Learning from book means learning from father teachers

Book to brain learning transfer becomes an invaluable tool for high performing students to make active brainpage in the classroom.

A book of knowledge transfer is the creative work of father teachers. This is the development of object knowledge for mathematics, literature, science and technology. The classroom teaching of cognitive knowledge is delivered in human language when course books are written and expressed in the object language of knowledge transfer. The miraculous discovery of human civilization is the book writing of literature, innovation and other knowledge chapters.

It’s true that a book of knowledge chapters is the creative language of father teachers. So, we must develop the learning dimensions of brain learnography to acquire skill, knowledge and merit in object language. Obviously, the book is the supreme teacher of many classified teachers in which facts, findings, events and responses are stored for the resources, benefits and academic uses of future generation.

Learning from books means learning from father teachers in object language. School learnography is conducted on the brainpage theory of book to brain knowledge transfer (BBKT), therefore, brainpage school is the direct school of learning transfer. Students can apply the learning dimensions of brain to make proper brainpage in the classroom.

Book to brain knowledge transfer is the direct learning of chapters and knowledge transfer is secured in the brainpage making process of object language. In education system, knowledge is transferred from book to teacher’s brain, then it is projected to student’s brain in human language. This is the indirect learning of subject matter and most of the learning parts are lost in the transferring mechanism of human language.

The production of high performing students is the goal of miniature school. Collaborative classroom is divided into seven miniature schools to secure personalized knowledge transfer and brainpage development. School education runs on the system of teacher to student learning transfer but school learnography runs on the brainpage theory of book to brain direct knowledge transfer. Brainpage books are published for the learnography of high performing students to process knowledge transfer in the brainpage making process of classroom.


Book of Knowledge Transfer

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
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Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in the classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer.


Subject teacher is the real task moderator for book to brain knowledge transfer in school learnography

There is a great difference between book to brain knowledge transfer (BBKT) and teacher to student knowledge transfer (TSKT). Teaching is the school system of education which deals with the cognitive motivational theories of instruction and knowledge transfer. But it doesn’t activate or modulate the learning circuits of student’s brain for the rehearsal of motor knowledge and memory formation. In fact, students have to make brainpage for high academic performance in school system. They must use the resources of classroom for learning transfer. Learnography is the branch of neuroscience that deals with the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer in school system. Students must be skilled in the speed, techniques and format of book to brain knowledge transfer.

Highlights :

  • Education is defined as the school system of teaching theories which is conducted in classroom for the learning transfer of our children.
  • Direct school runs on the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer and the teacher acts as a task moderator to reduce hardship in learning process.
  • The prominent role of a moderator is observed in political debates, which have become a common feature of election campaigns.
  • Forum moderator helps in solving the issues of a particular technology for the advancement of stable updates.

Students must take part in the classroom initiatives of learning transfer and their collaboration is required in the brainpage theory of school learnography. To be fast learner, they make brainpage in classroom during learning process. The teacher can play the role of a task moderator in the brainpage making process of learnography. So book to brain knowledge transfer takes place in classroom by the guidelines of a subject moderator.

There may be many types of moderators defined on the basis of functions and responsibilities. A discussion moderator or debate moderator is a person whose role is to act as a neutral participant in a debate or discussion. The moderator has to hold participants to time limits and will try to keep them from straying off the relevant questions of topic being raised in the running debate. Sometimes moderators may ask questions intended to allow the debate participants to configure their argument and thoughts with rationalized manner. It’s the moderator’s responsibility to ensure proper situations that the debate moves smoothly at pace and the audience can conclude the outcomes of arranged discussion.

Panel discussions are commonly held at academic conferences and the moderator usually introduces the participants and solicits questions from the audience. On television and radio shows, a moderator will often take calls from the people having differing views, and will use those calls as a starting point to ask the guests questions on the show. Perhaps the most prominent role of moderators is in political debates, which have become a common feature of election campaign. We know that question is the first dimension of discussion. The moderator may have complete control over which questions to ask or may act as a filter by selecting questions from the audience.

Differential learnography helps to know the comparative study of knowledge and problem solving activities. Once I found some details of playing cards written on the social media in which the number and permutations of cards were represented to describe the days and seasons of a year. It was written by Ashley and moderated by Simon. We know that a standard deck of playing cards consists of 52 cards in each of the 4 suits of Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. Each suit contains 13 cards: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King. This is an example of task moderation in which I was also a participant to like the particular arrangement of cards.

