School made for knowledge transfer

Home learning means to make brainpage at home by applying the motor knowledge of learning mechanism. Students are given homework to practice and make the brainpage of questions/answers at home. They are also very serious in making the brainpage of subject matter before exams and for this, book to brain knowledge transfer is practiced in…


Neurological Methods of Knowledge Transfer

Brainpage development is everything in the classroom that produces high performing kids in school system

Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. This is the main theme of brain learnography that deals with the system of learning transfer in school system. The neuroscience of book to brain knowledge transfer should be focused in classroom operating system (CROS). Hence, the working mechanism of human brain is significant to the system of knowledge transfer that is introduced to produce high performing students in the classroom. And brainpage is the software of working mechanism to apply in reading, writing and understanding.

Brainpage modulated in school hours

Individuality is defined in physical body by the working circuits of human brain. The working mechanism of physical body is controlled and regulated by the different parts of brain. Therefore, the brain science of learning circuits must be focal point to provide high class academic performance in school system. It’s true that brainpage development is everything in the classroom for high performing students. The seven dimensions of school learnography are applied in book to brain knowledge transfer to make smart brainpage in the classroom during school hours.

Dimensions of Knowledge Transfer

  1. Definition Spectrum
  2. Function Matrix
  3. Block Solver
  4. Hippo Compass
  5. Module Builder
  6. Task Formator
  7. Dark Knowledge

Cognition, Emotion and Intuition

The knowledge transfer of learnography is categorized in three parts – cognition, emotion and intuition. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions of knowledge transfer are conducted for the development of cognitive learnography. The development of learning passion, working drives and emotional attachment comes from the application of 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, known as limbic learnography. These dimensions are very important for higher abilities and behavioral changes. Motor learnography is defined in the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions of knowledge transfer. These dimensions are important for high speed learning transfer and significant to the generation of big ideas and new discoveries. The advancement of intuitive knowledge is rehearsed in the zeidstream of motor science for the productive ideas, functional creativity and structural innovation of high technology.

1. Definition Spectrum

Teaching won’t be necessary in the structural and functional classroom for learning and understanding if definition spectrum is properly modulated in the association cortices of kid’s brain during learning process and memory formation. The association areas of chapter brain (cerebral cortex) is highly developed and located in the forebrain. This is the large part of neocortex and the house of knowledge spectrum acquired in the learning transfer. In fact, definition spectrum is the first dimension of learning transfer which deals with the naming address and definition address of functional objects in brainpage modulating process. Zeid is the building block or unit object of subject matter formed by the encapsulation of naming address, functional behavior and definition address. Therefore, zeids are the fundamental objects of knowledge creation.

2. Function Matrix

The second dimension of knowledge transfer is defined by the insular learnography of human brain. This is the central hub of learning transfer for brainpage development. Question asking is simple but question formation is difficult in writing practice. Whole chapter is studied to make some sensible meaningful questions. Students are often suggested to read and learn the contents of subject matter but they may feel sudden fear while facing some academic questions. That is why, the insular system of brain heavily connected to amygdala circuitry is very important to understand the knowledge matrix of task querying. The question set of exercise is given in the last page of chapters. In learnography, the content of subject matter follows the exercise set of questions, just opposite to teaching theories. In fact, function matrix is the exploring dimension of learnography to induce learning drives and develop the standard of knowledge quality.

3. Block Solver

Breaking process is launched in knowledge transfer to understand the segments of subject matter and it is defined as the differential learnography of brainpage theory. The prefrontal cortex of brain is center for the modulation of cognitive knowledge and rational thoughts. Whole knowledge is difficult in learning transfer but it is broken into segments or blocks to increase the efficiency of brainpage processing. In fact, the third dimension of knowledge transfer is block solver that improves the capacity of learning skill and knowledge application. It is useful in making the exact statements of solution and writing the right answers in the exams.

4. Hippo Compass

The parahippocampal gyrus of temporal lobe is the home of hippocampus, the search engine of human brain. This is also the limbic part of brain system that plays vital roles in learning transfer and memory formation. In fact, hippo compass is the fourth dimension of knowledge transfer known as the search engine of learning mechanism. It helps to explore the objects, facts and events of subject matter by developing the modular brainpage of pathway learnography. Space navigation is important in brainpage making process to explore the possibilities of knowledge application and consolidate the facts, objects and instances in different memory faculties with spatial search compass.

