Mathematics in brain, body and behavior

Students become small teachers to make brainpage in the learning transfer of mathematics. It is fact that mathematics is the root of all types of knowledge learning, therefore, all subjects should be learnt in the classroom like the learning dimensions of mathematics.

Mathematics in brain, body and behavior

School 2020

Object language is always written in modular structure and mathematics is the subject of modular learning.

The intuitive brainpage of mathematics is modulated by the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer such as query matrix, definition spectrum, block solver, hippo compass, module builder, task formator and dark knowledge. In fact, maths becomes interesting subject like the learning of bike riding or horse galloping when we use motor science in the learning transfer of classroom. We often use motivation to teach maths chapter. Emotion is the basic part of human language but maths chapter is learnt in object language. Also, the seven dimensions of learning transfer are applied in problem solving activities.

The development of brainpage and high volume gray matter gives consistent deep learning to the cognitive part of brain circuits. Module building page in the object language of learnography can be made for the memory formation of long hours, defined as the stability in learning transfer. To apply the motor knowledge of brain circuits is the basic design of knowledge transfer in mathematics.

In fact, the knowledge transfer of classroom is a good example of why we usually hold information and zeids in the short-term memory of our hippocampus. It is necessary to accomplish some tasks that we have planned to do at a particular place. The problem solving task of mathematics is an example of short-term memory in which students can mentally explore and calculate several possible options before choosing the one exact module that will lead to the end of right solution.

In this way, maths learning is similar to bike riding in the working circuits of human brain. Only students have to apply and practice the dimensions of knowledge transfer to make smart brainpage and writing pathways in classroom learnography. We know that the chapter of mathematics is famous for the matrix set of questions given in each exercise page. Question is the first dimension of knowledge transfer because it reflects the matrix of subject matter to search exact module from the brainpage of maths chapter.

Book to brain knowledge transfer runs in the classroom like the learning of bike riding

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