Parents send their children to school for learning transfer, brainpage development and behavioral changes. These qualities are observed in high performing students who can make a happiness classroom in the institution. The teaching system of education is the MS-DOS of classroom operating system (CROS), while learnography is the Windows System of book to brain direct knowledge transfer. Miniature schools are launched in the collaborative classroom like the support forum of problem solving activities. The teacher plays the role of a task moderator to reduce the hardship and challenges of book to brain direct learning transfer. It is obvious that classroom operating system (CROS) deals with the flow of knowledge transfer in the ecosystem of brainpage school.

Core Team of Classroom

Miniature school is the theme of a collaborative classroom to share learning transfer in brainpage processing. The classroom is divided into seven miniature schools to process personalized knowledge transfer. Each miniature school is the teamwork of seven students to operate and maintain the flow of knowledge zeids for brainpage development. It is important that a core team of the collaborative classroom regulates the executive functions of brainpage theory and knowledge transfer. The core team is formed by a group of three small teachers (skilled students). They are phase superior, class operator and system modulator. The team of seven miniatures is known as collaborative team which is formed by one operator, one modulator and five subject heads. These miniatures are the real small teachers of the classroom and skilled in the learning dimensions of knowledge transfer. They are responsible to conduct the brainpage theory of book to brain learning transfer to produce high performing students in the happiness classroom.

Collaborative Classroom

The chief executive operator of a structured classroom is the phase superior who is a high performing student qualified and skilled in leadership, teamwork and brainpage modulation. He manages the system integration of learnography and looks out the administration of classroom performance. The phase superior makes seven groups in the classroom and appoints seven miniatures to lead the groups of students. Each group is defined as the miniature school of a collaborative classroom. In classroom operating system, seven miniatures are reported to their phase superior but all the phase superiors are reported to the superior general of school learnography. The selection of superior general is decided by the principal’s office on the basis of high academic performance from the topmost class of the institution. The principal also appoints phase superiors on the basis of pencil power, grade performance and brainpage modulation. The superior general acts as the coordinator of phase superiors to develop high performing classrooms in the institution and he is also reported to the principal.

Team of Miniatures

This is the collaborative team of a structured classroom which is responsible to conduct book to brain knowledge transfer from matrix book, spectrum book and five source books. Phase superior is the head of the collaborative team of miniatures. The classroom of brainpage school is divided into seven miniature schools. In this way, there will be seven miniature desks in a collaborative classroom. It means that a classroom is organized into seven groups and each group is defined as the miniature school of knowledge transfer. Miniature school is formed by seven students and one of them will be the miniature (small teacher) to conduct brainpage making process on the particular miniature desk. This is the architecture of a collaborative classroom to promote personalized knowledge transfer on the desks of miniature schools. The collaborative team of miniatures is the group of seven small teachers who are skilled in the brainpage theory of learnography and knowledge transfer. They are class operator, system modulator and five subject heads.

1. Class Operator (M11)

Query matrix is the first dimension of knowledge transfer and matrix book deals with the question sets of knowledge transfer to modulate the brainpage of querying techniques. The matrix of knowledge is pivotal in question formation to seek relevant contents for writing answers. The class operator launches matrix book and manages the flow of knowledge transfer in the classroom to make the brainpage of query matrix. Similar questions are collected to form matrices and marked as M1, M2, M3, … One matrix may contain 3 to 5 questions for cyclozeid processing. A particular matrix is rehearsed two times by reading and one time by closing eyes to activate the insular system of brain. Then, zeid points (main points) are collected from the matrix of questions and written as query matrix on the zeidpage of paper. The brainpage of query matrix will explore the objects, facts, formulas and blocks of whole chapter.

Other miniatures will be described in coming posts …

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in the classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer.


3 thoughts on “A classroom of brainpage school is divided into the seven miniature schools of collaboration

  1. Parent send to school for behavicor chachllenges….. I can relate at my age 36, but I´m still seeeeeeesy!
    So I was in cool to go but I wass too cool and joined the Spanish Legion, deployed twice to very nice countriesl
    Not saying to get the kids in that extreme life like mine, but give them structure and most will be o.k as they mature. I think…..


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