Educational authorities are compelling the teaching communities to conduct the transfer of learning, knowledge and higher abilities to students’ brain circuits through the performance of talking techniques. The working circuits of a teacher’s brain become highly active in talking school but the learning circuits of student’s brain are projected for the processing of high speed learning transfer in brainpage school. The neurobiology of learning brain circuits does not support the teaching theories of classroom system for book to brain effective knowledge transfer and student’s modular brainpage development.

Classroom runs on the teaching theories of education and we have to change the school system for effective learning transfer. Students should be allowed to make brainpage in classroom for book to brain knowledge transfer. In teaching performance, nothing is transferred to student’s brain and only listening and watching continue in school hours. Teaching system provides the indirect school of learning transfer in which knowledge is transferred from book to teacher’s brain and then projected it to student’s brain.

Why do young brains like to talk much in school? It is obvious that’s talking school. Students forget to recognize that classroom is defined as the space of learning transfer. So, we have to convert talking classroom into brainpage school. Long term memory of the brain circuits develops from the imaging of interaction about space, object and time. Just opposite, young brains are compelled to watch and listen to teaching performance. In neurological analysis, teaching process is considered as the one way talking of brain circuits. That is why brain science is not working in school and brainpage is not made for knowledge transfer.

Why is homework given to children? In my opinion, learning transfer does not take place and brainpage is not modulated during teaching performance. So, homework is given to students for the practice of book to brain knowledge transfer and brainpage development. We know that home is not school and parents are not teachers. Everything should be finished in the classroom. In fact, it is not possible in the teaching theories of school system.

It is universal truth that learning is knowledge transfer to brain circuits, but teaching is not knowledge transfer for students. It may be classroom instruction, motivation or guidance to make knowledge page in the learning process of problem solving activities. In fact, knowledge is formatted, rehearsed and transferred to the student’s brain circuits in the form of neuronal working modules. The brainpage of learning transfer developed from these modules of the brain circuits is consolidated in the cortical regions of human brain.

There are three types of pages related to the learning transfer of school system and these pages are sourcepage, brainpage and zeidpage. Knowledge is written in the book and the page of learning book is known as the sourcepage of knowledge transfer.

The teacher also reads sourcepage to develop corresponding brainpage before he performs in the classroom. We also read some pages to create new ideas in brain circuits for the design of a particular mapping, pathways and structure. Students have to read the sourcepage for learning transfer and subject matter is projected to brain circuits for memory formation. The learning mechanism of our brain consists of very large anatomical, functional and structural regions to conduct book to brain knowledge transfer.

Learning is stored in the formatting circuits of brain regions and this modular knowledge page is known as brainpage. Students write answers in the exams by extracting the exact module from their brainpage. Writing on the paper is defined as the zeidpage of knowledge transfer because it is written by the finger mapping of motor knowledge extracted from their brainpage modules.

In neurological analysis, teaching process is considered as the one way talking of brain circuits. Instead of making brainpage in the classroom, young brains are motivated to watch and listen to teaching performance. Brain science of the learning transfer is not working in school system and student’s brainpage is not modulated in classroom for knowledge transfer. So, we have to convert talking classroom into brainpage making school. In fact, teaching system is not working on the brain science of learning transfer.


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