Teaching theories of the school system can’t give parallel learning to all students of the classroom.

Importance of time and efforts in life

Time and energy are the two face factors of stock coin to utilize the distinct moments of life in working, learning and helping. This is the advanced brainpage and thoughts of cognitive knowledge that we achieve from the observation and experience of past life. Stephen Hawking’s time arrow is moving towards the future and we can’t return to the past in the same order of happenings according to the laws of thermodynamics

Drawbacks of school education

The concept of time and energy may be applied in the academic perspective of classroom situations. Students spend the time and effort of school hours in watching and listening to high class teaching performance. But all the students are not equal in learning process and parallel learning never occurs in school system. These two important factors of student’s life are never applied in classroom to make the brainpage of knowledge transfer. Instead, homework is given to students to make the brainpage of subject matter at home.

Classroom runs in school learnography as the workplace of knowledge transfer.

This is the great drawback of school education in which high class teaching is emphasized, but book to brain learning transfer is never focused in classroom. Ultimately, students will suffer in achievement and won’t succeed in knowledge transfer and brainpage development.

Writing gives pleasure and satisfaction

The proper utilization of time and energy is directly proportional to the execution of motor knowledge in working, learning and earning. We have to use cerebellar learnography in learning transfer. Writing is the outcome of motor knowledge and finger mapping that gives us pleasure to express our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Motor knowledge is developed for the biology of pain but its execution gives us pleasure to overcome the hardships of motor projections in brain circuits.

Human Intelligence (HI)

Student’s brain is intelligent in the learning mechanism of motor knowledge. Hence teaching is not essential in each of the knowledge modules rehearsed in the learning process of classroom. Intelligence develops from the smart brainpage of knowledge transfer, but students are not allowed to make brainpage in classroom. They are motivated to listen to teaching instruction attentively. We know that children are talent enough to make brainpage in the knowledge transfer of second or higher degree learning.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

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