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Five phases of learning required in school system for the development of smart brainpage

Book to brain learning is often observed before or during exam period and amygdala system is very active to rehearse and store the subject matter of solutions in long term memory. This is defined as direct learning to make the brainpage of knowledge modules for the preparation of exams. The observation of direct learning seems very difficult because it is modulated and practiced in closed room at home. Teaching is performed in classroom so it is not possible to observe the mechanism of direct learning in school’s premises.

About five years ago, I got a chance to observe direct learning on the road while I was in medical college hospital for health check up and treatment. One day I saw some medical students were reading books while going on the road to appear in the exams. It was morning time and traffic was normal. It was amazing event for me that direct learning was launched on the road. 

I asked one of my friends what happened to these doctors. He replied that they were going to college for exams and so they were busy in study even walking on the road. It was remarkable that their fearful faces were reflected just a few minutes before exams. The design of direct school was created twenty years ago but I found strong evidence on the road after fifteen years. Reflection of the fearful faces due to exams is unforgettable. I think that the amygdala system of brain is decisive in the brainpage making process of school learnography.

Modulation of knowledge chapter runs in active learning to make brainpage in classroom. Miniature school operates the learning mechanism of subject matter and tasks are given to students for reading, writing and understanding. Phase modulator (M30) is really the modulator of brainpage making process. He decides the size of phase blocks and brainpage segments. Subject head distributes tasks for discussion and object scanning in which the naming address and definition address are verified in classroom situations.

The objects of intelligence are collected and defined in proper sequences when students finish their preparation of brainpage processing. If a student fails in this work, he would make the learnographs of masters given in the source book and write their vector graphics of spectrum in his notebook. The learnograph is translated in the learning brain through the process of format units, repeat action, accumulation, sequences, masters, sensory input and motor output.

The technique of translation may be illustrated with the hand’s rule. The first or little finger indicates format unit, second finger repeat action, third finger accumulation, fourth finger sequence and thumb master. The ventral portion of palm denotes sensory inputs and the dorsal portion motor outputs. Students have to make an operation map for objects and format units and that is the blackboard page of classroom performance.

When blackboard performance is finished, subject moderator declares the focal set to put questions from the whole phase block. After that the class is invited for remarks and suggestions. Subject moderator should keep on an eye whether the learnograph is true and complete or a student acting false learnograph. The holding capacity of learning brain in short term memory increases when scanning phase is well finished. Subject head distributes the tasks for the outline phase which will be conducted on the next day.

Subject moderator, class operator or phase modulator conducts the verification of object learning by asking questions and definitions in zero hour. They must use a definite questioning technique designed on the basis of learnography. First of all, he has to make a question on brainpage to ask any individual. After that he may pause for a while and watch whole class. He points to the particular student and listens the statements of answer carefully.

Finally the answer is evaluated whether it is right or wrong. If any individual fails to reply a question, the same question must be asked to another student. If the second student fails again, the chance will be given to the third student. If he also fails, any qualified classmate will reply the right answer. The three scholars who couldn’t reply right answer should repeat the right answer one by one. The interaction of classroom must be kept under disciplined and controlled activities. The institution cannot tolerate the noisy communication of students during the learnography of brainpage making process.

Knowledge transfer from book to brain runs in the five phases of chapter learning. They are scan phase, outline phase, format phase, update phase and innovative phase. Book to brain transfer is the direct learning of students from father teachers. In education system, subject teacher acts as a mediator between book and brain or we can say between father teacher and small teacher. In fact, small teacher is the advanced form of learning student. Education provides the system of indirect school while direct school is possible in the learnography of miniature school.

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Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal


Modern theory of school system is learnography of smart brainpage based on amygdala system of brain

Students must give up their traditional way of thinking and learning from teaching performance. They have to develop their own learning skills of brainpage processing in classroom. They must be open to change and understand how the whole mechanism of brain learnography formulates the shared vision of organization together to fulfill the ambitious dream of teamwork miniature.

These basic elements of learning organizations are also based on student’s experiences. In practice, it shows that the ability of an organization increases to a greater degree determined by the efficiency with which one learns from experiences.

In order to obtain an optimum learning effect, students should have a certain brainpage proficiency level and specifically get the chance to acquire experience in learning process. This is because students with smart brainpage and experience learn faster in classroom. Therefore, it is important to accept that every student is able to learn and is motivated to do so in classroom that learning is not a passive but active and continuous process.

Learning of knowledge chapter becomes complete in the five phases of brain learnography.