Hall Ashley on Twitter:

So today I learnt a pack of cards has 52 cards in them that represent the number of weeks in a year. They have 4 suits that represent the 4 seasons AND if you add all of the numbers up it equals 365 for days of the year.

4corners7seas (@simon4c7s) on Twitter:

Not 52… the numbers on every card e.g. 1×4 + 2×4 + 3×4 etc If aces = 1, jacks = 11, queens = 12, kings = 13, total comes to 364 Bit of a fudge, but then if you add 1 joker you have 365, both jokers for a leap year

I wrote this comment in reply : Your differential calculus is very advanced and I respect your mathematics. Really, this is the science of intuitive ideas to count numerical calculations for the permutations of playing cards.

Moderation is a big concern on internet websites that invite interested users to post comments, links, images, videos and just about any form of user inputs and updates. It is obvious that online moderation is the method of a website provider or the webmaster chooses to sort contributions and updates which are irrelevant, obscene, illegal or insulting materials with regards to informative, useful and advanced contributions. In the same way, miniature school of the classroom system has been designed on the theme of forum functional proceedings in which the teacher acts as a subject moderator and students become small teachers (users) to launch the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer in the learning process of high performance.

The main function of a moderator is to promote interaction among the members of a forum. The moderator introduces the participants to each other and keeps updating the forum on new members. The members of a forum convene to discuss specific topics and it is the duty of the moderator to encourage lively debate and discussion that is enriching to all participants. The moderator also answers the questions that may arise in the course of the discussion. In online forums, moderators also have a duty to update the website with all the latest developments and contributions from participants.

The teacher may be proved as a good task moderator in classroom functions when students (users) take part in the brainpage processing of forum chapter for knowledge transfer. In the reality, small teachers (students) are the users of learning transfer in classroom and the big teacher becomes subject moderator to launch the collaborative teamwork of miniature school (forum).

There may be some differences between moderator and mediator. An independent moderator should be appointed to oversee the negotiations held between different parties. But the mediator is a qualified and skilled person who mediates between different people to ensure that a formal discussion will happen without problems and participants will follow the rules of negotiation. In the USA, the presidential debate is very popular and watched by millions of people throughout the world. Prominent journalist is appointed as the moderator of formal debate and once the moderator challenged the president to a series of TV debates.

There are three phases of knowledge transfer such as miniature school (forum), classroom (production) and beta testers (students). In brainpage making process, students will learn how to slice and dice knowledge chapters into easy segments for the learning transfer of classroom. This is known as the modulation of brainpage processing to extract proper segments in solution building phase. Subject moderator can coordinate the students of miniature school for the smooth knowledge transfer of classroom.

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What is education and why is it running in school system? Our students require knowledge transfer from the books and we are providing the teaching of motivational instructions. Association cortex of human brain is main part to produce the learnogram of knowledge transfer in school learnography. In traditional school system, teaching performance is the conventional method of knowledge transfer. All types of knowledge such as rational, emotional, cognitive, academic as well as intuitive are finally converted into motor knowledge to write and enhance the brainpage of cerebellar learnography.

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Pictures : The featured image from Pexels showing moderator and discussion team, other images showing debate, forum and participants

Resources :

  1. Discussion moderator as a neutral participant of the debate to create the interactive environment of views expression and knowledge sharing
  2. Learnogram of knowledge transfer to develop the smart brainpage in school system
  3. Roles of the moderator to conduct the interactive forum on a particular topic for the exchange of facts, ideas and relevant information
  4. Teacher defined as subject moderator of the miniature school to launch learning transfer in classroom learnography

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Why are you giving homework to kids? Home is not school and parents are not teachers

Success of education depends on the teaching theories of school system and so the teacher is everything in classroom performance. School runs on advanced teaching techniques and knowledge transfer is launched to meet the requirements of future workforce. In fact, listening to the teaching performance can’t transfer knowledge to brain successfully, so homework is given to students to practice brainpage at home. We have to change this conventional learning to make smart brainpage of knowledge chapters in school hours. Teaching theory of school system is defective in book to brain knowledge transfer because the working mechanism of brain parts are not involved in the learning process of classroom.

Learning of natural knowledge transfer should be encouraged in classroom to modulate smart brainpage for academic success and future workforce. Brainpage theory of composite motor knowledge is never applied in school system that is necessary for skill development and high order knowledge for research and innovation. Students also need freedom at home and it is the basis for self-directed learning that unlocks much more potential than a stiff curriculum, hard teaching and related homework.

