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No Homework for Kids : Home is not school and parents are not teachers 

​Homework is the daughter of teaching in education system. Stop teaching in school and homework will disappear from classroom. School runs from 9 am to 4 pm and the time period of seven hours is sufficient for the modulation of smart brainpage. Zeid factor is one of basic human factors which deals with the working, understanding and learning functions of human brain. Learnography follows the theories of human engineering to practice and learn knowledge chapters by using the facts and findings of applied neuroscience.

Brain science is the most advanced chapter in the world of knowledge and studies. Brain controls everything in surroundings that is important about objects, living, thinking and learning. Our body and behavior are also controlled by the fear, pleasure, memories and passion of brain mechanisms. The acquired knowledge of brain may help in effective formatting and building of smart brainpage to apply in the learning process.

Production of education is the quality brainpage of teaching. Period of twelve years passed away in school education but required brainpage of children is not developed. Result is low grading in exams and future becomes jobless and uncertain for working and living. The body of knowledge provides the surface of human factors where learnography enables the working mechanism of brain to improve the chapter of science and technology. Human factors engineering is a collection of data and principles about human characteristics, capabilities, limitation in relation to machine, job and environment.

Brainpage learnography is important for the grading in education. Smart brainpage is prepared for the achievement of high grades. Teacher develops his own brainpage of chapter topic during classroom performance. How could students make their brainpage from teaching performance? Listening and visualization may initialize brainpage formation but it does not become complete to face the challenges of test paper.

Paper writing is the homepage of learning brain. The mechanism of learning brain is interesting and this is not teaching. What is the knowledge achievement of school hours? It is bitter truth that teaching is the fundamental part of school learning. Making new brainpage is the vital task of classroom learnography. The formator of brain mechanism helps in brainpage improvement and old brainpage is updated using the zeid markers of amygdala. Hippocampus is the search engine of learning brain and this is the powerful compass of white knowledge.

How do you believe that our brain needs teaching and motivation to understand the knowledge of school chapters?

School is well known for teaching space but we will have to change it into well-defined learning space. Ergonomics is described by human factors and this is the scientific explanation of human interaction at workplace. The understanding of professional interactions is described by ergonomic principles to optimize learning brain and system performance.

Knowledge is learnt in school under education system and it is based on teaching process. Teacher has the professional skill of knowledge performance but students, lack of knowledge skills, have to finish the chapter learning of course book. Education is odd in this context that teachers are trained with quality techniques and high motivation, but students don’t have learning skill and are totally dependent on teachers for learning and understanding. School teaching must be replaced by the learnography of applied neuroscience. Imaging, writing, learning and understanding of human brain are the procedures of brainpage and that is brain writing for skill, knowledge and experience.

Smart brainpage of knowledge is necessary to secure high grade in exams.

FAQs technology has been designed on internet to improve communication and it is extensively used in collecting information and data for feedback and corresponding updates. Queries are elaborated to give information about application and functions. This is the science of user’s brainpage utilized in the design of FAQs technology. Machine language has been derived also from the modulation of functional brainpage.
In school system, the chapter of knowledge is required to write the replies of questions. Quality of learning is evaluated by asking questions and knowledge problem is restructured in the set of questions. Hence query is the matrix of task and solution is the modulation of brain learning.

Brainpage school is procedural learning school where learning by doing is encouraged in school and students get chance to learn knowledge from mistakes. We know that learning from mistakes is powerful in academy to improve the quality of achievement. Teacher performs the function of task moderator to show the pathway of brainpage development. One day it may happen that class may run without teaching and children will be transformed into small teachers.

New chapter is always uneasy for understanding and learning. It is often discussed that teaching can simplify difficult lesson and students will know new chapter without hardship. It’s not true because brain learning remains incomplete and teaching can’t help in problem solving activities. Brainpage of formator recognizes necessary pattern of subject matter and solver is prepared to know new knowledge and hard task.

Learnography is the alternate form of education. Task is moderated in school hour instead of teaching. We have to know the architecture of school learnography and the importance of home learnography. Therefore, school hour could be utilized in brainpage making process and problem solving modulation.

