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Strong brainpage of knowledge transfer is modulated by cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry of brain

Webpage for knowledge transfer will be working as an effective place where students can not only share their talents with the world of academic circuits, they can also use it as a formatting space to process the learning dimensions of brain learnography in the phases of book to brain direct learning transfer.

Understanding and learning skill are acquired in the procedural modulation of human brain to transfer learning focus in subcortical circuits. Literacy is our ability to read and write for problem solving activities. These skills of motor science are important for school, at workplace and at home. We start to learn language as a baby but we also learn how to say sounds and put them together to make words. Learning is utilized to apply words to tell people what we think and how we feel in a specific situation. These early speech and language skills help us learn to read and write in the knowledge transfer of school chapters.

Humans cannot develop the theories, methods and structures of science and technology without the power and precision of upper limb which is associated with the enhanced motor knowledge of cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry.


Reading mechanism is about knowing someone’s opinion or information provided by relevant sources and writing is about what we think, what we have seen or experienced. Reading is about brainpage learning whereas writing is about the expression of zeidpage, experience and desired outcomes. In beginning, we may not feel comfortable in reading and writing, so we have to make habit of book reading and page writing by using brainpage modules and pencil power. Human engineering, human ergonomics and human learnography are the most important aspects of book to brain knowledge transfer.

Does a student have speech or language problems in learning transfer and brainpage making process? It means that he does not have the habit of brainpage processing. His brain is not prepared and ready for the process of knowledge transfer. It may be inability of the brain circuits that he may have learning trouble to read and write. This can make hard to finish the learning transfer well in the classroom. Many students may have problems in reading and writing because brainpage is not made in school hours and only motivated teaching is performed in the classroom. Reading and writing can be hard for school children, but the cyclozeid theory of learnography can make it simple and comfortable in the rehearsed practice of motor science.

Brain cells of spectrum learnograph consist of the sequential learning of task and solution to build the blocks of functional and valuable objects. As many people may think that reading and writing are so different aspects, but both reading and writing are delivered from the same brainpage modules. First of all, we can’t write if we don’t read knowledge chapters. Reading is essential for our brainpage development. We can read and explore signs, people’s faces, gestures, the sky and even the pathways of village learnography. Everything around us is based on what we read and how we interpret what we have understood about the objects and factors of the surroundings.

Motor cyclozeid is the learnodynamics of knowledge transfer. It is practiced to make brainpage in the classroom in which physical activity is repeated and rehearsed for the brainpage modules of high speed learning transfer.

Brainpage School

Collaborative team of miniature schools of the classroom can build their own website for the rehearsal of brainpage modules because they don’t need hard coding, technical skills and experience to build beautiful websites on the Internet. Several development tools are available to support the activities of page building design. The website of miniature schools of a particular class can showcase children’s skills and passions to launch high speed learning transfer in collaborative classroom. The webpage for knowledge transfer will be working as an effective place where students can not only share their talents with the world of academic circuits, they can also use it as a formatting space to process the learning dimensions of brain learnography in the phases of book to brain direct learning transfer.

School system must be changed so that the modulation of brain learnography could take the place of school teaching. We know that motor knowledge keeps brain active in learning transfer. Children should be given the opportunity of high definition blackboard operation to utilize natural ability for the learning of modern science and technology. Students will become the small board operators of school learning called small teachers. This is the application of motor knowledge projected by the cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry of brain. Motor science and brainpage learnography may be considered as the system of knowledge transfer to replace the limbic model of education in school ecosystem.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.

By Happiness Classroom

This is the school of knowledge transfer in which the learning fields of brainpage theory are launched in the classroom like the workplace of knowledge transfer. Teaching is not necessary because students learn from source books by applying the working dimensions of brain circuits. Everything is finished in school hours and homework is not required for practice. A classroom of small teachers is defined in school learnography to make high speed brainpage modules in book to brain learning transfer.

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