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Cognitive science and its teaching theories running in the blood stream of educators

Our education system is running on the teaching theories of learning transfer in which teacher to student knowledge transfer is conducted in the classroom to provide quality education. But nothing is transferred to student’s brain and we do not observe any physical changes or plasticity in the brain regions of learning circuits.

Our kids need the creative skills of pencil power for innovation and production to meet the requirements of working, earning and living

School 2020

Truth of high class teaching and knowledge transfer in student’s brain

Biologically, all students have similar brains in learning, writing and working. It is fact that everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. If we analyze the anatomical and functional regions of brain circuits, we won’t find great differences in cortices, association areas, limbic regions, basal ganglia circuitry and cerebellar circuitry. Teaching performance can’t activate these anatomical regions for the learning transfer of student’s brain.

It’s an interesting fact for learning and experiencing. I think that kids are good in the writing and sequencing of thoughts. They can perform reading and writing well in spite of memory deficits. Learning place is the classroom of institution and everything must be finished in school hours. School teaching must be replaced by brainpage learnography that is described by the amygdala system of applied neuroscience. This is the deep learning of subject matter that goes to the subcortical parts of brain.

School 2020 runs on the knowledge transfer of motor science, brainpage theory and learnodynamics. Book to brain knowledge transfer does not differentiate kids and adults to process chapters in the learning circuits of brain. In fact, brain is the rider of physical body, therefore, the motor knowledge of physical activities should be applied in learning process to boost memory formation.

Questions are important in learning and writing that can show the pathways of responses to explore the topics in knowledge transfer. It is obvious that a question is the matrix of knowledge transfer and we can collect a lot of information to write the blocks of statements. Questions make each thing important in answering and learning transfer. All topics may not be important for students but the dimension of questions can put importance on the topics of knowledge transfer.

We can use the cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry of our brain in reading, writing and working by making brainpage for knowledge transfer. Motor knowledge is always described in space, object and time to consolidate the potentiation of long term memory. In my opinion, everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Good memory can be secured in the brainpage making process of knowledge transfer using the dimensions of motor science.

Cognitive science and its teaching theories are running in the blood of educators, therefore, they do not like to change the school system of default education. Even though they know the truth of teacher to student verbal knowledge transfer, classroom technology has been applied to create virtual teachers for the performance of subject matter.

Obviously, government should verify the effectiveness of modern education system on the basis of neurological studies. Teachers are always focused in school ecosystem but nobody is talking about the knowledge transfer of student’s brain. We can make our students intelligent in the classroom by applying the motor science of knowledge transfer. Physical activities are carried out by the motor circuits of brain and it is described in the chapters of motor science.

By Taxshila 2020 - A New Frontier of School System

Learning is knowledge transfer to brain known as learnography, the universal theory of reading, writing and working. Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. This is the working design of happiness classroom. Creativity, will power and working desires are found very high in young brains. Whole education should be finished at 20 years of the age and also students must be free and qualified to work after the age of 20 years. This is the architecture of Taxshila 2020.

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