School made for knowledge transfer

Students may forget what you said in teaching but they will not forget how you made them achieve in the brainpage making process of knowledge transfer. This is really the application of motor science to run the flow of book to brain knowledge transfer in the structural classroom. Hence, learning is finished in object language…

Father Book

Matrix book is the father book of knowledge transfer to test the brainpage quality of student’s brain

Teaching in human language

School provides education in human language but knowledge is written in object language. Children have learnt human language at home and the teacher also gives teaching in human language. So, students feel easy and comfortable in the teaching of subject matter. They don’t think more about hardships and understanding. This is called the indirect learning system of school education in which learning is transferred in human language. In fact, knowledge is transferred to teacher’s brain in object language from source book and then it is projected to student’s brain in human language.

Learning from the brainpage books of knowledge transfer means learning from the father teachers in object language.

Taxshila Model

Books of knowledge transfer

Parents ! You may apply three things such as father book, mother book and board power to make your kids intelligent in the brainpage school of knowledge transfer. Matrix book is the father book of knowledge transfer, so father will ask kids the questions at home from the matrix book. Spectrum book is the mother book of brainpage development, so mother will ask kids object definitions at home from the spectrum book. Students suffering from the cognitive blindness of learning brain may not understand the teaching performance of classroom. They won’t show any interests in learning process. It happens when there is lack of matrix and spectrum in knowledge transfer and brainpage development.

Object language of mathematics

It is obvious that human language makes knowledge transfer difficult in mathematics for brainpage processing. For instance, a maths book is written in English but the objects of mathematics are only transferred to student’s brain regions. English is not transferred but mathematics is transferred to student’s brain. Intuition also runs in the object language of visuo-spatial learnography of brain. This is the ocean of dark knowledge where students can find all types of definitions, matrix and spectrum of objects to generate learning potential in the knowledge transfer of classroom learnography.

School system of indirect learning

Teaching gives conventional learning in human language free from hardships and challenges. It may be comfortable for young brains but the knowledge page of subjects is always written in object language. The teacher gets subject matter from the chapters of knowledge book and then transfers its learning to students. This is known as the indirect learning of school system in which knowledge is mediated by teachers for the understanding of young brains. The motor system of student’s brain is never applied in the learning transfer of classroom. Therefore, learning activities and school life becomes painful for many students and they like to stay away from books and teachers resulting in failures, truancy and dropouts.

Reward and fear systems of student’s brain

We know that pain and pleasure are two major aspects of human emotions. The reward system of brain mechanism is found very high in young brain and it is due to the early development of amygdala circuitry. Other contrasting character is fear system which is also highly developed as the survival factor of life. Baby brain shows emotional development in early stage and later it starts playing and talking in family and surroundings by expressing the different types of emotions. Playing activities help children in the development of motor circuits of brain. It cannot be considered as the tools of knowledge transfer in school ecosystem.

Kids talking too much in the classroom

Pleasure seeking behavior of children is evolutionary character that shows how to adapt in difficult physical situations and survive in unfavorable circumstances. Many children like to talk much in classroom when they meet the friends of same level. We know that speech development is essential to the communication and interaction of children. They feel very comfortable in human language and enjoy talking in loud voice. Sometimes they start playing in the classroom and that may be accidental reality in the learning environment of classroom. In fact, hardships start in school education where baby brain has to interact with subject matter in object language.

Creator of knowledge chapters

Early childhood demonstrates pleasure seeking behavior and it can’t be considered as the vital tool of knowledge learning. School may give direct learning through the object language of father teacher, the creator of knowledge chapter. While indirect learning is acquired through the human language of subject teacher. Book to brain learning comes under the system of direct school. In indirect school system, students achieve skill, knowledge and merit from the teaching of courses. They are found weak in understanding the object language of textbooks. They have no self-confidence in problem solving activities and depend mainly on the human language of teaching activities.

New knowledge and motor science

Students may forget what you said in teaching but they will not forget how you made them achieve in the brainpage making process of knowledge transfer. This is really the application of motor science to run the flow of book to brain knowledge transfer in the structural classroom. Hence, learning is finished in object language but understanding is done in human language. If students make brainpage in the learning process of knowledge chapter, they can understand subject matter in object language. Otherwise, they need teaching performance to know subject matter in human language. Everyday we learn something new knowledge and it is stored in our memory centers for future use. The prefrontal cortex of student’s brain is the part of working memory which seeks rational development in learning process.

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Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.



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