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Schools are running without the effective system of knowledge transfer

Take an academic test just after teaching to verify the learning transfer in kid’s brain and you will find the truth that teaching is the waste of school hours.

Direct school runs at kid’s home and book to brain knowledge transfer is finished in learning process

High class school is defined in the community by the set of high class teachers. The teacher is everything in the classroom to perform academic activities, so the system of knowledge transfer does not exist in the teaching classrooms of modern education. It means schools are running without the system of knowledge transfer.

A teacher is working hard in the classroom to provide quality performance. Most of the time is spent on teaching process and motivational control. Students get passive learning while the teacher is found active and making brainpage during presentation.

Cognitive science of the pedagogical methods can provide motivational talking classrooms in the name of high class institutions throughout the world. It is mainly based on the surface knowledge of cortical learning. It cannot be converted into working ability for jobs, earning, and livelihood. Skill learning is crucial to be professional in high earning jobs. That is why learnography prescribes procedural or implicit brainpage development for working and learning.

Human Brain

All the students of a classroom have biologically similar human brains to process the learning circuits of knowledge transfer in the anatomical, functional and structural aspects of brain regions. Teaching is not necessary, but students will conduct book to brain learning transfer by applying the learning dimensions of brainpage theory and human learnography. Intuitive ideas are generated by brainpage modules in the knowledge transfer of mathematics, science and other subjects. The dimensions of maths learning are very important for the knowledge transfer and effective learnography of kid’s classroom.

School system of the learnography is the improvement of learning experiences in emotions, behavior, skill, knowledge and merit. There are many types of learning science such as emotional learnography, cognitive learnography, motor learnography, school learnography, rational learnography, intuitive learnography, creative learnography and innovative learnography.

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Take an academic test just after classroom teaching to verify the learning transfer in kid’s brain and you will find the truth that teaching is the waste of school hours. Students have to make the brainpage modules of topics, contents and concepts to achieve high scores and academic success in learning process.

In fact, Taxshila 2020 is a new frontier of school system that runs on the brain science of learnography and knowledge transfer to produce high performing students in school ecosystem. Actually, we do not need high performing teachers but they must be qualified in respective subjects. A country needs high performing students and high speed knowledge transfer in structural, functional and collaborative classrooms.

By Taxshila 2020 - A New Frontier of School System

Learning is knowledge transfer to brain known as learnography, the universal theory of reading, writing and working. Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. This is the working design of happiness classroom. Creativity, will power and working desires are found very high in young brains. Whole education should be finished at 20 years of the age and also students must be free and qualified to work after the age of 20 years. This is the architecture of Taxshila 2020.

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