Modular theory of knowledge transfer

Learning system of indirect school is running in education in which knowledge is transferred from book to teacher’s brain and then it is projected towards student’s brain in human language. We should not ignore the defects of teaching theories and pedagogical methods. We know that the system of direct school describes book to brain knowledge transfer for the students in classroom. This is the brainpage theory of school learnography.


School 2020

Learning is knowledge transfer for student’s brain but teaching is knowledge transfer for teacher’s brain — Motor Science

We know that student’s brain learning is knowledge transfer in school ecosystem and memory modulation is crucial to solve and answer the questions in the exams. Memories for the brainpage modules are retrieved in the brain circuits of knowledge transfer by exploring space, objects, time, instance, module, order and formatting (SOTIMOF) of topics and subject contents.

Knowledge is stored in brain regions in the form of SOTIMOF modules such as space or location module, object module, order module, etc. Knowledge page is never stored in brain memory centers but it is created or modulated in the prefrontal cortex of brain when working page is required. Therefore, brainpage modular theory is necessary for the students to make the smart modules of knowledge transfer in school hours instead of focused listening to the teaching performance.

Learning with its memory modulation is the universal process of knowledge transfer. Brainpage modules are generated in learning transfer from the zeidgraph of literature, maths, science and technology. The pedagogy of education system is the science of advanced teaching techniques. Teachers are trained with the performance theories of pedagogy, but knowledge transfer for student’s brain doesn’t happen in the classroom. School leaders should appreciate the truth of teaching theories because high grades are secured in the result sheet from the smart brainpage of learning transfer.

3 responses to “Modular theory of knowledge transfer”

  1. Erica Avatar

    This is really interesting. What exercises would you suggest that teachers do with students in order to make them remember what they are learning?

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    1. Happiness Classroom Avatar

      The teacher does everything in the classroom of education system but students will do everything in the collaborative classroom of learnography for personalized learning transfer. We have to focus what the students will do in the classroom. But you asked what the teacher would do for classroom activities.

      Read the following article:

      Miniature schools are launched in the collaborative classroom like the support forum of problem solving activities. The teacher plays the role of a task moderator to reduce the hardships and challenges of book to brain direct learning transfer.

      It is obvious that classroom operating system (CROS) deals with the flow of knowledge transfer in the ecosystem of brainpage school. The teacher acts as a class moderator to test the quality of knowledge transfer and brainpage development.

      Thanks ! Be happy and keep writing
      Happiness Classroom

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      1. Erica Avatar

        Thank you!!

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