School education should not be fully dependent on teaching theories.

School hour is spent mostly on teaching activities and students don’t get time to read, learn and solve the task problems of knowledge chapter in classroom. The necessity of homework is justified because of the teaching theories. In this way, home is made school and parents have to play the role of teachers. Learnography deals with the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer and it states that students’ learning must be finished completely in classroom by applying the dimensions of learning mechanism. It is possible only in the cerebellar learnography of brain when book to brain knowledge transfer runs in brainpage making process.

Cognitive science is mainly based on the surface knowledge of cortical learning. It cannot be converted into working ability for livelihood. Skill learning is crucial to be professional in high earning job. That is why learnography prescribes procedural or implicit brainpage development for working and learning.

Learnography is the improvement of learning experiences in emotions, skill, knowledge and innovation. There are many types of learning science such as emotional learnography, cognitive learnography, school learnography, rational learnography, intuitive learnography, creative learnography and innovative learnography.

Drawbacks of education system :

  • Teaching is everything in school system but home learning is prescribed for problem solving activities.
  • Brainpage of subject matter is not made in classroom because of teaching performance
  • Working mechanism of brain is not applied for understanding and learning.
  • Learning management of classroom is not good but teaching management is not bad in education system.
  • Beta version is the learning mechanism of technology and teaching isn’t the beta version of book to brain knowledge transfer.

School time is mostly spent on teaching activities and it continues for 12 years in children’s brain. Everyday homework is given to pupils for practice, writing and learning. We know that home isn’t school and parents are not teachers. Whole learning must be completed in school hours and it is possible in the brainpage theory of learnography.

Learnography is working for knowledge modulation and brainpage development. Task moderator is the promotion of school teacher. Homework is not necessary because task is moderated in school hours. The concerned authority of school system has to realize that the outcome of smart brainpage and high grades is vital in academic achievement.

Brainpage development is the fundamental part of school learnography. Modular learning is conducted in classroom instead of teaching. Biology of human brain is working on imaging, thinking and mapping described by the facts and findings of neuroscience. So attention is required to brainpage modulation that writes tests or exams for high grading.

High class working ability needs the broad zeidstream of brain mechanisms. Stream(z) is generated in neural pathways through procedural skill and it is gained from learning by doing, the fine tuning of motor processing.

We know that zeid is the smallest object of knowledge chapter. It gives object definition to develop learning spectrum by using naming address and definition address. At first, brain learns definition address to create the naming address of object identity for learning and working.

Learning mechanism always seeks the matrix of knowledge to create the sequences of brainpage modulation. It develops from the question set or titles of chapter segments and provides instance guided object learning (IGOL).

How is teaching performance considered as the waste of school hours?

A teacher is working hard in classroom to provide quality performance. Most of the time is spent on teaching process and motivational control. Students get passive learning while the teacher is found active and making his brainpage during class presentation.

Teachers are everything in education system and students are dependent on them for problem solving tasks. They are facing the challenges of work stress, massive loads and long hours. But community is not satisfied with the outcomes of school performance.

For low grades, teachers are blamed and their hardwork goes in vain. The faults of education system is never discussed. School hour is utilized for teaching performance and brain learning is done at home as homework. It is fact that high grades are secured from the smart brainpage of knowledge chapters.

In the modern world of science and technology, students are given quality smartphone with high speed Wi-Fi facility. Instead, they need smart brainpage with high speed zeidstream to obtain excellence in the exams and academic performance.

Teachers become brilliant, qualified and experienced in teaching performance because they make their brainpage during classroom presentation. We don’t need to sharpen the teachers’ brain as they are already qualified in specific subject to give the quality moderation of chapter. We have to sharpen students’ learning brain in classroom.

Dependent learning is provided in education system as teacher is doing everything in classroom. Students seek help even for simple chapter problem. They don’t have enough courage to face the challenges of algebra or geometry problem.

Children will be intelligent in brainpage making process. They are sent to the high definition learnographic field of LADBE, living and dynamic blackboard effect.

The future of education is learnography, brain science of learning mechanism. Amygdala system of brain will be used in learning process to improve the quality of academic achievement.

Students are lack of confidence to struggle in critical circumstances. It is bitter truth that teaching is the waste of school hours, but teachers are hardworking and honorable to run productive school system in the community.

Education can provide quality learning but smart learning is initialized in learnography. Deep learning is subcortical learning and it is acquired from the amygdala system of brain. It is true that the ultimate learning of knowledge chapters is the cerebellar learnography of human brain.

Amygdala system of learning mechanism extracts knowledge from hippocampal phase and temporal knowledge storage to take part in the prefrontal processing of modular learning. The hidden potential of master brain may be active to face learning difficulties and that is the zeid factor of amygdala system, the learning brain of science and technology. The high dream of human life is observed in the temporal lobe of cerebral cortex.

Biology of life is hidden in hypothalamus system that regulates the functions of brain parts known as master brain. It also monitors the functions of thalamus and amygdala system that provide the zeid factor of life to finish the learning of hard task which seems impossible in nature.

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Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

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