School made for knowledge transfer

The working stream of student’s brain is called zeidstream. This is also the builder of school ecosystem in which book to brainpage knowledge transfer runs smoothly to achieve professional skill, knowledge and productive merit in academic performance. Brainpage module of the learning part is the building block of book to brain motor knowledge transfer. It…

School Principal

Grade performance in school system shows the evaluation of student’s brainpage development for the quality of knowledge transfer

School Leaders

School office is administrative workspace where the specific planned actions of learning performance are carried out in different reporting levels to accomplish the smooth running of institution. The proper functioning methods of official employees and documents explicate the institutionalized form of smart classroom for learning mechanism and brainpage development. It is fact that the high class learnograph of brainpage modules makes the high academic performance of student’s brain in the structural classrooms of institution.

School leaders should be given full authority to change the system of knowledge transfer in the classroom.

Brainpage School

We must know that bad office creates weak administration in work processing, therefore, no one should try to paralyze the actions of school office. Management has to furnish the school office with skilled employees, proper registers, documents, designed actions and powerful controls and commands. Book keeping is maintained to show the transparency of system operation in filing, reporting and working. The double entry of modern accounting system is used to keep the books of receipts and payments. The exact application of working system seeks powerful control, smart command and right decision to make the institution alive in the eyes of parents.

Reporting levels in the institution

School principal is the leading person in school’s premises. A good leader handles teamwork efficiently for the performance of productive work and valued outcomes. A principal should be positive and enthusiastic while listening to the reporting levels of institution. Reports must be submitted in written form to arrange the documents of working levels for proper decision and action. The outcome of classroom performance is the responsibility of school administration but it may be successful if students obtain high academic achievement in school system.

Classroom observation

A classroom must be conducted as a workplace of learning transfer where the smart brainpage of knowledge chapters is modulated in student’s brain processing. The brainpage development of student’s learning is the sole responsibility of school authority. The principal stays calm in difficult situations, thinks before taking action and puts the needs and outcomes of institution in the first place. It is suggested that an effective leader is available to moderators, staff members, parents, students and community members. But the classroom observation of knowledge transfer and brainpage development is vital to the school administrator for the quality of high grades.

Good payment for workforce

The formatting skills, dedication and persistence of employees give rise to the right quality and quantity of the work. The control and commands of school system become futile for unskilled and heedless employees and they can push the institution towards the collapse of its structure. Working staffs need attractive facilities and timely payments. But the right quality and quantity of working outcomes can only make the good payments for workforce, production and development. The knowledge transfer and brain learnography of school system runs smoothly with well-equipped classroom, smart administration and productive learning environment.

Teaching theories and knowledge transfer

School principal is trained and instructed to apply teaching theories and pedagogical techniques in school system. High class teaching performance is focused in classroom but the learning mechanism of brain doesn’t support teaching theories for knowledge modulation, brainpage learnography and memory formation. Applied neuroscience is needed to meet the requirements of high academic performance. Brainpage memory modulation is the brain writing of knowledge chapters in motor learning process. An author makes the motor zeidgraph of objects, facts and thoughts on paper, but the subject moderator of classroom writes the learnographs of knowledge transfer in student’s brain.

Principal is the chief administrator of school system and classroom administrator is the chief moderator of classroom learning transfer. There are three types of the administrations running in school system – office administration, classroom administration and hostel administration. The environment of learning development (ELD) is the main aspect of school system. Knowledge chapter is motorized in the structural classroom to make smart brainpage modules in the process of learning transfer. The association zeidgraph of formatted brainpage gives high scores in the exams, and also changes the behavior and thinking of kids for problem solving activities.

Head of office administration

Office administrator is appointed as the head of school office and reported to the principal. He acts as a bridge between school and parents for communication and academic activities. He also replies to the correspondence sent by any office or persons. The performance of office work, preservation of school records and collection of fees come under the authority of office administrator. The control of school gate, charge of school premises and maintenance of attendance registers are regulated by school office.

Place of knowledge transfer

The principal becomes free from official burdens and gets enough time to observe classroom situations, knowledge transfer and brainpage development. Classroom is the learning transfer space of school ecosystem where knowledge chapters are processed in the brain, body and behavior of kids. Subject teacher is classroom moderator and he has to feel the company of Principal’s supervision during session hours. School employees enjoy the salary and facilities for the work performance of productive brainpage development. This is learning transfer work and we call it learnography. Work may be considered not done in school system if the brainpage modules of topics and contents are not well-finished in the classroom.

Smartphone and electronic devices

It is true that school office runs the institution with predefined management and operating system. Subject moderator directs the learning process of classroom and the principal monitors classroom moderators for academic performance. Hence, system integration in school office should be made powerful, decisive and functional. Students and moderators are not allowed to entertain any phone calls during class hours, but the office may receive calls and convey the message to body concerned. Smartphone is a kind of miniature robot in design and function. So it must be banned in school premises. Electronic devices should be restricted to classroom moderator and phase superior.

Truancy and bad class performance

Learning is the science of brain learnography which deals with the declarative and associative practices of subject matter. School administration monitors classroom operations to observe brainpage development for high academic performance. Truancy is programmed in the amygdala system of brain and brainpage modulation can correct this problem. Absence of students in classroom obstructs the outcome of learning system. Absence in phase operation, poor school bag and delayed payments of school fee give the output of bad scholars. The administrator must be able to control these fundamentals with the help of guardians. If a student doesn’t improve his weak essentials, it must be considered as the failure of brainpage processing.

Successful teamwork

Effective school leaders have been shown significantly to improve the performance of all students at the school, at least in part through their impacts on selection and retention of good moderators to form successful teamwork in school system. Ineffective principals have similarly large negative effect on school performance. The performance issues of evaluation are suggested as important for school administrators as they are for classroom moderators. It is necessary to change educational teaching in school system. It’s not suitable for the advancement of science and technology. Brainpage of knowledge chapter is not made in classroom and the definition spectrum of knowledge objects is not observed in learning process.

Learning is the natural perspective of school system in which brainpage of learning is modulated in classroom to express high academic performance in learning process. It may stop cramming study of subject matter that happens during exams period. The pressure to perform well in classroom and engage in extracurricular activities in addition to other responsibilities often resulted in cramming method of studying before or during exams period for high academic performance. Brainpage development may reduce this pressure and students will feel comfortable in learning process.

Classroom performance and learning process conduct knowledge transfer in the brain circuits of working mechanism of individuals

School system runs in the ecosystem of knowledge transfer in which teachers, students, parents, books, administration and learning material resources are involving to make high performing classrooms. The working stream of student’s brain is called zeidstream. This is also the builder of school ecosystem in which book to brainpage knowledge transfer runs smoothly to achieve professional skill, knowledge and productive merit in academic performance. Brainpage module of the learning part is the building block of book to brain motor knowledge transfer. It is obvious that learnography is the programming of brainpage modules which activates the working mechanism of brain circuits for knowledge transfer in classroom learning operation system (CLOS).

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Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.



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