Security, ownership, choice, individuality and livelihood (SOCIL) are the basic needs of progressive people required for the development of a country. Human life runs on the biology of fundamental desires to explore the objects of surroundings and fulfill the basic needs of working and living. We know that excessive desire is the cause of all troubles and sufferings, but intuitive knowledge is effective in controlling unnecessary wants, unlimited desire and corrupted choice. It’s true that ignorance is the root of all types of sufferings and the brainpage development of knowledge transfer may be the right solution of ignorance and excessive desire.

All the students of a classroom have biologically similar human brains to process the learning circuits of knowledge transfer in the anatomical, functional and structural aspects of brain regions. Human brains are also unique in the motor processing of knowledge transfer to make tools and apply goal oriented skills in learning, writing and working. Teaching is not necessary in the classrooms of brainpage school, but students will conduct book to brain learning transfer by applying the learning dimensions of brainpage theory and human learnography.

Teaching is equally provided to all students but parallel learning transfer is not observed in the classroom. Most of the educators believe that all the students of a classroom do not have similar learning potentials, hence they are not parallel in learning transfer.

Two individuals may look at the same thing differently, and the intakes of information and knowledge may not be the same in practice as well as achievement. In the same way, two students may absorb the same teaching differently. There may be differences in family background, meal they have taken, mental state of the students and the big list of dissimilarities to describe unequal learning transfer in the classroom.

Is equal education not possible in the teaching theories of school system?

Of course, there are many substantial differences in all the ways between students to absorb teaching performance. And disparities in the way each student learns or is placed in the best circumstance with high facilities to learn. There may be some gifted students with relatively strong reciprocal connections between the neurons of brain regions. Therefore, students have already learning differences in the knowledge transfer of classroom. ADHD students are facing the problems of attention deficit in the classroom and motivation is required to focus on the learning of subject matter. It is fact that teaching process does not help those students who are suffering from mental disorders.

It’s true that motor science is never discussed in education to conduct learning transfer in the classroom. The brainpage theory of learnography does not support the explanation of some educators about the dissimilarities of learning potentials in education. We know that everything is learnt in brain and learning transfer happens in well-defined brain circuits. Human beings are amazing in formatting activities, motor finger mapping and tool making abilities. Biologically, human brain is unique in the application of motor knowledge from evolutionary perspective. There are three main brain circuits of the motor knowledge – motor cortex circuitry, basal ganglia circuitry and the circuitry of cerebellar learnography. These circuits are not utilized in the teaching theories of education because school system relies mainly on the facts of cognitive science.

Everyday I usually read many blogposts written about education, health, neuroscience, classroom and teaching techniques. One thing is common in all bloggers that they create the contents of posts with new ideas, deep thoughts and intuitive knowledge. They are really hardworking writers and they feel pleasure when someone reads the post and makes informative comments. Their cognitive skills are found very high in arranging the space, objects, time, instance, module, order and formatting (SOTIMOF) of contents, contexts or happenings.

Every blogger seems unique in creating, writing and describing the contents of pages. We know that blog writers are former students and today they are brainpage makers in writing articles. In reality, the blogger is a content creator and the deep thoughts of brainpage are utilized in writing the paragraphs of a blogpost. That is why the motor science of brain should be focused in academy to make brainpage school for the knowledge transfer of our children. It’s interesting that each of the students in the classroom is unique in motor science, learning transfer and brainpage development.

School system is running on ineffective education because learning transfer to brain doesn’t happen in the classroom. In fact, our school runs on the teaching theories of pedagogy but students need the knowledge transfer of learnography to make brainpage in the classroom. The working mechanism of honeybees is an example to illustrate the collaboration of teamwork and students can learn the lessons of learning transfer from the biological relationship of flowers and bees. In school learnography, miniature school is created in the classroom to launch the teamwork of knowledge transfer.

Mathematics is the root of all subjects and its dimensions should be applied in the study of literature, science and technology. Biologically, all students have similar brains in learning, writing and working. It is fact that everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Student’s pencil power is defined as the finger mapping motor knowledge of brain circuits, the best tool for the high speed learning transfer of mathematical zeids. Motor knowledge of the content writing is the supreme healer of mental disorders. Cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry of the brain is activated in the finger mapping of motor knowledge to strengthen the white matter projections of cerebral cortex. Teaching performance can’t activate the specific anatomical regions of student’s brain in the classroom for the learning transfer of subject matter.

The science of motor knowledge is known as motor science in the learnography of neuroscience. It describes brain regions, learning circuits and motor functions to develop the environment of learning transfer in classrooms and conduct brainpage making process for high performing students. It is obvious that brainpage module makes students intelligent in the learning transfer of collaborative classroom.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

5 thoughts on “Brainpage makes students intelligent in the learning transfer of classroom

  1. Nice post, being a student I agree to these.

    Can you post about how to study When the mood is not like to. I mean there is a subject out of course and I like it very much
    But often I found no strength to study it after I come back from class.

    That would be of great help !!

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    1. Thanks for the comment ! Here, I have found three points – mood change for focused study, subject out of course you like and lack of energy after school hours. I will cover these topics in coming blogs. The first dimension of learning transfer is working on the functions of limbic brain that can change mood and generate learning passion in book to brain knowledge transfer. I will write one article for you. Don’t worry. Be happy and keep smiling forever.

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  2. Teaching is everything in the classroom but it doesn’t conduct learning transfer to student’s brain. Therefore, I discovered the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer based on the facts and findings of neurological studies. Thanks again


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