Learning is knowledge transfer to student’s brain regions. Teaching is the cognitive performance of human brain and it’s not the system of learning transfer. Therefore, teachers are working in the classroom without the effective system of knowledge transfer. Governments can’t fix the defective system of default education but they are fixing the teachers in the cognitive model of school system. So, teachers are highly stressed, burning out and facing the problems of massive workloads. Schooling is the brainpage making process of knowledge transfer. Students should apply the motor knowledge of brain mechanics for learning, writing and understanding.

Source book is the supreme teacher of knowledge chapters. Book to brain knowledge transfer is very powerful to make brainpage in the learning process but it is not launched in the classroom. Brainpage module is the direct learning transfer of high performing students. High class teaching is preferred in school system but it may not produce high performing students in the classroom. In fact, teaching is cognitive performance to motivate students in the classroom, but it does not follow the brainpage system of knowledge transfer.

Knowledge transfer brings changes in behavior and students become disciplined in the classroom. High performing students make happiness classroom and high performing classrooms make happiness institution in the school ecosystem.

What is the difference between teaching school and brainpage school? In teaching school, one teacher applies the system of knowledge transfer in the classroom. In brainpage school, all students can apply the system of book to brain knowledge transfer in brainpage making process. They are trained and skilled in the seven dimensions of learnography to know the working mechanism of human brain. Why do educators keep changing teaching methods all the time? Sometimes they say that personalized learning, small group formation, child centric classroom and tech integration may be helpful in student’s quality learning. Teachers are pressurized to maintain the details of worksheets, grading on homework and so many lesson plans. What’s that? Teachers are facing the flood of suggestions in education system.

Educators bring changes in the teaching methods of classroom all the time. It means teaching system is not working in the classroom and not effective in knowledge transfer. We know that learning is knowledge transfer. It’s true that teaching system does not process knowledge transfer to student’s brain regions. Educators have to change school system in which students will make the brainpage of subject matter in the classroom. The working dimensions of brain should be used to modulate brainpage in the classroom. We have to activate the basal ganglia circuitry of brain for plasticity and behavioral changes.

Teachers ! Do you like to see green shining in your classroom? Each of the students in classroom should apply the system of knowledge transfer to enjoy high performing opportunities. We can use motor knowledge for the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of robotics but we can’t apply the brain system of motor science to advance the learning transfer of human intelligence (HI) in school system. Instance guided object learning (IGOL) is remarkable to create knowledge module for brainpage development. Students can rehearse single instance for better writing and understanding.

Schools are running on the system of default education. Teaching is the cognitive performance of human brain but it’s not the system of knowledge transfer for brainpage development and behavioral changes.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in the classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer.


4 thoughts on “Make brainpage school for high performing students, not for high class teaching

  1. Great job you´re doing, not a job really it has to be something withing you. Great to see things like this, give me at least hope that people even though not perfect, they are good overall. You made my day.

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