Process of understanding

Old knowledge is utilized to understand new knowledge. The process of understanding may help in problem solving activities. In fact, learning is knowledge transfer to student’s brain that helps in the process of understanding. But knowledge transfer and brainpage development are important for answer writing and high grade performance. Students can watch and listen to teaching performance to know the subject matter of chapters. They spend many hours per day in attending the classroom performance but they cannot write answers for their tests when these tests are given just after teaching performance. They have to make brainpage in home learning before they appear in the exams.

A tropical cyclone is the mechanism of a natural system in which the flow of energy transfer is processed to generate high winds, clouds and lightning in the sky.

Mechanism of knowledge transfer

Cognitive teaching is the classroom performance of pedagogical methods, not the mechanism of knowledge transfer. A system of occurrence is defined as a set of things working together as the parts of a mechanism to achieve predefined outcomes through goal oriented task operation (GOTO). We know that the motor science of brain describes the procedures of a particular mechanism, but students are not using motor knowledge in listening and watching. It means teachers are working in the classroom without any well-defined system of learning transfer.

Cognitive knowledge is the potential energy of human brain while motor knowledge is the kinetic energy of knowledge transfer.


Learning reactance

Students should focus on the brainpage work of knowledge transfer in the classroom instead of listening to high class teaching performance. We know that the discussion of subject matter runs on the interactive topics of cognitive science while productive work is performed by the application of motor science. The matrix of questions returns the reactance of vector learnography because it can change the direction of knowledge transfer. Small teachers (skilled students) should be responsible, helpful and thoughtful in the classroom during the brainpage making process of knowledge transfer.

School ecosystem

How can we make happiness classrooms in the institution? Which system of knowledge transfer produces high performing students in the happiness classroom? It’s true that we need high performing institutions in the community. Teaching is cognitive performance, not the system of knowledge transfer to produce high performing students in school ecosystem. Don’t waste your time on motivation, instruction and cognition. Allow students to make the brainpage of knowledge transfer in the classroom. They have to write answers in the exams to secure high grades for academic achievement. School ecosystem is defined as the environment of learning transfer developed in the classroom in which knowledge is transferred from source book to student’s brain to modulate the brainpage of subject matter.

Flow of knowledge transfer

Students, teachers, principal, parents, school’s premises and buildings, library, bus transport, book publishers, learning material manufacturers and C-Tech companies are the parts of school ecosystem. Ecosystem is defined as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. Energy pyramid is a model that shows the flow of energy from one trophic level to the next along a food chain. In school ecosystem, the flow of knowledge zeids is described by the modulation of motor science. Zeidstream is processed by the cyclozeid of knowledge transfer from sourcepage to brainpage and then from brainpage to zeidpage using the pencil power of motor finger mapping.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.

2 thoughts on “Which system of knowledge transfer can develop high performing students in school ecosystem?

  1. Interesting. Heard a sermon recently where the preacher talked about the effects of a lack of sleep on the brain. Interested in the subject of the brain. When I did an external degree program, we were instructed to listen to a particular type of classical music because it would exercise the brain because it is a muscle.

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    1. That’s true ! You are most welcome.

      Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. The motor science of knowledge transfer and brainpage development deals with the working mechanism of brain, the neural system of specialized muscle tissues (nuclei of neurons, brain cells).

      Thanks for reading and writing comments


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