School of Learnography Based on the Science of Learning Mechanism

Shiva Narayan Jha, Principal, Golden Star Secondary School, Rajbiraj (Nepal) 

Human brain has advanced learning mechanism and cerebral cortex is highly developed to know and understand the difficult chapters of mathematics, science and literature. We know that learning mechanism is more effective than teaching techniques. So the learning potential of children should be utilized in brainpage making process and school performance. 

Knowledge spectrum develops in brain mechanism from object definition and it is important for fast learning and understanding. School teaching must be replaced by brainpage learnography that is described by the amygdala system of applied neuroscience. This is the deep learning of subject matter that goes to the subcortical parts of brain. 

Human brain shows the dimensions of knowledge learning – matrix, spectrum, formator, segment, compass and module. High academic performance requires the smart brainpage of skill, knowledge and experience to get success in the advancement of science and technology. 

This is the school of learnography in which knowledge processing runs under the subcortical system of applied neuroscience. This is the new frontier of learning science to achieve skill and knowledge in school using the brainpage modulation of subject matter. In this system, teaching is not necessary and homework is not required. Brainpage making process is modulated in school hours and knowledge learning becomes complete in classroom. 


  1. School 0000 : Teaching System in Education, Errors and Limitations 
  2. School 1994 : Missing Layers of Intelligence, Palette Formation
  3. School 1998 : Living and Dynamic Blackboard Effects (LADBE) 
  4. School 2000 : Cortical Learnography, Phases of Learning and Zeid Factor 
  5. School 2004 : Functions and Behavior of Formatted Structural Objects 
  6. School 2008 : Miniature School, Instance Guided Object Learning (IGOL) 
  7. School 2010 : Matrix, Spectrum and Formator of Subject Matter, SOTIM 
  8. School 2014 : Brainpage Modulation, Functional Object Language 
  9. School 2016 : Smart Learning Brain, Subcortical Learnography 
  10. School 2020 : Taxshila Design, Classroom of Small Teachers 

    Learnography is the science of brainpage development in which learning becomes complete in school hours and teaching isn’t necessary for the modulation of learning mechanism and finger mapping. Homework is not required and children may be free at home to finish other tasks. 

    Brain science is practiced in learning process to maintain procedural and declarative methods. So the discipline of brainpage making is needed in classroom learnography. Requirements are well-defined space, task, time, voice and moderation to invite proper changes in aptitude, behavior and thinking. 

    Education depends on the teaching of courses while learnography comes from the practice of brainpage modulation. Architecture of brainpage is hidden in intuitive knowledge and smart learning is derived from the cyclozeid of brain working mechanism. 

    It can promote self-learning for confidence building but pedagogy always gives dependent learning and confidence building factor is lost in teaching. Brain learnography brings changes in plasticity to transfer skill, understanding and subject matter for the improvement of working capabilities and future building factors. 

    Knowledge learning is the first priority of school system. We do not care of learning skill needed to understand the subject matter of chapter. This is the skill of learnography to apply the dimensions of learning mechanism in thinking, processing and writing. 

    Training is not essential for teachers in learnography but students are trained in learning mechanism to apply the matrix, spectrum, formator, solver, compass and module of knowledge chapters. 

    School 2020 is the concept of big teacher and small teacher in which the quality of big teacher is standard evaluation applied to observe the outcome of learning process. Learning must bring the standard quality of teacher in student’s achievement through brainpage modulation.