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Teaching won’t be necessary in the classroom if students develop the brainpage modules of knowledge spectrum from object definitions. High performing students modulate very large size of the definition spectrum in the association areas of brain. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) also depends on the knowledge spectrum of chapter brain. It’s true that the understanding capacity of…

Understanding from definition spectrum

Eye of knowledge transfer develops from the definition spectrum of base objects

Understanding and learning are the main aspects of school outcomes. Classroom observation gives two faces of the education such as teaching face and learning face. Education provides classrooms to learn and understand the subject matter of class chapters from teaching performance. So, education is defined as knowledge learning from the lesson teaching of school system. Learning face is demonstrated by students and it is engaged in listening process. Book to brain knowledge transfer is not observed in the classrooms of school system. Homework is assigned to the kids after teaching and book to brain knowledge transfer is practiced in home learning. As a result, home will be school and parents will be teachers. What is the parental guidance of knowledge transfer? It’s really amazing !!!

Definition address is associated with naming address to form the functional objects of knowledge transfer

Teaching performance won’t be necessary for understanding and learning if students rehearse and make brainpage neuro-modules in the classroom. Learning of the base objects reflects the definition spectrum of knowledge transfer for understanding and writing. In fact, the working spectrum of learning and understanding develops from the definition address of functional class objects. The modulation of knowledge spectrum in brain mechanism is necessary to understand the subject matter of chapter learning. Therefore, the development of learning spectrum is essential for the understanding of question matrix required to practice problem solving activities from the studies of knowledge chapters.

Role of classroom miniatures

  1. Development of brain plasticity from the base objects of knowledge chapters
  2. Spectrum of object definition helps in understanding and writing
  3. To keep environment of learning development is the role of phase superior
  4. Controls, commands and knowledge transfer of the school’s principal translated in working classroom
  5. System for the building of zero to millions or millions to zero

Learning operation of structured classroom

  1. Role of class operator to launch classroom operating system (CROS)
  2. Logic points and zeid pathways of knowledge transfer
  3. Spectrum book, definition details and logical operation
  4. System modulator observes the biology of learning brain and regulates the brainpage processing of definition spectrum
  5. Development of bio-sensors, third eye of knowledge

Two states of knowledge transfer

  1. Sensory learnograph of brain defined as the brainpage of learning mechanism
  2. Motor zeidgraph of knowledge defined by the objects of subject matter
  3. Village learnograph is the biological learning of objects, localization and village pathways
  4. Chapter learnograph is the biological learning of subject matter and corresponding knowledge objects
  5. Learnogram deals with the learning mechanism of brain to develop the learnographs of knowledge transfer

Learning management of base objects

  1. Evolution of village learnography
  2. Bio-objects of village learnograph learnt in the brain of children
  3. Base objects considered as the building blocks of knowledge transfer
  4. Father teachers develop and write the base objects of new knowledge in the state of zeidgraph
  5. Bio-objects of chapter learnograph retained in the association areas of student’s brain

Knowledge transfer in object language

  1. Base objects and pathways of village learnograph
  2. Real learning in the zeidgraph of object language
  3. Collection of base objects from the contents of subject matter
  4. Learnogram of bio-objects from the palette of base objects
  5. Palette is the formatting unit of subject chapter
  6. Accumulation of base objects, sequencing, master object, sensory input and motor output

Formatting ability of working brain

  1. Cyclozeid of block solver and repeat action for module rehearsal
  2. Learnographic rhythms of cycling, imaging and mapping
  3. Synaptic potential of bio-sensors, eyes of knowledge
  4. Development of zeid points and logic details
  5. Sequence details and logic pathways of module builder
  6. Current of learning zeids in the neural circuit of brain is known as zeidstream

Dynamic behavior of input objects

  1. Science of learnodynamics and high speed zeidstream
  2. Sensory cortex of learning brain
  3. Zeid stands for the generation of ideas
  4. Zeid is the fundamental object of cognitive knowledge
  5. Zeids develop from the logic and sequence details of functional objects
  6. Brainpage update seeks the continuous motility of ideas or zeids

Zeid science of brainpage processing

  1. Stationary or infinite loop of imaging and ideas may be harmful to the learning mechanism of brain
  2. Learnodynamics deals with the dynamic objects of learning brain
  3. Dynamic bio-sensors of objects
  4. Neural stream of bio-sensors developed from the pathway of logic points
  5. Observation of outcomes : complete change, partial change or no change

We know that understanding and writing are the modular mapping of knowledge chapters. The first dimension of learnography is the definition spectrum of objects which helps to understand the subject matter of chapter. It may be very difficult for understanding when the brainpage of definition spectrum is not modulated in learning process. Students must be trained to learn and understand the subject matter of knowledge chapters from the modulation of corresponding brainpage. Hence, learning from brainpage is the brainpage theory of school system while learning from teaching is the conventional process of education system.

It is believed that learning is finished in teaching process but it is always finished in brainpage making process. We never try to analyze the learning mechanism of student’s brain for the truth of skill, knowledge and merit. The higher ability of learning process is observed in the cerebellar learnography of knowledge chapters. The function of dark knowledge is observed beyond thinking and imagination. Intuitive knowledge is required to see the reflection of dark knowledge in the derivation and innovation of technology.

Teaching won’t be necessary in the classroom if students develop the brainpage modules of knowledge spectrum from object definitions. High performing students modulate very large size of the definition spectrum in the association areas of brain. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) also depends on the knowledge spectrum of chapter brain. It’s true that the understanding capacity of student’s brain improves from the brainpage modules of definition spectrum. In classroom, the teacher motivates students for the focused listening and watching of performance but knowledge spectrum does not develop in the association areas of kids’ brain. Students can’t use the motor science of knowledge transfer in the classroom during teaching performance.

What are the main features of teaching classroom, demonstrative classroom, collaborative classroom, structured classroom and self-learning classroom?

Resource Topics

  1. Third eye of knowledge
  2. Faces of universal education
  3. Structural and functional objects
  4. Study of village learnography
  5. Classroom observation
  6. Architecture of structured classroom
  7. Association cortex of student’s brain

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Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.



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