Education system is mainly based on the working mechanism of teacher’s brain

Teaching makes students dependent in learning process and self confidence is lost in education. Listening is not confidence building system and so we can’t consider education as a perfect learning system of knowledge transfer.

Learning is knowledge transfer to student’s brain circuits known as learnography

Basically, education is a teaching system of motivation and instruction, so homework is given to children. We know that home is not a school and parents are not teachers. Why isn’t children’s learning finished completely in school hours?

The conventional learning of education has been provided in school system and students learn the subject matter of knowledge chapters from the teaching performance of classroom system. This is not the advanced learning system of brain learnodynamics. Time is passed on chapter teaching and brain learning never starts in the classroom.

Education does not run under the efficient learning system of brain and it is solely dependable on teaching science in which the neuroscience of brain learning process is left behind.

The academic grade of students is the quality evaluation of brainpage development in learning process. Everyone goes to school to find knowledge chapters for the future of working and living. Brainpage module is vital to obtain excellent grades in academic performance.

School learnography is important for the transfer of knowledge from book to brain and it is done in object language. Book to brain transfer is the main part of brainpage theory and subject teacher acts as classroom moderator.

Learnography encompasses structural and functional objects to recognize patterns, formatting and templates in brainpage making process. School magnetism must be powerful in holding excellent academic performance.

First of all, knowledge is broken into segments or blocks and then declarative microsolver becomes active to know the face identity of knowledge defining segments. The micro-solver of knowledge blocks helps in problem solving activities.

Whole knowledge is not learnt at a time but the segments of knowledge are easy and comfortable for brain processing. Microsolver has been designed on the segmentation of learning module.

Children should be allowed to use the zeid power of brainpage memory modulation for writing, understanding and learning in course of book to brain direct knowledge transfer.

Whole knowledge is not learnt conveniently on the modular brainpage of knowledge transfer. Segment or block learning is encouraged to write complete brainpage modules. This is the whole-parts axiom of geometry theorem.

The foundation of education is the team of highly trained teachers with the pedagogy of high class techniques. But the learning potential of brain mechanism is never applied in the classroom.

Children are always suggested to improve maths, science and literature to observe high academic performance. This is a kind of teaching to motivate them for understanding and learning. Amygdala system is motivated but it is associated with the fundamental emotions and outcomes of brain processing.

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Teaching makes students dependent in learning process and self confidence is lost in education. Listening is not confidence building system and so we can’t consider education as a perfect learning system of knowledge transfer.

3 responses to “Education system is mainly based on the working mechanism of teacher’s brain”

  1. landzek Avatar

    I somehow doubt that the brain is a storage device and there is information in the world which transfers from one storage device to the next.

    At least, I think it’s been shown over and over again that this type of learning is biased and leads to dysfunction in the human being.
    It leads to a hierarchical social system, and supports the idea of greater and less than. An idea which permeates through human beings in a way that exceeds an ability to compensate for by more banking-theory oriented learning.

    It’s been found that if you give a student a task and then put them together with other students to solve the task, every subject and every discipline can be incorporated into that moment of learning, despite whether there is a cachet of data which transfers between memory units.

    What happens in this nonhierarchical manner of learning, is the student excels to their own ability, finds the topics and data sets which most interest them and if they are most able to process and use effectively. The group then excels over the banking theory model in that everyone finds their place, feels good about themselves, and actually accomplishes the task more sanely than other ways.

    Anyways. Your blog is interesting, and that theory is interesting. But when you really think of it beyond making money, it’s really offensive and kind of disgusting😄

    But then again that’s just a very small description of it in your blog here so maybe I’m completely off base.


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    1. Taxshila 2020 Avatar

      Your comments are really comprehensive and interesting. I like it and you have given much time to write these facts, contents and concepts by illustrating an example of students sharing their potentials in task solving activities. Will you read the pages that I have written about brain learnography and knowledge transfer? These pages are available in the menu of header section.

      Thank you very much! Keep writing.
      Happiness Classroom
      Taxshila 2020

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  2. Angelilie Avatar

    I many like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. See you soon.

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