The set of questions is important for the evaluation of exams but it is not important for classroom learning transfer. It’s true that question is the first dimension of knowledge transfer used to develop brainpage modules in the learning circuits of student’s brain. It reflects the matrix of knowledge contents and academic test is also conducted by asking the set of questions to decide the standard evaluation of brainpage development. Students need to apply the dimensions of knowledge transfer in classroom to achieve outstanding success in life.

Learning transfer of the teaching theories is mainly based on the facts and derivatives of cognitive science while the knowledge transfer of learnography runs on the facts and dimensions of motor science. Don’t teach the students in school system to pass time on listening and watching. Let them use motor knowledge in the classroom to make productive brainpage from book to brain learning transfer. Students won’t be stressed during exams period and they will use the smart brainpage of knowledge transfer to write exact answers in the exams without fear and anxieties.

Learnography deals with the learning circuits of motor science, especially the white matter projections of neural circuitry in which the working dimensions of brain are applied to launch the learning transfer of classroom. Human brains are unique in the motor processing of knowledge transfer to make tools and apply goal oriented skills in learning, writing and working. Motor science also deals with the learning transfer of bike riding and car driving. Students can learn the chapters of mathematics like the learning of bike riding.

What is brainpage?

Brainpage is the software of learning transfer which is used in reading, writing and understanding. There is lack of brainpage development in school system and right answers are not made in the exams to obtain high grades for academic achievement. In fact, students make brainpage in home learning before exams and the teacher makes brainpage before class performance.

Knowledge transfer is consolidated in the memory of brainpage modules, especially in the association areas of cerebral cortex. Story making process is important in the knowledge transfer of classroom, while brainpage modules are retrieved to write the contents of required page. Cingulate cortex is a part of limbic brain that conducts story making process in the working mechanism of brain.

Motor science describes brain regions, learning circuits and motor functions how to develop the environment of learning transfer in classrooms. It is important for the development of motor knowledge that conducts brainpage making process in the classroom for high performing students. We don’t know the hidden working potentials of our brain circuits to build own future. Unconscious formatting ability of the brain is important in creativity to generate intuitive ideas for high success in learning and working.

Whole education, KG to master’s degree, should be finished at the age of 20 years. This is potentially fit age for working and earning. Faculties of the university can arrange doctoral camp and students will complete PhD while working and earning. This is known as the taxshila span of brainpage theory, but it is not possible in the teaching theories of education.

The facts of motor science must be applied in the classroom to conduct book to brain knowledge transfer for the brainpage modules of learnography. It is significant that the motor science of white matter projections deals with the dynamics of learning transfer in brain circuits. When knowledge is transformed into the movement of physical activities, it becomes motor knowledge for reading, writing and learning.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

6 thoughts on “Why are students stressed during exams period?

  1. When I was training for the teaching profession, the three objectives of learning namely cognitive, affective and psychomotor were given equal emphasis. I am wondering whether the theory of learnography which includes brainpage wants to make use of only the motor aspect of knowledge transfer.

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    1. Welcome ! Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. This is the main theme of learnography. The working mechanism of human brain is significant to the system of knowledge transfer. And brainpage is the software of working mechanism to apply in reading, writing and understanding.

      All types of learning, whether these achievements are cognitive, emotional, rational, academic, motor (skills), declarative or implicit knowledge, all are ultimately converted into the motor knowledge of cerebellar learnography. We know that cerebellum is the important part of core brain, but prefrontal cortex of the brain is the center of cognitive knowledge. Obviously, the teaching system of education is mainly based on the facts and institutions of cognitive science.

      In fact, cognition and motivation can’t conduct the neural circuits of learning transfer in student’s brain for the development of brainpage modules. Kids have to make brainpage in home learning from book to brain knowledge transfer. Reading and writing are processed by the application of motor knowledge. In classroom, the teacher speaks, writes and performs the topics of subject matter.

      In neurological studies, speech, writing, face reflection and gestures are considered as the outcomes of motor knowledge. Therefore, the teacher is using motor knowledge to perform in the classroom and so cognitive knowledge is converted into motor knowledge. Students do not apply motor science in listening and watching. It’s true that the teacher makes brainpage in the classroom but students make brainpage at home while doing homework. Thanks for so much interesting comments


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