The phase of object scanning includes the definition, naming address, function of knowledge objects. We know that the history of human civilization presents the evolutionary details of skill and knowledge learning. The development of learnography in childhood about the life and the surroundings summarizes the functioning techniques of biological brain. The story for the programming of knowledge and skill in human brain starts with the definition of objects found in the surroundings.

The definition of knowledge is followed by the naming address of object acting as a holder of associative memory. The scanning phase writes definitions and mapping and makes knowledge holders in the learning brain. This is known as the structural learning of objects. It explicates the object definitions, naming address and mapping of sequences related to skill and knowledge. Classmates can finish about 25% of chapter learning in scan phase. This phase is also operated as the procedure described in the following outline phase.

There are two main sources of learning in the institution – textbook and subject moderator. Source book contains different chapters and lessons. The white pages of a book act as holders for the chapters of knowledge. The sketch or writing on the paper or in object models is defined as the zeidgraph of learning mechanism. The father teacher, who creates the functional objects of science, mathematics and technology, resides in the descriptive learnogram of knowledge chapters. The translation of zeidgraph in the learning brain is known as the learnograph of knowledge chapter.

Brainpage learnography consists of protoplasmic cellular holders and sequences built up with the blocks of structural objects. Brain cells make protoplasmic holders to receive the lessons, tasks and solutions of intelligence. The different biochemical reactions and the acute building blocks of protein molecules take part in the process of making holders or learnographs. 

In this way, the learnograph of a chapter includes naming address, object definition and mapping of sequences for skill and knowledge learning. Potentials of brain mechanism increase with the working load of problems and challenges. Physical load on the back of body can accelerate the writing capacity of learnographs. The efficiency of brainpage processing decreases in passive learning or sitting quietly.

A classroom is more successful if its students make brainpage quicker, learn and modulate knowledge faster to compete in hard academic performance. A student who does not make brainpage continuously in learning process will not be able to compete effectively. He has to put knowledgeable module into practice and cultivate smart knowledge in problem solving activities. That is why, scan phase of chapter measures the ability of learning brain to improve existing skills and acquire new ones for the spectrum of high academic achievement.

Learning organization have the ability to learn and facilitate all the facets of learning process and thus continuously transform learning space. Such classroom consists of teamwork with advanced learning mechanism. Students, whose personal ambition corresponds to that of the school system, have positive attitude towards improving, changing and learning.

Learning space also consists of students who constantly learn from their own mistakes, share knowledge and communicate openly with each other. Phase superior is the leading student of classroom who inspire, stimulate and intuitively make decisions for the development of smart classroom. Brainpage making process is constantly reviewed on performance measures. The management of knowledge stream within classroom is essential for changing the way we think and deal with each other.

Learnography is the modern theory of school system in which teaching is not necessary and homework is not required. Everything is finished in classroom through the modulation of subject matter and small teacher with smart brainpage is the outcome of school learnography. Students can feel independence in learning process and subject teacher is transformed into brainpage moderator.

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Rational learning interpreted by emotional markers of amygdala system in brain learnography

Playing activity is important for the emotional development as well as rational learning of young children. It gives them endless ways to develop and learn through pleasure seeking behavior. All types of play are essential for children’s development and early brain learning. Play helps them to develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills for co-ordination and concentration.

Children will know how to work cooperatively and collaboratively in playing activities. They also use all their senses to discover and explore their environment by applying their imagination, creative thinking and problem solving ability with experiments and solutions. School assembly also provides emotional connectivity with the classmates, miniatures and moderators of school system.

Superior general maintains the controls and commands of school assembly by translating them through phase superiors. This is the first lesson of teamwork and leadership observed in the performance of large assembly. It has predefined processing in which appropriate PT, national anthem, prescribed school prayer and other items are performed for the proper operation of assembly. Learning mechanism of brain is guided in the assembly and prepared for the brainpage modulation of classroom.

At the end of morning assembly, the phase superior checks the uniform and outlook of his classmates and reports to the superior general. But girl students should be checked by female moderator only and must have separate line in the assembly. Then the line of students marches to join classroom and brainpage moderators accompany their classes. In teamwork practice, students are convinced to follow the controls and commands of school assembly. They should not be enforced at any rate and ruling behavior is not beneficial for the environment of learning development.

Time based lifestyle is learnt in school learnography. The administrator will see and take actions against late comers whether they are moderators or students. He also suggests them to keep their uniform and school bags in perfect condition. Strangers must not be observed in the academic zone throughout the session hours. If the administrator considers it necessary, he may allow school visitors to observe the classroom situations of brainpage making process.

To finish a definite work, all the students must assign themselves as the small teachers of Taxshila learnography to the distinctive time unit of phase clock. The academy has the daily session of seven hours, in which task modulation and brainpage preparation both activities should be finished in classroom and nothing will be left for homework.

