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Learning by doing is a concept in growth and economic theory by which productivity is achieved through practice, self-perfection and minor innovations. Technology is the subject of learning by doing which plays a vital role in the evolution of countries to acquire greater specialisation in production. In these both cases, learning by doing and increasing…

Four years degree course

Four years degree course is not effective to provide productive workforce in manufacturing and economic development

The chief executives of major companies said at White House Workforce Advisory Forum, “They are hiring more American workforce without college degrees as they search to find increasingly scarce applicants for open jobs.” Manufacturing sectors are facing the lack of experienced workforce. The government is spending a lot of money on the colleges of learning transfer and high performing classrooms. It’s amazing that university education is not providing proper working hands in the economic development of a country.

The Lockheed Company has boosted workforce training in manufacturing sectors for quality production. Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson said, “There are 14,000 people hired last year by Lockheed, half of them do not have a four-year degree.” In Lockheed company, 6,500 people were working previously in manufacturing who had not completed four years’ degree course. It proves that education system is failing to define proper skilled workforce in manufacture and growth.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said nearly 50 percent of the people the company hired in the United States last year did not have a four-year degree. “We never thought that the college degree was the thing that you had to have to do well,” Cook said, adding that “our founder was a college dropout,” an apparent reference to Steve Jobs.

Tim Cook runs the most successful Apple company using advanced technology and highly skilled workforce. He said, “We believe strongly that it should be a requirement in the United States for every student to have coding classes before they graduate from K-12 and become somewhat proficient in writing codes and designing new smart software.”

Tim Cook used his time at the meeting to tout the importance of learning how to code software and Apple’s efforts to help train students and other people on how to perform writing codes comfortably in regular basis for the earning.

IBM Chief Executive Ginni Rometty said, “We have a chance to employ so many more people – and not always with a college degree, a less than a four-year degree will get a very good paying job in the new economy.”

At a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board at the White House, the chief executives of highly successful companies were discussing the importance of science and technology in education system and knowledge transfer.

Teaching system can not develop student’s brainpage for learning transfer

There are three main tiers of school learnography based on the neurological studies of brain learning circuits such as motor learnography, basal learnography and cerebellar learnography. In fact, learnography is the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer which conducts book to brain learning transfer in the classroom.

Primary school system deals with the development of the motor cortex of human brain known as motor learnography. Secondary school system is designed to develop the proficiency of object language in the basal ganglia regions of brain known as basal learnography. High level learning transfer occurs in university knowledge transfer system known as cerebellar learnography. Students make brainpage in the learning process of classroom, instead of listening to teaching performance.

Change the school system of knowledge transfer to provide the productive workforce in manufacturing

Taxshila Span (545) describes school learnography of 15 years for complete knowledge transfer. Primary learnography takes five years of the academic span and the period of four years is given to the secondary learnography of knowledge transfer. The graduation of university learnography is completed in five years’ time span, such as three years’ bachelor degree and two years’ master degree. One year is arranged for the apprenticeship of workforce skill development considered as the third year of master’s degree.

The proficiency of knowledge transfer must be achieved in four years during the secondary learnography of school system. There are five subjects in which students will have to make the smart brainpage of learning proficiency. These subjects are mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. It’s true that the learning proficiency of classroom can be converted into the working proficiency of graduates at the workplace. Secondary learnography is considered as the proficiency level of knowledge transfer and the brainpage of motor knowledge generates proficiency in the finger mapping of working hands.

The motor areas of brain regions are well-developed in productive workforce. Professional skill also requires the working practice of motor circuits. In fact, motor science deals with the knowledge and studies of motor circuits and the working mechanism of human brain is mainly based on the projections and functions of motor cortex in general, basal ganglia and cerebellum.

Human brain is unique and well-developed in the application and modulation of motor knowledge like brachial plexus and finger mapping. The sensory areas of cerebral cortex (chapter brain) are well-developed in talking brain, but motor areas are less developed. Good growth in both sensory and motor areas are found in working brain. The brainpage theory of learnography is focused on the development of working brain.

Learning by doing is a concept in growth and economic theory by which productivity is achieved through practice, self-perfection and minor innovations. Technology is the subject of learning by doing which plays a vital role in the evolution of countries to acquire greater specialisation in production. In these both cases, learning by doing and increasing returns in production provide an efficient economic engine for long run growth and sustainability.

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Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.



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  1. Chen Song Ping @ TPTan Avatar

    It is true that some without degree are doing better than those with higher certifications! The teaching system must be reviewed to churn out workforces a country’s economic and growth needs. I like this article! Will love to re-blog this!

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    1. Happiness Classroom Avatar

      It’s absolutely true that there must be big change in education system.


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