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  • Eye of knowledge transfer

    Learning of the base objects reflects the definition spectrum of knowledge transfer for understanding and writing. The second dimension of learning transfer is definition spectrum and it is produced by the prefrontal cortex and visual cortex of brain. The eye of knowledge transfer is the prefrontal cortex of student’s brain which deals with logic, planning, decision and execution. Teaching performance won’t be necessary for understanding and learning if students rehearse and make the brainpage neuro-modules of object definitions in the classroom.

  • Brain, body and behavior

    Students will process book to brain knowledge transfer by applying the working dimensions of brain circuits. The motor science of cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry can project high speed learning transfer to make the smart brainpage of subject matter in the classroom.

  • School 2020 runs on the knowledge transfer of motor science, brainpage theory and learnodynamics

    Our kids need the creative skills of pencil power for innovation and production to meet the requirements of working, earning and living. Whole education should be finished at the age of 20 years and also students must be free to work at the age of 20 years. December 20, 2020 is important day for School 2020 and Taxshila Model. The motor science of knowledge transfer can create high performing classrooms in school ecosystem.

  • Pencil power brings remarkable changes in the structure and function of student’s brain regions

    Knowledge transfer and pencil power of school system must be efficient and productive to provide learnography, food, houses, jobs and medicine for the livelihood of people. Learning without physical activities is useless and non-functional in the knowledge transfer of classroom. Neuroscience describes that the learning efficiency of cognitive and academic studies improves by the motor knowledge of physical activities.

  • Role of phase superior in personalized knowledge transfer

    Book to brain direct knowledge transfer is conducted in happiness classroom by the cyclozeid of sourcepage, brainpage and zeidpage. This is the brainpage theory of book to brain transfer and teaching is not necessary in the classroom. The learning mechanism of brain is mainly based on the neuroscience of insular system and cerebellar basal ganglia motor circuitry but it is not followed in cognitive school system.

  • To finish whole education at the age of 20 years

    Students are trained and skilled in the seven fields of school learnography to launch the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer in the classroom. Brainpage theory of student’s learnography is the neuroscience of knowledge transfer based on the working mechanism of brain circuits. Therefore, book to brain direct knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom instead of teaching performance.

  • Learning transfer of student’s brain becomes complete in school hours

    What counts in the classroom is not what the teacher teaches but it’s what students learn and make brainpage in knowledge transfer. In fact, brainpage is modulated in classroom from book to brain learning transfer. If students have any more trouble, miniature school (support forum) will be the best place to ask for help in problem solving activities.

  • Brainpage school runs on the motor science of knowledge transfer

    This is the meaning of default education in which learning transfer does not happen in the classroom. Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Student’s brain has advanced working mechanism to conduct knowledge transfer in learning process. No teaching is defined in the happiness classroom of knowledge transfer. In education system, teaching and learning go together in the classroom but it’s replaced by the cognitive learning and motor writing of student’s brain in School 2020.

  • Book to brain knowledge transfer is crucial for high performing students

    No teaching is defined in the happiness classroom of knowledge transfer. In education system, teaching and learning go simultaneously in the classroom but it’s replaced by the cognitive learning and motor writing of student’s brain in the advanced learning transfer design of School 2020.

  • Learnography, knowledge transfer and science graduates

    School can play a vital role to solve the problems of student’s unhappiness and distraction if classroom runs on the effective system of knowledge transfer. Modern education is running on verbal knowledge transfer that doesn’t follow the learning mechanism of student’s brain.

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