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A road to right solution is built on the land of mistakes

Ability to learn is possessed by the working mechanism of human brain. Learning is the process of acquiring new skills and modifying existing knowledge. It results in brain plasticity that is the lifelong ability of learning behavior, values and preferences. Learning is a natural and ongoing part of life that takes place continuously, both for better and for worse. Sometimes people learn things that help them become more knowledgeable and lead better lives. In other instances, people can learn things that are detrimental to their overall progress, health and well-being.

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Education provides teaching equally to all students but they aren’t similar in performance

Learning brain doesn’t support teaching as it can’t modulate brainpage for learning. Teachers are blamed for low performance but there is a bug in education system.

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Smart brainpage of knowledge is necessary to secure high grades in exams

Brainpage school is procedural learning school where learning by doing is encouraged and students get chance to learn knowledge from mistakes