Brainpage making process can enhance the working mechanism of mind and improve focus, memories and overall performances. Students must be skilled in the speed, techniques and format of knowledge transfer. This is the brainpage theory of school learnography in which students make brainpage in classroom during learning process.

School is the place of knowledge transfer while brainpage module is the outcome of knowledge transfer. That is why the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer is the future of school education. We have to change the school system for progressive knowledge transfer, skill development and high earning jobs. We know that human learnography never becomes complete in function and structure. It always seeks the versions of updating process for creativity and innovation.

Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. It is fact that knowledge transfer involves in the application of previously learned knowledge. In this process, old brainpage is rehearsed and made smart while students are completing tasks or solving problems in classroom.

The transfer of learning is usually described as classroom process in which past experiences accelerate and become effective extent to learning and chapter performance in a new situation. Prior experience is necessary for the transfer of learning in which student’s conduct, desk learning and performance are required for the development of brainpage modules. Learning may be retained in memory modules if physical changes take place in brain regions.

The idea of transfer is seldom specified in school education because quality teaching is only focused in classroom. However, it is one of the most important goals that we can train our students in brainpage making process. The ultimate goal of transfer is for the student to be able to apply their knowledge and skills inside and outside of the classroom, specifically to new challenging tasks.

Classroom transfer of the knowledge goes far beyond simply repeating and memorized chapters to meet the hardships and challenges of goal oriented tasks. From book to brain knowledge transfer, smart brainpage develops and students become able to take the modules of old knowledge and experiences, and apply this old knowledge to a new difficult concept.

Students must be able to use both new and old knowledge in solving a problem that they have never encountered before. This reactance of brainpage modulation about the process of learning and transfer resonates in classroom with the brainpage theory of learning transfer.

Knowledge transfer and skill development are the driving forces of productive workplace behind the financial growth and community development of any country. Skill building is a powerful tool to empower individuals and improve their social acceptance.

Skill development must be focused on professional importance guided by economic growth and employment opportunities to meet the rising aspirations of young workforce. The challenge lies not only in a huge quantitative expansion of facilities for skill training, but also in raising their quality to find high earning jobs.

Without the smart brainpage of right skills, you will only frustrate yourself, waste your time and spend a lot of time dealing with rudimentary nun-functional issues. Why does this happen? It may be caused by the lack of knowledge transfer or lack of productive skills, as opposed to progressive efforts in your goal oriented task operation (GOTO). Completing increasingly advanced levels of education shows your employer that you have a drive and commitment to learn and apply information, ideas, theories and formulas to achieve a variety of tasks and goals at the workplace.

Learning transfer takes place in the classrooms of school system. Obtaining a particular degree or certification may be a requirement to apply for some jobs. In fact, academic degree is obtained by the brainpage development of knowledge transfer. Educational requirements are a quick and easy way for the employer to narrow down a large field of applicants. Candidates always find themselves competing against others with more and more education, sometimes more qualified with experience and references. It might be in someone’s interest to obtain the particular degree, certification or training to be a competitive candidate in the race of difficult employment.

Most of us, at one time or another, want to collect more useful information and make better decisions. When we make mistakes, we promise ourselves to pay more goal oriented attention to what is going on the working pathways. We have to consider all the factors before making a decision. But the truth is, we may not know how to pay more attention to what is going on, and we have less developed brainpage for how to consider all the factors before making a decision.

The planning of job skill development is created on the basis of knowledge transfer and it may be a useful strategy for achieving professional growth. Skill achieving ideal plan identifies long-term goals and outlines a detailed approach for developing the professional skills of employment.

A professional development plan may be created with collaborative teamwork and path finding leadership who can work closely with skilled employee. Career building is the main purpose of knowledge transfer for the planning of job skill development. Our school system should be managed and operated to facilitate the knowledge transfer of classroom for the possible professional outcomes of employment opportunities.

There are three main aspects of village learnography – health, education and economy (HEE). Villages are the building blocks of a country, therefore, rural development only brings changes and prosperity in the livelihood of people. We know that skills and brainpage knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development needed in the harmony and growth of a community.

Educational transfer is important in village learnography to explore the possibilities of job creation for people’s income sources. It should be noted that researchers, educators and administrators need to know how to run effective school system for knowledge transfer and productive brainpage development.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

6 thoughts on “Modern science and advanced technology have been evolved from the pathways of village learnography

  1. it is for one place or for everyone it is a valuable information. the students can learn more but i dont understand if the students will try to increase for create their own company

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    1. Thanks ! I’m very sorry that I couldn’t respond on time. Actually, the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer has been designed for the students of classroom. It’s mainly based on the neurological studies of learning circuits.

      The working dimensions of brain circuits are useful for everyone who may like to achieve high success and quality production at workplace by encompassing collaborative teamwork and path finder leadership.

      Again thanks for the informative comments.


  2. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. many thanks

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