Highlights :

  • Teaching theories of education
  • Learning mechanism of human brain
  • Homework and its importance
  • Production of future workforce

Make brainpage school for knowledge transfer and change the world with high academic performance. This is the message of learnography designed for School 2020 to launch book to brain knowledge transfer in classroom. This is the truth of school learnography that the learning focus of students should be on brainpage making process instead of overemphasized teaching performance. I am working on brain learnography in which teaching is not necessary and homework is not required. Everything will be finished in classroom and children will feel free at home for self-directed learning practice.

All types of knowledge transfer ultimately converted into the motor knowledge of cerebellar learnography

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) India declared its Class X exam results with an overall pass percentage of 86.70. After a few hours of results published, three students of Class X Board Exams 2018 committed suicide in separate incidents in Delhi. It is said that these students selected the choice of death due to disappointment over performance. Police identified the three students as a 15 years old girl from Ryan International School in Vasant Kunj, a 15 years old boy from M R Vivekananda Model School in Dwarka and a 16 years old girl from the School of Open Learning.

Is exam bringing stress and depression in student’s life? Why is exam result suicidal for students? How can school system stop these harmful activities?

According to police, the girl from Vasant Kunj died after hanging herself from the ceiling fan at her house, while the boy from Dwarka committed suicide by hanging himself from the door frame of the drawing room, using a dupatta belonging to his mother. The third student slashed her wrists and hanged herself from a ceiling fan in her house in Dabri. Parents lost their kids in school system and nation lost its future workforce for research, creativity and innovation.

It is fact that the learning drives of knowledge transfer are acquired from the amygdala system of brain and it may be also suicidal in the state of extreme fear and depression. Teaching is the first dimension of education system but the matrix of questions is the first dimension of evaluation and exams. Quality and question both are synonymous in reality. You can ask simple questions to a person and observe the face reactance of amygdala activation. Question is very powerful to activate the learning mechanism of human brain.

School system must be answerable to justify the suicidal tendencies of young children. These students attended their schools to listen and watch classroom performance for ten years with finished homework. But they couldn’t achieve high success in board exams. Quality of education is evaluated by asking questions from prescribed courses and students have to write answers in fixed time. We know that answer writing is delivered from the modulation of brainpage processing and marks are awarded for right answers.

Amygdala system of brain projects first dimension of knowledge transfer in school performance

Amygdala is known for the functions of fear factors and basic drives. It also triggers learning drives during classroom performance. We know that emotion is the past and future tenses of life but present tense is described in cognition. Amygdala system of brain learnography is the core of knowledge transfer that acts as knowledge processor for the modulation of smart brainpage.

Learnography consists of five learning projections or regions such as basal ganglia, diencephalon, cingulate cortex, hippocampal formation and amygdala. Altogether these subcortical parts take part in the brainpage making process of knowledge transfer and so this subcortical modular set is defined as the amygdala system of brain learnography.

Sensory cortex plays the role of input processor for knowledge transfer and this is the dorsal root of learning mechanism. Motor cortex is the ventral root of knowledge transfer that describes the role of output processor. The association of these two roots provides permanent present tense for the working mechanism of brain. The third part of learning mechanism is temporal cortex which is known as the lateral root of knowledge transfer. It has two processors – memory processor and limbic processor. Memory consolidation presents the life of past tense while emotion processing reflects the pathways of future drives.

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Picture : Life of happy squirrel

Resources :

  • School system for knowledge transfer
  • Exams, results, stress and suicidal tendency
  • Amygdala system of human brain
  • Brainpage and high performance
  • Definition of life tenses

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Book to brain learning is direct approach to knowledge chapters

Progress and happiness are acquired in life from smart learnography, hardwork and good workplace.

Brain deserves the system of reward and punishment for outcomes of working hands but human living will be comfortable from the brainpage of happiness and satisfaction at work.

High earning job seeks productive skill, good experience and excellent academic achievement. School education provides the quality knowledge of subject chapters for the bright future of children.

Subject books are the source books of knowledge chapter which deals with the studies and practices of school performance. Learnography depends on the development of source books which are written to launch brain learning in object language. It starts from the matrix of questions.

Textbooks are written in prescribed template in which emphasis is given on the subject matter of chapter. It helps in teaching performance and students are motivated to learn the subject matter of knowledge chapters from course books.

