Truth of knowledge transfer in the classroom of teaching theories and pedagogical methods

School of learnography is an alternate form of education and this is based on the facts, data and research of applied neuroscience. Learnography is the science of knowledge transfer and brainpage development in which learning becomes complete in school hours and teaching isn’t necessary.


Teaching theories of school system can’t give parallel learning transfer to all students of the classroom

Brainpage theory of the knowledge transfer has been designed for the students of classroom. It’s mainly based on the neurological studies of learning circuits. The working dimensions of brain circuits are useful for everyone who may like to achieve high success and quality production at workplace by encompassing collaborative teamwork and path finding leadership.

Teachers should be equipped with advanced EEG Device with artificial intelligence (AI) to observe the brainwave recordings of knowledge transfer in student’s brain circuits

An EEG machine measures electric signals as waves that our brain makes during working and corresponding neural activities. It does not measure the types of thoughts or feelings. But there may be possibilities that EEG Device can show the brainpage quality of knowledge transfer with the application of advanced artificial intelligence.

Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning

The website of miniature school can showcase children’s skills and passions to launch high speed learning transfer in classroom. The webpage for knowledge transfer will be working as an effective place where students can not only share their talents with the world of academic ecosystem, they can also use it as a formatting space to direct the learning dimensions of brain learnography in the phases of book to brain learning transfer.

What counts in classroom is not what the teacher teaches but it’s what students learn in knowledge transfer

School of learnography is an alternate form of school education that is not based on the teaching theories of classroom performance. In fact, learnography is based on the facts, data and research of applied neuroscience and classroom observations.

Learnography means reading, writing and making brainpage in knowledge transfer

Student’s brain is intelligent in the learning mechanism of motor knowledge. Hence teaching is not essential in each of the knowledge modules rehearsed in the learning process of classroom. Intelligence develops from the smart brainpage of knowledge transfer, but students are not allowed to make brainpage in classroom.

Human memory travels in space in search of location and definition for progressive knowledge transfer

From evolutionary point of view, the hippocampus of human brain is a very old part of the cortex and it is located in the inner fold of temporal lobe. Pathways of the space definition are explored by physical movement and it is processed by the motor knowledge of procedural learnography. The motor knowledge of brainpage modules plays an important role in memory formation. We have to remember something with space definition to consolidate as long term memory.

Brain science of space and memory is crucial to the effective knowledge transfer of human learnography

Space and memory are the building blocks of knowledge transfer. Memory travels in learning space, and so knowledge transfer is conducted with locations and space definition to use motor knowledge in high speed learning and memory formation. The space definition of association is hidden in human memory to navigate through the matrix, spectrum, formatting, segments, compass, module and intuitive ideas of progressive knowledge transfer. In fact, memory travels in space for navigation, exploration and finally learning transfer by applying the motor knowledge of brain circuits.

Learning from small teacher is more effective than the knowledge transfer from big teacher

Small teachers may be significant to the knowledge transfer of classroom system. Younger brother learns many things from the elder sister while walking, running and playing in the surrounding environment. Here, the sister acts as a small teacher for her toddler brother in real life situations. Neuroplasticity is the capacity of human brain to continue to grow and change with experience and learning throughout the whole life. Learning is crucial at any point in our life and it is important to keep learning and seeking, no matter what the age is coming. But neuroscientists suggest that human brain begins to shrink at old age. It is believed that the brain stops growing and wears out with age like the other parts of our body.

Learning is knowledge transfer for students but teaching is knowledge transfer for teachers

We know that student’s brain learning is knowledge transfer in school system and memory formation is crucial to solve and answer the questions in exams. Memories for the brainpage modules are retrieved in the brain circuits of knowledge transfer by exploring space, objects, time, instance, module, order and formatting (SOTIMOF) of subject matter. Brainpage theory is necessary for the students to make the smart modules of knowledge transfer in school hours instead of listening to teaching performance.