Smart brainpage is learning quality to prove high problem solving capacity in exams. Task, time and brainpage are moderated in the learnography of brain science to secure remarkable grading in school performance. Board performer conducts mostly three types of brain activities – speech broadcast, page writing and visual imaging. These effects make brain attentive in learning process. Cyclozeid is crucial for good learning and memory. It’s door to new idea and innovation. The cycling of knowledge segment launches loop formation until target is achieved. 20-20 brainpage is the good practice of course book for test preparation. Altogether brainpage of four subjects may be finished everyday.

Learning voice is the memory card of human brain as it opens the imaging and mapping of brainpage. Human articulation is advanced in evolution that helps in learnography. Evaluation of quality in school education is grading system. This is the quality of brainpage development in learnography and it is determined by zeid factor. Smartphone is talking brain and it has been designed on the science of zeid robot to keep hotline connection between brains. Talking and exhausted brain can’t learn properly and future may be uncertain. Knowledge page is established in idea or concept to define property, behavior, state, identity & function of structural objects for creativity.

Brainpage modulation is achievement of skill, knowledge & experience in academic performance as well as workplace processing. Brain mechanism describes the modulation of sensory information for understanding and learning. Nucleus of the knowledge module is defined as the coid of brainpage solution. It contains fundamental pattern of zeidpage. This is the nuclear concept of knowledge module and new chapter could be learnt on segment line and zeid pathway. Obviously zeid is the particle of knowledge.

Origin of creativity is world of dark knowledge beyond imagination

Human brain has advanced ability to draw learning pathways for the modulation of brainpage processing. The matrix of knowledge is the source of creativity that provides the zeid sequences of knowledge segments. Don’t waste time on thinking when task is given. Soon start to solve the task and prior zeidpage of brain learning will automatically come on the pathway of solution. Allow your brain to work on defined project without interruption. Brain has everything for you and it’s powerful. Keep it healthy for working and learning. 

Study hard ! Make smart brainpage !! Work hard for happy living !!! 

Brain is learning white knowledge from the study of textbooks. Teachers also perform white knowledge on blackboard. Course book of academy is the source book of knowledge and studies. These books are written from the creative work of father teachers and we learn the  chapter of subject matter from these textbooks. 

The pattern of object and structure gives face factors that launch mirror reflection to amygdala system. This is the small part of human brain but plays decisive role in knowledge learning by putting zeid marker on the definition address of object.

The hidden system of understanding is active all the time in brain mechanism. We have to allow our learning brain to know difficult problem whatever resources are available. Intuition is the ocean of deep knowledge where we can find all types of object definitions and knowledge spectrum.

We know that cognitive knowledge is embedded in intuitive knowledge which is acquired by birth. Mathematics is the source of intuitive learning. Albert Einstein says – The only real valuable thing is intuition. This is the root of creativity or innovation. Amazing ! The name of my working room is INTUITION. It makes me happy because this is my classroom. 

Two subcortical motor centers are the basal ganglia and the cerebellum. Basal ganglia are found deep in each cerebral hemisphere. Cerebellum is attached to the dorsal side of brainstem. Both of these structures project to motor cortex. Thus, each can influence behavior by influencing motor cortex. In addition both the basal ganglia and cerebellum have output that bypasses the motor cortex and can influence motor neurons with connections through brainstem.

Motor system is based on motor cortex and subcortical sites that include the basal ganglia, cerebellum and parts of brainstem. The research of motor cortex shows that motor cortex is not essential for a well-learned skilled behavior. 

The subcortical sites of brain store learned motor program and control the skilled behavior of learnography. These subcortical sites are modified in the learning process of procedural activity. Although motor cortex appears to have no role in executing a skilled motor pattern, it does appear to have a role in the initialization of learning. It’s fact that damaged motor cortex never creates skilled motor pattern to solve the task. 

Zeid energy or learning potential of brainpage must be used in making the modules of maths chapters – trigonometry, algebra and geometry. Develop learnogram at finger tips and apply the learnography of brain in learning space. Objects may face the effects of wear and tear but the chapters of knowledge and learning are renewed during the pace of time. We must respect the factors of time, object and space, as we need skill, knowledge and merit at the working place. 

Function of dark knowledge is observed beyond thinking and imagination. Intuitive knowledge is required to see the reflection of dark knowledge in derivation and innovation. Theory of relativity is based on the deep learning of dark knowledge. I have designed the theory of brain learnography by extracting the hidden learning potential of brain mechanism.