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Learning from book means learning from father teachers

Module book is known as the brainpage book of knowledge transfer. There are five types of brainpage books used to conduct book to brain knowledge transfer in the collaborative classroom. These books are matrix book, spectrum book, source book, zeid book and miniature book.

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Subject teacher is the real task moderator for book to brain knowledge transfer in school learnography

What is education and why is it running in school system? Our students require knowledge transfer from the books and we are providing the teaching of motivational instructions. Association cortex of human brain is main part to produce the learnogram of knowledge transfer in school learnography. In traditional school system, teaching performance is the conventional method of knowledge transfer. All types of knowledge such as rational, emotional, cognitive, academic as well as intuitive are finally converted into motor knowledge to write and enhance the brainpage of cerebellar #learnography.

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Why are you giving homework to kids? Home is not school and parents are not teachers

Sensory cortex plays the role of input processor for knowledge transfer and this is the dorsal root of learning mechanism. Motor cortex is the ventral root of knowledge transfer that describes the role of output processor. The association of these two roots provides permanent present tense for the working mechanism of brain. The third part of learning mechanism is temporal cortex which is known as the lateral root of knowledge transfer. It has two processors – memory processor and limbic processor. Memory consolidation presents the life of past tense while emotion processing reflects the pathways of future drives.

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Book to brain learning is direct approach to knowledge chapters

Fear of mistake is enemy of self-confidence but mistake plays vital role in development of smart brainpage. Inhibitory network of brain cells has ability to handle mistakes in learning process.

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Exam is test of academic performance for knowledge modulation and brainpage development

Exam is the test of brainpage achievement in which grade quality is awarded for academic performance.