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Windows System of knowledge transfer

Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Student’s brain has advanced working mechanism to conduct knowledge transfer in learning process.

School 2020

Kids apply the brain circuits of motor science while doing homework. They have to read the topics of book and write the solutions of given tasks on paper by using finger mapping. Reading, writing and rehearsing brainpage are the physical activities of motor science. Classroom teaching is based on the cognitive thoughts of subject matter which is performed with high motivation. This is the application of cognitive science in which students listen to cognitive and motivational teaching six hours a day in school system.

Brain circuits of motor science are well developed in children but neural circuits for cognitive science is less developed in kids reading in primary level. Learning by doing is the application of motor science while listening to the teacher in the classroom is the aspect of cognitive science.

Default education is running in the schools on the teaching theories of cognitive science. It is known as pedagogy but can’t process knowledge transfer to student’s brain in the classroom. This is the meaning of default education in which learning transfer happens in home learning, not in the classroom.

Teaching system of education is the MS-DOS of classroom operating system (CROS), while learnography is the Windows System of book to brain direct knowledge transfer. All the students of a country will be produced as science graduates, the key source of future workforce. Book to brain direct knowledge transfer is conducted in happiness classroom by the cyclozeid of sourcepage, brainpage and zeidpage. This is the brainpage theory of book to brain transfer and teaching is not necessary in the classroom.

The learning mechanism of brain is mainly based on the neuroscience of insular system and cerebellar basal ganglia motor circuitry but it is not followed in the cognitive model school system of global education. The collaboration of miniature schools can explain the system integration of learning science. In fact, it may help students to become leading persons in the learnography of mathematics, science, research, technology, business or politics.

What counts in the classroom is not what the teacher teaches but it’s what students learn and make brainpage in knowledge transfer. In fact, brainpage is modulated in the classroom from book to brain learning transfer. If students have any more trouble, miniature school (support forum) will be the best place to ask for help in problem solving activities.

Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Student’s brain has advanced working mechanism to conduct knowledge transfer in learning process. No teaching is defined in the happiness classroom of knowledge transfer. In education system, teaching and learning go together in the classroom but it’s replaced by the cognitive learning and motor writing of student’s brain in School 2020.

By Happiness Classroom

This is the school of knowledge transfer in which the learning fields of brainpage theory are launched in the classroom like the workplace of knowledge transfer. Teaching is not necessary because students learn from source books by applying the working dimensions of brain circuits. Everything is finished in school hours, so homework is not required for learning and writing at home. A classroom of small teachers is defined in school learnography to make high speed brainpage modules in book to brain learning transfer.

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