Subjects are kept on the phase wheel and each book will get the early hours of daily session. Subject moderators are confined to the learning situations of classroom and their work must be adequate to produce the results of format standard. They must know that the modulation of smart brainpage is the outcome of school system. Moderators may be disqualified if brainpage making process fails in classroom.

Knowledge is created in studies, research and experiment to modulate the intuitive ideas of brain. We know that the father teachers of science, mathematics and technology are really the creators of knowledge chapters. They should be made alive in classroom by the brainpage theory of facts and findings throughout the session hours. Father teachers live in the knowledge chapters of book. So book to brain transfer is direct learning from the father teachers.

Neuroscience describes that the majority of brain’s growth takes place within the first five years of child’s life. Amygdala system of brain controls feelings and emotions by sending the pulses of electricity through the network circuit of neurons. It triggers the pleasure seeking behavior and playing activities to visit more and more objects of the surroundings.

The act of playing with objects or other children contributes the significant development of synaptic interconnections between neurons. These neural links play a major role in the key areas of child’s life such as intelligence, social interaction, emotional development and learning memory.

Resources :

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    Shiva Narayan Jha
    Golden Star Secondary School
    Rajbiraj, Nepal

    A child shouldn’t be made an object of fun or toy in school’s premises

    School assembly can be such meaningful experience for children because it brings students from different grades together and help build a common set of learning community. Assembly can be wonderful place outside the classroom to engage whole school in a particular cause and students will think about different themes that matter in learning process. Younger students benefit from watching the leadership and teamwork of their older peers. Older students can feel pride in their own accomplishments and learn from the quality and success of performance.

    Students should be supervised for safety measures before the morning assembly. They may play violently, fight or hurt their legs and fingers. Phase superior makes the arrangement of classroom desks. Students won’t stay in the ground without moderator and they should sit quietly inside their classrooms. Children can do their desk work without disturbing others. If they like, they can read information charts or news desk.

    A learner mustn’t be made an object of fun or toy in school’s premises. A child is a human being and one should know how to express regards for others. It is dangerous to hurt the heart and mind of children, as it imparts adverse effects in the learning process. They are not allowed to be indulged in unnecessary talking, gossips or bullying.

    Students must save their communicative energy to apply in task learning during the brainpage making process of knowledge chapter. When the bell rings for the morning assembly, the classmates walk in the line from their classroom leading by class operator. The phase superior commands the line to march for the assembly ground and class moderator supervises the children’s activities.

    Superior general acts as the school captain in assembly formation. The prestigious assembly should be protected from the playground effects of mischief. The phase superior brings the line of his classmates to the proper location of assembly ground. He checks the line and keeps discipline until he listens to the first command of superior general.

    The main gate must be closed when the superior general pronounces the first command of school assembly. The phase superior and the class moderator prepare the line of classmates to follow the commands of assembly and become assigned to the proper place of their lines. The line of phase superiors lies on the front row and the line of moderators is observed behind the superior general.

    Assembly can be logistically challenging because it involves a lot of predefined schedules. Students may have problems to follow guidelines, but it is worth the effort it takes to overcome these obstacles. They will learn the lessons of controls and commands about the specific confidence building ideas of smart assembly. Periodic school assemblies are also a forum for special presenters of educational, health, or safety materials. An act of collective gathering and prayer is decided to make a part of the assembly in school system.

    The act of morning assembly is very common in school system. All the students are gathered in the ground to say prayer and declare the beginning of daily classroom schedule. School assembly is also a gathering of all or part of a school for any variety of purposes, such as special program or communicating information on a daily or weekly basis. In some schools, students gather in the assembly to perform national anthem or prayer. Sometimes they receive common announcements about plays, competition, tests, results or vacation.

    Shiva Narayan Jha
    Golden Star Secondary School
    Rajbiraj, Nepal

    High academic performance depends on the processing of classroom situations

    School learnography is the subject of applied neuroscience based on the learning mechanism of human brain and the long-term potentiation of amygdala system. Classroom miniature attempts to provide a space where learning can take place in an uninterrupted environment and outside distractions won’t happen in brainpage making process.

    A classroom is a learning space, a room in which children make the brainpage of subject matter and class moderator helps in the modulation of knowledge chapter. Classrooms are found in educational institutions of all kinds, from pre-schools to universities. These learning spaces may also be found in other places where education or training is provided such as business, religious and humanitarian organizations.

    Brain learning is the sequential and modular programming of human learnography. Children go to school to learn their lessons of knowledge chapter in classroom performance. A classroom is a predefined place for the environment of learning development (ELD). An environment is defined as the set of situations or circumstances occurring in surroundings.

