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Knowledge Performance : School education was born from the evolution of human language 

Algorithm is the backbone of object language that writes the subject matter of chapter in source book. This is also the language of nature and universe. Learning brain needs the skill to design smart algorithms to build the structure of knowledge solver. The face of knowledge is based on the formator and template of object programming. Formatting patterns give the keynote to understand the difficult chapters of mathematics. Intuitive ideas are generated in the working mechanism of human brain to shape the functional modules of science and technology. 

Brain imaging, rational thinking & finger mapping are three basic features of learnography to develop smart brainpage for academic studies and test preparation. School learning is conducted in classroom using brain science and this is the group learning of skill, knowledge and experience. But individual learning is done in home learning from the source page of course book and notebook. It is simple to launch brainpage making work in school learnography and children is protected from the heavy loads of homework. 

The discipline of brainpage making is needed in classroom learnography. Requirements are well-defined space, task, time, voice and moderation. Working mechanism of human brain runs on differential learnography. Exactness is found out using differential thoughts to support human learnography in school. Three dimensional learning & memory management are maintained in brainpage making: finger memory, visual memory and voice memory. Reading, writing and calculating are important skills of brain learnography. Understanding & learning skill is acquired in procedural modulation of brain.

Mental disorders may affect brainpage development in learning process. ADHD is related to rational brain and this is brainpage disorder affecting the control mechanism of neural stream. Brainpage making process can help in correcting attention deficit to improve thinking and learning. Education is failing in proper neuroplasticity to stop the infection of AIDS epidemic. Brainpage development is required to prevent teens from dirty habit and deadly virus. Behavioral change is seen in the practice of learnography. 

Board performance gives clue to learning procedure of taxshila design. This is classroom of small teachers and brain learnography supports it with strong neural threshold and high synaptic potential. Whiteboard performer utilizes three activities: speech articulation, white page writing and visual imaging. Performing concepts help in learning design of knowledge module. 

Education is expensive and teaching is the waste of space, object, time, instance and module. Students cannot start the implicit learning of course chapters which is essential for skill development, knowledge spectrum and useful experience. Learnography may replace education to develop smart brainpage for facts, theories, postulates and excellence. Learnographic field is a classroom of small teachers where learning is acquired by doing procedural activity, not from listening to teaching. 

What is the evolution of school education? 

The material world of surroundings are expressed in the form of natural objects and universal phenomenon. Human brain communicates with other individuals and natural things using symbols, gesture and speech. This is the development of human language in which emotions are observed and rationality is decided. The evolution of knowledge chapters comes from the object language of natural objects and energy transmission. Therefore, human language is evolved from object language and knowledge chapters are also expressed in object language. 

As for example, a maths book may be written in English, Spanish or German and these are human languages. But subject matter is similar in all three books. The similarity in subject matter is defined by the object spectrum of similar maths chapters. In fact, subject matter is developed in object language by restructuring the identity, definition and behavior of functional contents. Brain learning is important for school children and brainpage is modulated to advocate the excellence in future life. School system must be changed so that the modulation of brain learnography could take the place of school teaching.