5. Module Builder

This is the fifth dimension of knowledge transfer defined by the visuo-motor learnography of cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry. It describes the building process of structural brainpage modules in the working mechanism of motor circuits. We know that all types of learning transfer are ultimately converted into the motor knowledge of brain mechanism. This is the main architecture of the learning mechanism of human brain. The cortical, limbic and motor functions of basal ganglia are crucial in learning process to prepare the complete curated set of knowledge structure through the excitatory and inhibitory pathways of thalamus. The higher abilities of learning mechanism are acquired by using module builder, the fifth dimension of brainpage theory. This is the integral learnography of knowledge transfer in which whole knowledge is defined in building process to make the complete structure of knowledge chapter.

6. Task Formator

This is the sixth dimension of Einstein’s genius brain defined by the dorsal and ventral streams of visual learnography. Visual cortex should be well-developed in genius brain. Two pathways such as visual, parietal and prefrontal circuitry, and another visual, temporal and prefrontal circuitry, are very important in the processing of higher level learning transfer. Visual cortex is located in the posterior region of brain and very powerful in analysis, computation and pattern recognition. It deals with the vision or sight functions of knowledge templates and formulating faces in which formatting properties are analyzed in learning transfer to secure the possible reflections of what, how and where queries. This is the gateway to the world of new advanced ideas, creativity and innovation. In fact, task formator is the sixth dimension of learning mechanism dealing with the improvement of understanding abilities. The tool making design of science and technology has been derived from the computing power of visual cortex circuitry.

Albert Einstein

7. Dark Knowledge

This is the seventh dimension of Einstein’s genius brain defined by the visuo-spatial learnography (genius area) of precuneus, retrosplenial cortex and posterior cingulate cortex. The world of dark knowledge is located beyond the imagination of cognitive thoughts. Dark knowledge is the source of creativity, new ideas and innovation. This is the seventh dimension of knowledge transfer that deals with the unconscious factors of intuition, learning passion and working drives. Smart brainpage for learning, working and earning develops from the creativity, innovation and advanced intuitive ideas of dark knowledge. The theme of dark knowledge has been derived from the live and dynamic blackboard effect (LADBE) of classroom performance.

Working dimensions of human brain (in short)

  1. Spectrum
  2. Matrix
  3. Block
  4. Compass
  5. Module
  6. Formator
  7. Intuition

Cyclozeid Rehearsals

Brainpage making process is simple in practice and modulation. Father teacher is the creator of source book, written for the knowledge transfer of students. First of all, the content of source page is uploaded to the brainpage of learning circuits by rehearsing 3 to 5 times on prefrontal-thalamic cyclozeid (repeat action). After that the book is closed and the content is written on the paper of motor zeidpage by extracting modules from the brainpage of learning transfer. In this way, students have to finish brainpage processing on the three types of pages such as sourcepage, brainpage and zeidpage.

Make high performing brainpage schools to change the world with pencil power and knowledge transfer

Home learning means to make brainpage at home by applying the motor knowledge of learning mechanism. Students are given homework to practice and make the brainpage of questions/answers at home. They are also very serious in making the brainpage of subject matter before exams and for this, book to brain knowledge transfer is practiced in brainpage making process. Actually, brainpage is the software module of learning transfer which is used in reading, writing and understanding. The teacher also makes brainpage before classroom performance and asks questions by using the brainpage module of chapter topics.

Over stressed, burn-outs and massive workloads

Teachers are over stressed, burning out and facing the problems of massive workloads due to the ineffective system of classroom learning transfer. It’s amazing that whole world is trying to improve the techniques of teaching system but it reflects only default education in which the knowledge of subject matter is not transferred to student’s brain circuits. Technology is also working to develop the advanced methods of pedagogy but all efforts are going in vain. Why is training given to the teachers? Of course, they need an effective system of learning transfer for their students that will be prescribed for the learnography of collaborative classroom. Certainly, that won’t be the teaching system of default education. Students should be trained and skilled in the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer, especially for the chapters of mathematics.

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Neuroscience of Knowledge Transfer

Book learning transfer goes to brain circuits, so the school system of knowledge transfer should be based on the neurological studies and learning mechanism of human brain. Insular brain (Zeid brain) is the central hub of learning transfer to modulate the brainpage of knowledge chapters through the working dimensions of student’s brain. Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Hence, brain learnography is crucial to the learning transfer management system (LTMS) of collaborative classroom.



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