    We know that a situation is the subset of events and instances. Learning development is processed through the situations of classroom. They are known as the learning situations of school system.

    Lesson is finished by defining classroom situations in the form of arguments with focus and attention. Brainpage pointer is activated on a definite focus and this argument is learnt first. After that it is shifted to another focus one by one. In this way, the children learn the whole lesson by focusing each of the arguments.

    Smart classroom is designed on the architecture and teamwork of miniature school. Therefore, classroom always plays an important role in learning process. The failure of classroom situations will invite a number of problems before the governments and the states. We should think to provide a productive environment of brain learnography for our children in which school learning can be secured for high academic performance.

    The structure of knowledge and intellectual skill holds a number of functional modules. A module consists of requirements, given information and arguments. The arguments of learning module define classroom situations and form the master object of learnography. Master object describes the steps of learning procedure but do not return results in object processing.

    The master object of chapter is memory builder in problem solving activities. It associates with the definition address of child objects. In fact, master objects are the major parts of chapter skeleton for the formatting of brainpage. The statements of argument define the events of classroom situation and they form the sequence of child objects. They are the formatting parts of learning module. They use many kinds of objects, operators, functions and limits. They always return results in brainpage processing.

    A phase hour of the learnography is made of the several situations of classroom. Each situation takes some minutes or seconds. It needs the proper modes of learning for the modulation of knowledge chapter. The situations of classroom will fail in learning performance if students or moderator run in illegal modes of thoughts and behavior.

    Brainpage modulation can correct the harmful symptoms of mischievous activities. Students of chatpage who are not within the border of learning process must be convinced for the practice of brainpage theory. Behavioral change is necessary in school system. Otherwise, their place must be either control room or administrator’s office for proper corrections. Even a single dangerous child can bring great disorder in the system. So, class moderator should supervise the activities of mischievous student and make suggestions to be good and skillful for the structural life of studies.

    Children make the institution precious and famous in the community. They come to learn and write the intelligence of formatted objects. They change their behavior and become good for parents and productive for the nation. Brainpage theory will provide a good classroom situation where they will feel much energetic and confident in learning process. Students should maintain the discipline and control of learning space. Be a hard learning child to support the high speed learning stream of smart classroom.

    Shiva Narayan Jha
    Golden Star Secondary School
    Rajbiraj, Nepal

    Learning initiative of kids develops in classroom from the architecture of miniature school

    System of direct school is observed in school learnography in which knowledge is transferred directly from source book to learning students and subject teacher acts as a subject moderator. This is the theory of book to brain transfer and teaching isn’t necessary in classroom. The learning mechanism of brain is mainly based on the neuroscience of amygdala system but it is not followed in school system.

    We know that father teacher is the creator of knowledge chapters and students learn chapters from father teachers in direct school. Students also show learning initiatives in the classroom of miniature school. They make smart brainpage using the learning process of amygdala system to know and understand the chapters of science and mathematics.

    Everything is finished in school hours through brainpage modulation and the learning mechanism of brain is vital to the brainpage theory of school learnography. That is why teaching is not necessary in classroom and homework is not required to kids. Miniature school arranges the learning initiatives of students in classroom as brainpage making process runs to achieve high academic performance in skill, knowledge and merit. Role of phase modulator is very big to introduce the brainpage theory of learning mechanism.

    Knowledge transfer is the main aspect of school education. It is done through teaching process and the teacher shows learning initiatives for students’ achievement. Obviously, knowledge is transferred from teachers to students in education system and this is the conventional learning of pedagogy. In classroom performance, the teacher becomes very active and students goes in passive learning. The amygdala system of brain is not working properly for the memory consolidation of long term potentiation.

    This is the system of indirect school in which knowledge is transferred first from source book to subject teacher and then from teacher to students. So learning initiation is observed in the performance and hands of teachers. This is the main drawback of universal education in which the teacher makes brainpage before performance and students don’t get time in classroom to modulate the brainpage of subject matter.

    The head of miniature school in a structured classroom is phase superior that is a student qualified and skilled in leadership, teamwork and brainpage modulation. He manages the system integration of learnography and looks out the administration of classroom performance. All the phase superiors are reported to the superior general of school learnography. The selection of superior general is decided by the principal on the basis of high academic performance from the topmost class of institution. He acts as coordinator for phase superiors and reported to the principal.

    Class operator (M20) assists the subject moderator to create the environment of learning development (ELD) in classroom and phase modulator (M30) scrutinizes the quality control of brainpage learning. In fact, class operator is assistant to subject moderator and phase modulator is qualified in the implementation of brainpage theory.

