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Schooling of 10 years couldn’t change student’s brain sensibly and stop him from becoming school shooter

Classrooms must be running on the scientific system of brainpage development in which the fear factors of amygdala system will be rationalized and students may secure highly developed prefrontal cortex of the brain in knowledge transfer.

Learning is knowledge transfer

School shooting is the evidence of education failing in the knowledge transfer of school system. It happens when there is diminished volume of the gray matter particularly in the areas of ventromedial prefrontal cortex and orbitofrontal cortex of brain. Cognitive development remains poor in this condition and the cingulate amygdala circuitry of the brain is not rationalized in the teaching process of classroom. Such a kid can’t distinguish between pencil power and gun power that pencil power returns the working ways of life and gun power distributes the killing of human beings.

School System

Student’s shooting action is the blind emotional excitatory decision of limbic brain in which the cognitive circuit of prefrontal cortex couldn’t inhibit limbic circuit to stay away from shooting action. The cognitive part of brain must grow from the learning transfer of school system. We can change the world in the period of 10 years and mindfulness meditation changes a person’s brain physically in three months. It’s amazing that the cognitive model of school system couldn’t bring neural changes in the brain circuits of school shooter even in the 10 years of schooling. The shooter was the student of same school where victims were reading.

Santa Clarita

Teachers and students were carrying out an active shooter drill that many schools had implemented in recent years following deadly attacks around the country. Two students, aged 16 and 14, have been killed and three others injured by a gunman who opened fire at a secondary school in California. The victims died in a brief, 16-second gun attack shortly before classes began on Thursday at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles. The attack came on the 16th birthday of the suspect, named by US media as fellow student, Nathaniel Berhow. The suspect then shot himself in the head and died several hours later.

School Shooting

Students and teachers spoke of how they barricaded themselves in classrooms during the chaotic scenes of school shooting. The suspect was standing in the school courtyard when he took out a point 45-calibre semi-automatic pistol from his backpack and opened fire for about 16 seconds before turning the gun on himself, At once, students barricaded themselves in classrooms under an active shooter drill for more than an hour as the police tried to determine if the gunman was still at large. Police officers found six people suffering from gunshot wounds and transferred them to local hospitals. The suspect was later identified as one of those injured.

Default Education

It is remarkable that school shooter was a student reading in the same school. How did he kill his friends? It’s the blind decision of human brain without perceiving the reactance of outcomes. Death is not solution but life must be valued. Default education is defined as the cognitive model of school system but students do not achieve the cognitive development of knowledge transfer. We have to change the teaching theories of school system to stop school shootings. Classrooms must be running on the scientific system of brainpage development in which the fear factors of amygdala system will be rationalized and students may secure highly developed prefrontal cortex of the brain in knowledge transfer.

Cognitive Development

Fear is the survival factor of life and fear factors are managed in the subcortical regions of brain. We know that cognitive development brings changes in brain regions to handle fear factors at the circumstances of potential dangers. The amygdala system of brain must be rationalized in the learning process of school system, but it does not happen in the teaching theories of knowledge transfer. Ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) plays a vital role in the rationalization of amygdala system to inhibit harmful activities.

Parents not sure

It’s true that gun power is disastrous to the environment of learning development in school system. Bullets are discharged and shot to satisfy the firing of few neurones of corrupted limbic system. Teachers and students are injured and killed in the school’s premises. Learning transfer changes the structure, functions and behavior of working brain but pencil power is not acquired while attending school for the period of 12 years. School shooting has changed the definition of school education. Teachers may face life threatening fear factor while teaching in the classroom and parents may not be sure that their children will return home in the evening.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.

By Happiness Classroom

This is the school of knowledge transfer in which the learning fields of brainpage theory are launched in the classroom like the workplace of knowledge transfer. Teaching is not necessary because students learn from source books by applying the working dimensions of brain circuits. Everything is finished in school hours and homework is not required for practice. A classroom of small teachers is defined in school learnography to make high speed brainpage modules in book to brain learning transfer.

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It may be true ! Medication is important and the brainpage of knowledge transfer can grow the volume of gray matter in the prefrontal cortex of brain. Cognitive development is required to take proper decision in working and learning.

I have written about the defective aspects of education system. We couldn’t change student’s brain and behavior even in the schooling of 12 years. This is the dark side of our school system. It’s very serious matter that a student becomes school shooter in the school’s premises.

You are most welcome! Thanks for reading and comment writing

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I am a retired teacher and taught for thirty plus years. The last ten years showed a dramatic increase in the problems children had.

I am not an anti vaccination, but with the increase of these problems and the dramatic increase of autism, I am beginning to think there just might be a link.
Now children are required to receive almost 77 shots. More are coming soon as they are now demanding that Guardasil be added to the list.
I have been reading much about this and do follow Robert Kennedy Jr who is not anti vaccination, but wants studies done. If a child is currently vaccine injured, the parents can’t sue.

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It’s significant that you have spent more than thirty years in teaching profession. You have got a lot of experiences in children’s development and behavioral changes. As I know that autism is related to the developmental disorders of children’s brain.

In fact, vaccination didn’t show any scientific evidences related to autistic spectrum disorders. However, it’s an amazing fact that children are receiving 77 shots. It’s the heavy practice of vaccination. It should be discussed whether such large amounts of vaccination are beneficial to children’s physical and mental health.

It’s true that a particular vaccine produces antibodies in body and brain to improve immunity power and fight against the germs of disease. So pathological changes are observed in the cellular biology of physical body. But it cannot retard the growth of nuclei in brain regions.

In my opinion, autism is related to developmental disorder that might be caused due to baby milk powder, junk foods and lack of cerebellar motor learnography at toddler’s age. Did you notice any autistic child who was nourished on mother’s milk?

Breast feeding must be emphasized in the community to stop developmental problems and autistic disorders. The cerebellar learnography of toddler’s age may improve social interactions and stop repetitive behavior. Thanks for informative discussion about vaccination and autistic disorders

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