Memories and learning for the brainpage modules are retrieved in the brain circuits of knowledge transfer by exploring space, objects, time, instance, module, order and formatting (SOTIMOF) of subject matter.

Equal Education to All Children

Students become weak in subject matter when brainpage module is not rehearsed in the learning process of classroom knowledge transfer. Education to all is the millennium goal of the United Nations. But all students are not receiving similar learning transfer in the classroom. Educational institutions are emphasizing on high quality education, but equal education or parallel learning transfer is never focused in school system. Weak students are disappointed in classroom situations, so they need encouragement and support from the subject teachers for brainpage making process.

In classroom, teaching is provided equally to all the students but they do not learn the similar standard of subject matter for academic performance. Some students are found brilliant in knowledge transfer but others are observed bad in subject matter. Weak students are always discouraged in problem solving activities. It means effective system is not running in school education to provide parallel learning for the knowledge transfer of institutions.

Brain learning stream of knowledge transfer

Zeidstream is known as the learning stream of knowledge transfer. Learning passion develops from the zeidstream of brain circuits. Memory and creativity are not related to each other to deliver intuitive ideas in design and formatting. Memory and intelligence can help in obtaining high scores and grades in school system, but creativity is described on working desk from the processing of zeidstream in the working circuits of human brain.

Why is learning transfer not equal in the classroom?

One of the parents said, “This is not a great school because all students are not equal in learning transfer and teachers encourage only intelligent students in problem solving activities. This is the drawback of education system and teaching theories can’t provide parallel knowledge transfer in school system. Therefore, we have to change the system of learning transfer for equal education and equal encouragement (EEE).

Why is homework given to children in school system?

Home learning is the brainpage making process of book to brain knowledge transfer. It can be launched in classroom instead of teaching performance. Everyday students get homework in classroom because teaching performance runs in school hours and knowledge transfer doesn’t happen in classroom. Therefore, the teaching of motivation, instruction and subject matter is the waste of school hours for the learning transfer of courses.

Learnography means reading, writing and making brainpage in knowledge transfer.

Workplace is the school of production learnography. Classroom is also the learnography of productive knowledge transfer. In school system, academic success should be defined for the development of productive workplace. Homework is given to students for the home learning of knowledge transfer as learning transfer does not happen in classroom teaching. The home learning of brainpage modules should be rehearsed in classroom to ascertain parallel learning and secure high academic success for all students.

Science teacher may observe the brainwave recordings of knowledge transfer in future school system.

Learning Waves

Future teacher will be the classroom moderator of book to brain knowledge transfer. Modular brainpage develops from the knowledge transfer and motor skills of subject chapters. In fact, Electro EncephaloGraphy (EEG Device) cannot measure thoughts and feelings produced in brain circuits. This device can record the cortical activities of brain, but it’s not working for the subcortical regions of brain. In my opinion, artificial intelligence (EEG with AI Support) can interpret the brainpage quality of knowledge transfer that is modulated in the subcortical and cerebellar regions of brain. It’s true that everything is learnt in brain circuits. Cortical regions receive and send the reactance of reciprocal projections from the subcortical parts, brainstem and cerebellum of brain.

Reactance generator is crucial to effective learning transfer

Brainpage module describes learning block and returns the reactance of knowledge transfer. This is the brainpage theory of book to brain knowledge transfer. Module is basic design for the working mechanism of our brain and I have worked on the several dimensions of learning transfer. In fact, block is the small functional module of structure and I became interested in Gutenberg editor to know the working styles of websites.

A classroom of Small Teachers

Students can be transformed into small teachers by rehearsing the brainpage mapping of motor knowledge. It’s about the system of learning transfer that is conducted in classroom. It may be the classroom of vocational training, modern arts or science chapters. In each case, knowledge is transferred to student’s brain during learning process and motor knowledge is required to consolidate memory formation in modular brainpage formatting.

Actually, the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer has been designed for the students of classroom. It’s mainly based on the neurological studies of learning circuits. The working dimensions of brain circuits are useful for everyone who may like to achieve high success and quality production at workplace by encompassing collaborative teamwork and path finding leadership.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

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