    Subject head becomes active in specific period to launch the modulation of chapter in classroom learnography, but the other three subject heads perform the work of opposition for updates and improvements. If a miniature is absent in classroom, class operator will launch the brainpage modulation of concerned chapter.

    The operational exercise of miniature school provides the skills and knowledge of leadership. Students will know the language of communication, control, command, analysis and intelligence. The knowledge of these facts related to their application will render the ability of making right decision. Blackboard work generates the communication with father teachers. So a learner may be talent and collaborative to create projects and finish the work responsibilities with team spirit. It is amazing that the students of miniature school will gain specific capacity to open and run new institutions successfully.

    Brain learnography is the neuroscience of skill and knowledge learning. It is acquired from the brainpage modulation of amygdala mechanism. The experience of miniature school can explain the system integration of learning science and it may help them to become leading persons in the learnography of mathematics, science, research, technology, business or politics.

    Finally, the system administration of miniature school explains that students are the small operators of learning system. We should support and encourage them so they will take active part in the learning process. Subject moderator must help them in the processing of intelligence and capabilities. The miniature desk shouldn’t be overpowered by either moderator or classmate. It seeks good direction and productive control from subject moderator. The failure of classroom moderation jeopardizes the modulation of chapter learning and turns the earnestness of scholars into the real mode of playground effects.

    Resources :

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    • Brainpage Theory
    • Wikipedia
    • School Learnography
    • Miniature School

    Shiva Narayan Jha
    Golden Star Secondary School
    Rajbiraj, Nepal

    Learning space of classroom creates miniaturized school for knowledge transfer

    The miniature school is built of seven trained and well-mannered students selected on the basis of brainpage development and leadership skill. The small institutionalized form of school system is operated for the learning performance of a predefined classroom known as miniature school. It conducts and controls the classroom activities and situations of school system. This is the building block of school learnography and each class will have its own miniature school to run the study of subject matter.

    Miniature school consists of phase superior (M10), class operator (M20), brainpage modulator(M30), maths head (M40), science head (M50), language head (M60) and social head (M70). They are considered as the managers of miniature teamwork. We know that well-defined work is accomplished with a team of skilled hands. The teamwork needs a good leadership, control and commands. The managers of miniature school have to show team spirit and collaboration to conduct the operation of classroom learning. They are entitled to follow the direction of subject moderator with honor and obligation.

    The structure of a miniature describes the function and procedure of learning control with proper communication, analysis and decision. Learning undergoes the five phases of brainpage development. They are scan phase, outline phase, format phase, update phase and innovative phase. This is the development cycle of school learnography and these learning phases are known as the phases of brainpage making process.

    Tasks are distributed to students to be the active small teachers of miniature school, so they share and help each other to make the right quality of task performance. They must be ready with operation paper and board markers to take part in blackboard work (LADBE) when the hardships of solution persist in the learning process. They also perform difficult tasks for those students who were absent in the classroom.

    Subject moderator, class operator or brainpage modulator may conduct the verification of object learning by asking questions and definitions during brainpage processing. We know that a question reflects the matrix of subject matter and definition develops the spectrum of knowledge chapter in the learning mechanism of brain. They must use a definite questioning technique formatted on the facts of learnography.

    First of all, miniature has to design a question in brain to ask any individual. After that he may pause for a while and watch the whole class. He points to a particular student and listens to the statements carefully. This is a technique to activate the amygdala learning of brain for the modulation of smart page.

    Finally, the answer is evaluated whether it is right or wrong. If any individual fails to reply the question, same question must be asked to another student. If the second student fails again, the chance will be given to the third student. If he also fails, any qualified classmate will make right answer. The three students those who couldn’t reply should repeat the right answer one by one. The communication of classroom situations must be kept under controlled and disciplined action. The institution cannot tolerate the noisy interactions during the operation of learning process.

    The mission of miniature school and organized classroom is to encourage the students of all ages and levels to experience the real world of skill, knowledge and merit. Brainpage modulation runs in classroom to finish everything in school hours and nothing will be left to be done at home. Students will gain the benefits of smart brainpage and intuitive ideas to improve problem solving capacity in mathematics.

    School learnography generates learning passion, initiatives and self-confidence in the brainpage making process of miniature school. Subject moderator is dedicated to provide high quality modulation for book to brain transfer through positive reinforcement with highly focused learning stream. Learning space of miniature school provides an excellent atmosphere for students to receive the training of leadership and teamwork in classroom situation.

    Shiva Narayan Jha
    Golden Star Secondary School
    Rajbiraj, Nepal