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Well-defined space brings changes in thinking, working and learning.

Parents always seek good school for their children to achieve high academic performance in skill, knowledge, experience and behavior. Children are interested in playing and talking but school is space defined for reading, writing, understanding and learning. Well-defined space brings changes in thinking and working. Listening to teachers for five hours is not the solution of knowledge achievement and personality development. The space of classroom must be managed for the environment of learning development.

Class book vs class learning may be used in brainpage making process using the cortical and subcortical modulation of neuroscience. This is chapter learning from the source book of father teachers and brain learning will be conditioned towards instance guided object learning (IGOL). Chapter learning is stored in brain and it takes long time to make proper brainpage and neural stream for plasticity. This is the lifelong ability of human brain to reorganize changes in behavior and skill learning.

Education gives teaching school and it’s very expensive. Affording education is hard in life and learning cost is increasing day by day. Learnography has been designed on brain plasticity to provide brainpage making school. Brainpage school is self-learning school where teacher performs function of task moderator. It may happen class will run without teaching. Great choice is the implementation of self-driving car on the road or self-learning classes in school. Education cannot think of such classes.

Knowledge is learnt in school and memory is retained in the different parts of brain. People learn skill and knowledge to gain experience at work performance. So school knowledge is transferred ultimately at workplace. Science of brain learning isn’t the teaching science of education. Whatever design is formatted in education, it is based on teaching techniques and motivation skill. Teaching is the eye of education and it should be changed in the science of brain learning. We have to change the way of thinking for the application of synaptic potential and brain plasticity. Brainpage making is the ultimate solution of school learnography.
School is the garden of skill, understanding, knowledge and experience. Children are the flowers of my garden. They will know the science of numbers and the stars of universe. Brainpage will help in the modulation of object spectrum and knowledge formatting. Be happy and keep smiling like my flower.