bleh). But the realease of Gutenberg is too rushed.” The new concept of Gutenberg editor is welcomed everywhere for its unique features.

Other individual added, “There will be bugs, incompatibilities and so on. There are issues on github that won’t be resolved before release which are major for plug-in authors. So to realease it with 2day notice and close to Christmas and new year is not very thoughtful.” We must know that the team of core developers in the WordPress is working hard days and nights to release the product on time.

Learning how to use WordPress and its new editor is not more difficult in webpage designing, post writing and publishing. It’s a hugely powerful and configurable product, with a vast ecosystem of add-ons and extensions, so there’s a lot to learn and understand the formatting and architecture of webpage design. The web host might have a few WordPress related articles on its support site, but we have to run into real time difficulties to be perfect in design and configuration.

Most of the people were found anxious about the celebration of the Christmas and New Year. I also took part in the interaction and replied in this way. You are right ! There may be issues of bugs and incompatibilities. Finally, the users’ platform is significant to resolve all types of issues occurring in ecosystem through updates. Don’t worry. You will get enough time to celebrate Christmas and new year. I felt excitement while while writing this article on the new editor. Thanks

Pictures : The featured image from WordPress and brain image from the learnography

Resources :

  1. WordPress blogs and the possible release of block editor
  2. Arguments of page builders and WordPress release date
  3. Learning modules of brain learnography and book to brain knowledge transfer

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

By Happiness Classroom

This is the school of knowledge transfer in which the learning fields of brainpage theory are launched in the classroom like the workplace of knowledge transfer. Teaching is not necessary because students learn from source books by applying the working dimensions of brain circuits. Everything is finished in school hours and homework is not required for practice. A classroom of small teachers is defined in school learnography to make high speed brainpage modules in book to brain learning transfer.

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