School made for knowledge transfer

A teacher uses motor knowledge in classroom performance, so knowledge transfer goes to the teacher’s brain. If students apply motor knowledge in classroom brainpage processing, learning transfer will go to the student’s brain. Cognitive knowledge is the potential energy of human brain while the motor knowledge of working brain is the kinetic energy of knowledge…

Books of knowledge transfer

Brainpage books of direct school are really the books of knowledge transfer to produce high performing students in the classroom

Developer of knowledge transfer

A student is the end user of school chapters in classroom operating system but the writer of brainpage book is the developer of knowledge transfer. Source page should be written as the application software of knowledge transfer for students. School system deals with knowledge chapters in the classroom to provide quality education.

Subject teacher is the real task moderator for book to brain knowledge transfer in school learnography.

Taxshila Model

Teaching is performed and students are encouraged to finish the learning of subject matter. The learning mechanism of student’s brain is never utilized to understand the subject matter of chapters. Obviously, students go to school for knowledge transfer and brainpage development which are necessary to be high performing kids in school ecosystem. The amygdala system and hippocampal compass of brain are important to restore learning, writing and memory modulation for problem solving activities.

Importance of object language

Books are the creative works of father teachers and this is the development of object knowledge for mathematics, science and technology. The classroom teaching of cognitive knowledge is delivered in human language when course books are written and expressed in the object language of knowledge transfer.

The miraculous discovery of human civilization is the book writing of literature, discoveries and other knowledge chapters. It’s true that a book of knowledge chapters is the creative language of father teachers. So, we must develop the learning dimensions of brain learnography to acquire skill, knowledge and merit in object language. Obviously, the book is the supreme teacher of many classified teachers in which facts, findings, events and responses are stored for the resources, benefits and academic uses of future generation.

School provides education in human language but knowledge is transferred in object language.

Brainpage theory of knowledge transfer

Existing knowledge defined as white knowledge

The student’s brain is learning white knowledge from the study of textbooks. Teachers also perform white knowledge on the blackboard. Students are listening and watching white knowledge in the classroom. The course book of academy is the source book of knowledge and studies. These books are written from the creative work of father teachers and we learn the chapter of subject matter from these textbooks. The pattern of object and structure gives face factors that launch mirror reflection to the amygdala system of brain. This is the small part of student’s brain but plays decisive role in knowledge learning by putting pattern zeid marker on the definition address of functional objects.

Brainpage books are not textbooks

Book is the supreme teacher of knowledge performance. Textbook is written for the teaching system of learning transfer in which the chapter is described for classroom performance and the exercise of questions is given for homework. Some definitions are also given to make brainpage in home learning.

It is obvious that brainpage books are not textbooks. This is the book of knowledge transfer designed and written for the brainpage development of students. It is modular book design based on the dimensions of learning mechanism of brain. In fact, the brainpage of book reading helps in learning, writing and understanding. For direct approach, book to brain learning transfer should be focused to develop high performing students in the classroom.

Sagittal section of brain : Dr Claudia Krebs, UBC

Neuroscience of learning mechanism

Motor science of human brain is unique and most developed in biological evolution and genetics to advance the world of science and technology. It mainly comprises the three anatomical regions of brain such as motor cortex, basal ganglia and cerebellum connecting to whole central nervous system for knowledge transfer and brainpage development. We know that brainpage module is the software of working mechanism of student’s brain. In fact, motor cortex is localized in the frontal lobe of chapter brain and basal ganglia are a group of four nuclei, found in the insular region of limbic brain. Obviously, cerebellum is the important part of core brain that is activated during the brainpage making process of classroom.

Actually, gym centers are running on the facts of motor science in which muscle, bone and movement are rehearsed in specific ways to maintain the health and fitness of physical body. Motor science is a branch of neurobiology that deals with the motor knowledge of brain learnography. The motor system of brain also makes human life physically active in learning and working. There are mainly three types of brainpage books used to conduct book to brain knowledge transfer in the classroom. These books are matrix book, spectrum book and source book. School education runs on the system of teacher to student verbal learning transfer. But school learnography runs on the brainpage theory of book to brain motor knowledge transfer.

Motor circuits of student’s brain

All types of physical activities come under the functions of motor circuits to localize learning transfer in the different functional areas of working brain. The learning of physical activities is known as the motor knowledge of learning transfer. Motor science is related to the neurological studies of motor circuits of human brain but I will try to explain the brainpage transfer of motor knowledge in the common language of reading and understanding. The motor circuits of our brain activate, regulate and control the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers to produce well-coordinated movement in body-parts.

The advancement of science, maths and technology comes from the application of motor science. Physiotherapy, sports excellence and athletics are dealt by the well-defined knowledge transfer of motor science. It also describes the learning transfer of bike riding and car driving. Speech, music and vocals, all are the subjects of motor science. In this way, the evolution and civilization of human beings are defined and based on the facts of motor science to have control and rule over all the organisms like plants and animals of the whole earth.

Truth of knowledge transfer

The brainpage theory of motor science deals with the motor cortex of chapter brain, the basal ganglia of limbic brain and the cerebellum of core brain. We need motor cortex to produce voluntary physical movement but this motor knowledge is rehearsed and fine-tuned in the basal ganglia circuitry of human brain. Related movement blocks are coordinated with space, object and time by the cerebellum of core brain. Cognitive knowledge of the prefrontal cortex is also processed to decide which physical action is required to finish goal oriented tasks.

In motor science, cognitive knowledge is transformed into physical movement, gestures and face reflections, then it becomes the motor knowledge of learning transfer. Human beings are unique in the application of motor knowledge and corresponding motor finger mapping. Humans can make tools and use fire in working and living. This knowledge can be described by the studies of motor science, a branch of neurobiology. The teacher uses motor knowledge in classroom performance, so learning goes to teacher’s brain. If students apply motor knowledge in the brainpage making process of classroom, learning will be transferred to student’s brain. This is the brainpage theory of motor science and the truth of knowledge transfer.

Talking classrooms run in school hours but working classrooms are conducted at home while doing homework.

Motor science of knowledge transfer

What is the preference of your school system, talking classroom or working classroom?

A teacher uses motor knowledge in classroom performance, so knowledge transfer goes to the teacher’s brain. If students apply motor knowledge in classroom brainpage processing, learning transfer will go to the student’s brain. Cognitive knowledge is the potential energy of human brain while the motor knowledge of working brain is the kinetic energy of knowledge transfer. Student’s brain becomes very powerful in the learning process of subject matter when it works and modulates brainpage on the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer.

Teacher to student verbal knowledge transfer is conducted in the conventional classroom to provide quality education, but nothing is transferred to student’s brain in the classroom. In fact, teaching is defined as the talking activities of learning transfer and high motivation runs in the classroom with hard instruction.

There will be improvements in the student’s talking behavior, as mirror neurons may emulate the talking activities of classroom teaching. That may help in conducting talking activities on social media and other platforms. Do you remember bullying incidence in schools? Mirror neurons in young brains are observed very active for imitation and won’t be silent in talking classrooms.

Motor science is the backbone of brainpage school while cognitive science can provide talking schools in the name of high class teaching and quality education. In reality, teaching is not necessary in school system. The working mechanism of student’s brain is significant to the system of knowledge transfer.

Taxshila Model

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Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.



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