What happened to the knowledge transfer of school system? Everything is done at home in off hours under parental guidance. Why is classroom built for the students? Why are the teachers facing the problems and challenges of massive workloads? The learning transfer of teaching theories must be tested on the facts, findings and neuronal learning pathways of neurological studies that can prove the truth and success of pedagogy in the learning circuits of student’s brain.

Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain learning transfer.

What is the main difference between education and learnography? The learning transfer of teaching theories is mainly based on the facts and derivatives of cognitive science while the knowledge transfer of learnography runs on the facts and dimensions of motor science. Don’t teach students in school system. Let them use motor knowledge in the classroom to make productive brainpage from book to brain learning transfer.

The teaching system of education is everything in the classroom but it doesn’t conduct learning transfer to student’s brain. Kids make brainpage at home using motor knowledge while doing homework. In fact, learnography is the school of knowledge transfer based on the facts and findings of neuroscience. School learnography deals with the learning circuits of motor science, especially the white matter projections of neural circuitry in which the working dimensions of brain are applied to launch the learning transfer of classroom.

We know that hardwork is the key to success, therefore, hard-working individuals are preferred at the workplace for quality production. Motor science is the source of hard-working fingers, consistent passion and productive attitude. Evolution is significant to the acquisition of natural ability in which brain becomes capable of finishing difficult work on time. But the brain science of learnography believes in the hard practice of predefined system rather than natural ability. It’s true that classroom runs to provide education, but school learnography is launched in classrooms for the production of hard working workforce.

In my opinion, learning transfer does not take place in teaching performance. So, homework is given to students for the practice of book to brain knowledge transfer. We know that home is not school and parents are not teachers. Everything should be finished in the classroom. In fact, it is not possible in the teaching theories of school system. Students become totally exhausted when they return home from school after the listening and watching of six hours’ teaching performance. Limbic brain is switched off due to mental exhaustion and students don’t have good mood to carry the further learning of home studies.

Where is learning passion or good mood defined in the school system of children? It is fact that motivation and cognition can’t conduct learning transfer in the classroom. We know that the brainpage development of human intelligence (HI) is defined and observed in learning passion, basic drives, mental focus, working memory, empathy and compassion.

Neuroscience of Limbic Brain

Don’t teach students in the classroom ! Teaching is not effective in knowledge transfer to the learning circuits of student’s brain. Book to brain knowledge transfer should be managed to modulate brainpage in learning process. Miniature school is the collaborative classroom of learnography to conduct book to brain knowledge transfer and make student’s brainpage in the classroom.

Question formation is the first dimension of knowledge transfer. So, I like the techniques of task querying to put questions first and then search answers from the developed brainpage of required contents. Indeed, a question reflects the matrix of knowledge transfer that deals with the method of goal oriented task operation (GOTO). In fact, skill development is the motor knowledge of brain circuits that also helps in the advancement of cognitive skill.

We don’t know the hidden working potentials of our brain circuits to build own future. Everyone is willing to know their strengths and future, but they never remember the outcomes of future defined tasks. Working passion does not see loss or gain in the outcomes of space, objects and time. Our brain remembers loss very seriously but gain is often forgotten in life. In fact, human life is the mathematics of pain and pleasure circulating in the anatomical regions of brain and it is derived from the happenings of loss and gain in processing. Students go to school for the gain of knowledge transfer and it should be focused in the learning environment of classroom.

At first, students should be trained in the learning dimensions of mathematics, considered as the root of all subjects. This is the science of intuitive numbers and calculating shapes that deals with the pattern, definition and function of knowledgeable segments. This is also the technology of objects, blocks and modules to apply in the advancement of electronics, computer science and other fields of engineering and medical science.

Teachers become highly stressed in school system for effective performance but learning transfer does not happen in the classroom. Homework is given to the students to make brainpage at home and the teachers also finish worksheets and lesson plans at home. It means that the learning transfer to student’s brain happens in off hours. What is wrong with schools? Defective education? Why isn’t everything finished in school hours? School leaders should discuss about the system of knowledge transfer that is conducted in the classroom. We should not ignore the defects of teaching theories and pedagogical methods.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

23 thoughts on “Don’t teach students in the classroom !

  1. As a teacher, I’m in total agreement about homework. Imagine coming home after a long day of meetings, and your boss says that he wants you to review the meeting notes at night. It’s interesting about the limbic system. Thank you for this valuable information! 😊

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    1. Home is home for family, wife, husband, children, meals and sleep. Therefore, family members should feel free at home and enjoy their life without the burden of workloads. Emergency may be exceptional.

      Leadership must know the working limits of limbic brain to get full support and quality production at workplace. In my opinion, you should follow the instructions that you received from the leadership. But I dislike working at night and can’t make my happiness home as overloaded office desk. Thanks for the comment writing

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  2. People like Maxwell ,Einstein and Smolin (part natural philosopher, part theoretical physicist ) can’t help speculating on the fundamental meanings of space, time, reality or existence. Our physical existence might just be a part of some still unknown abstract logic(HUP?). So we are part of a mystery. But our souls shiver to call it a mystery.

    I wonder if my blog can make students wonder and speculate!


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    1. Yes, it’s true ! Knowledge transfer is discussed in artificial intelligence to make machines intelligent in predefined operation. Learnography runs on the brainpage theory of human intelligence (HI) in which the dimensions of knowledge transfer are launched to make students intelligent in the classroom. The brainpage theory of knowledge transfer is mainly based on neurological studies. Teaching is not necessary and homework is not required. Everything will be finished in the classroom and students will develop smart brainpage to write proper answers in the exams and secure higher scores in academic performance. Thanks for the comment writing


    1. Welcome! It’s a great pleasure that you are a teacher from Singapore. Brainpage school runs faster in the learning transfer to student’s brain. Teachers won’t be over stressed in the classroom and they won’t face massive workloads in school system. They can produce high performing students by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer even in mathematics. Thank you very much


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