Matrix of knowledge should be followed in learning process. So question is followed to write solution in practice. School is important for knowledge transfer from book to brain processing. Cursive writing is the application of matrix knowledge. Finger mapping is applied to draw curves and answers in matrix.

Conventional learning has been provided in school system and students learn the knowledge matter of subject chapters from the teaching performance of classroom system. Conventional practice of subject matter is given in classroom throughout the world.

Teaching alone can’t provide the smart brain learning of knowledge chapters, so homework is given to students for brain learning at home.

Everyone goes to school to find knowledge chapters for the future of working and living. School magnetism must be powerful in holding excellent academic performance.

Learning mechanism is processed on the pathway learnography of knowledge chapter with predefined zeid points. Attention is focused on the zeid points of learning pathway for reading, writing and understanding.

Learning mechanism of brain is the main part of school learnography. It is derived from the pathways of village learnography. Children living in the village make the brainpage of village pathways and surrounding objects to develop the mechanism of brain parts for learning, walking and playing. This is the natural learning of baby brain to grow in the environment of village settlement.

If learning mechanism of brain is applied in school system, the brain learning of chapter will be complete in school hours and homework won’t be given to students.

Knowledge is transferred from teachers to students in school system. This is the pedagogy of teaching science that does not follow the fundamental learning mechanism of brain modulation. It doesn’t comply to the theme and spectrum of object language.

Digital app is the formator of knowledge chapter. It consists of queries, object spectrum, compass and module. These components are the dimensions of school learnography to modulate chapters in brainpage making process.

Book is the supreme teacher of knowledge chapters. Knowledge books provide chapters for reading, understanding and learning. The page of subject book is known as the source page of knowledge learning.

Source book is usually written in object language, but expressed in human language. Learning from the source page of knowledgeable books is the basic learnography of human brain.

Brainpage learning theory is really the book to brain theory of knowledge transfer in object language.

The inhibitory network of brain cells has ability to handle mistakes in learning process.

Fear of mistakes is the enemy of self-confidence but mistake plays vital role in the development of smart brainpage.

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Resources :

  • Book to brain knowledge transfer
  • Learning from the mistakes
  • Village learnography
  • Fear and reward systems of amygdala
  • Conventional learning in education

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Exam is test of academic performance for knowledge modulation and brainpage development

Children go to school for the achievement of skill, knowledge and understanding. In fact school premise is career building place where education is provided for progress and prosperity.

All people should be educated in the modern world of science and technology. Academic performance is evaluated by tests or exams. The measurement of quality education is calculated in answering grades and further opportunity is awarded to make better life.

Exam is the test of matrix, spectrum and brainpage of knowledge chapters. So learning from the matrix of well defined questions is the brainpage preparation of exams to get success in the performance of high grades.

It is always said that learning is tested in exams to evaluate educational quality and problem solving capacity. Children attend school to learn the subject matter of prescribed courses.

Teaching is performed for listening and understanding but target is fixed to attain high grades at the end of academic year. This is considered as the cognitive development of learning brain.

Students are motivated to acquire the high level understanding and learning of subject matter so they will change behavior and thinking in life to be perfect in academic performance.

Ms Greening said in a speech on social mobility, “We will focus not just on what we can do to help inside schools, but also create the opportunities outside school that will raise sights and broaden horizons for young people.”

She added, “I want to see more disadvantaged young people attending the very best universities, winning places on apprenticeships, entering the top professions and progressing through the most rewarding careers.”

The success of education for all is not observed in society and leaders are not satisfied with the outcomes of educational programmes.

High class schools have been constructed and well trained teachers are performing in classroom. But education cannot exhibit miracles in community to advance the progress of nation.

Education runs on teaching performance and its system is defective in the application of learning mechanism to develop smart brainpage for science, technology and workplace.

Exam writing is the download of knowledge modules from the brainpage of learning mechanism. Writing page or procedural activity is the finger mapping of brainpage imaging. This is the brainpage theory of school learnography.

It is interesting that classroom learning is the upload of knowledge chapters to the brainpage of learning mechanism. It’s similar to the webpage function of internet and corresponding server.

School 2020 is the concept of big teacher and small teacher in which the quality of big teacher is evaluation standard applied to observe the outcome of learning process. Teacher’s quality is transferred to the learnography of students’ brainpage.

Learning must bring the standard of teacher’s performance in student’s achievement through brainpage modulation. Highly educated persons will constitute modern civilized world for better working, earning and living.

Exam is the test of brainpage achievement in which grade quality is awarded for academic performance.

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal