Brainpage Theory:

Book is the supreme teacher of knowledge transfer in school learnography. Book to brain learning transfer should be conducted in classroom instead of teaching performance.

Reading Habits:

Someone is just going along and trying to learn some new things by watching the objects of surroundings. We know that page reading is the first step of sensory perceptions in brain circuits. Reading means book reading but it has vast definitions when we observe the components and happenings of prevalent situations. Life throws us many surprises in learning transfer when we understand critical circumstances. They can make us aware in learning, working and decision making process. In fact, reading is an example of input learnography but writing is the motor processing of output learnography.

Learning Stream of Brain:

Zeidstream is known as the learning stream of knowledge transfer. Learning passion develops from the zeidstream of brain circuits. Memory and creativity are not related to each other to deliver intuitive ideas in design and formatting. Memory and intelligence can help in obtaining high scores and grades in school system, but creativity is described on working desk from the processing of zeidstream in the working circuits of human brain.

It’s true that intelligence is not developed by the teaching theories of classroom. Also leadership is not developed by the teaching performance of school system. A student’s intelligence cannot be measured by a number or grade in exam results. Actually, this is the test of brainpage development. Intelligence is defined by willingness and passion to learn and try new things in problem solving activities. Creativity is more than a number, grade or semester. Students possess the biology of brilliant brains with unique ideas to contribute knowledge transfer in the learning environment of classroom.

Learning from Query Matrix:

Students may face hardships in question formation because they have to read and collect facts and details from the chapters of source book. That is why question is the first dimension of knowledge transfer in classroom for the practice and preparation of quality tests. In the support forum, the question is always welcomed to proceed discussion and objective function. Children are willing to write answers but I suggest that they should be encouraged to make question sheet by studying chapters.

Logic Circuit of Questions:

Prefrontal cortex of the brain generates logic circuit during question formation. Subcortical brain-parts become activated when someone listens to the question for reply, especially amygdala system. Obviously, students will be sent into the deep learning of subject matter to format the matrix of high standard questions.

Phases of Learning:

Reading, writing and learning are the basics of book to brain knowledge transfer. Brain learnography runs under the seven phases of task processing to write smart brainpage of school chapters in working mechanism of brain. Learning phases of human brain are scanning phase, pathway phase, definition phase, formatting phase, modular phase, update phase and intuitive phase.

Human Intelligence (HI):

Student’s brain is intelligent in the learning mechanism of motor knowledge. Hence teaching is not essential in each of the knowledge modules rehearsed in the learning process of classroom. Intelligence develops from the smart brainpage of knowledge transfer, but students are not allowed to make brainpage in classroom. They are motivated to listen to teaching instruction attentively. We know that children are talent enough to make brainpage in the knowledge transfer of second or higher degree learning.

Strong Brainpage:

The determination of thoughts comes from the brainpage of knowledge transfer. But strong brainpage is the outcome of the cerebellar learnography of human brain. Classroom has potentiality to contribute the learning experience from mistakes and making changes. This perspective directs students towards the creation of functional and vibrant modules. Motor Knowledge is crucial in knowledge transfer and skill development. The formatting power of objective function is produced from skill development and this is the natural ability of human brain acquired by the DNA sequence of genetic evolution.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

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