Main aspects of school system: knowledge transfer, skill development and high earning jobs

School is the place where knowledge transfer takes place for the development of student’s working brainpage. Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development in a country. Students must be skilled in the speed, techniques and format of knowledge transfer. This is the brainpage theory of school learnography in which […]

Human memory travels in space in search of location and definition for progressive knowledge transfer

From evolutionary point of view, the hippocampus of human brain is a very old part of the cortex and it is located in the inner fold of temporal lobe. Pathways of the space definition are explored by physical movement and it is processed by the motor knowledge of procedural learnography. The motor knowledge of brainpage modules plays an important role in memory formation. We have to remember something with space definition to consolidate as long term memory.

Started blogsite on December 6th and this is also launch date of WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg Editor and Twenty Nineteen Theme

Gutenberg is block editor and modular in processing and it is possible in WordPress 5.0 to design intuitive webpage by using the advanced features of Gutenberg editor. Learnography is the system of book to brain knowledge transfer (BBKT) that can be launched in school system instead of the teaching theories of education. Learning transfer is processed in the working mechanism of human brain in the format of brainpage modules. Gutenberg is modular editor and block is processed to edit the layouts of web design. It will bring great advancement in the ecosystem of WordPress by providing users friendly environment in content management system (CMS).

Brainpage module is the building block of book to brain knowledge transfer

Block is a new modular advanced tool for building, writing and engaging contents of the posts and articles. With blocks, we can insert, rearrange and style multimedia content with very little technical knowledge. Instead of using custom code, we can add a block and focus on our content writing. Gutenberg is more than an editor. It’s also the foundation that will revolutionize customization and site building in the WordPress.

Brain science of space and memory is crucial to the effective knowledge transfer of human learnography

Space and memory are the building blocks of knowledge transfer. Memory travels in learning space, and so knowledge transfer is conducted with locations and space definition to use motor knowledge in high speed learning and memory formation. The space definition of association is hidden in human memory to navigate through the matrix, spectrum, formatting, segments, compass, module and intuitive ideas of progressive knowledge transfer. In fact, memory travels in space for navigation, exploration and finally learning transfer by applying the motor knowledge of brain circuits.

Learning by doing means you are applying the motor knowledge of brain in learning transfer

To make brainpage for knowledge transfer is the daily routine of our students. They may be true hands-on learners who prefer to touch, move, build or draw what they are given to learn in classroom system. This is the brainpage theory of school learnography that can be used to transfer knowledge in classroom learning process. Human brain understands and remembers things, facts and events through space exploration and physical movement in working and learning.

Learning from small teacher is more effective than the knowledge transfer from big teacher

Small teachers may be significant to the knowledge transfer of classroom system. Younger brother learns many things from the elder sister while walking, running and playing in the surrounding environment. Here, the sister acts as a small teacher for her toddler brother in real life situations. Neuroplasticity is the capacity of human brain to continue to grow and change with experience and learning throughout the whole life. Learning is crucial at any point in our life and it is important to keep learning and seeking, no matter what the age is coming. But neuroscientists suggest that human brain begins to shrink at old age. It is believed that the brain stops growing and wears out with age like the other parts of our body.

Learning is knowledge transfer for students but teaching is knowledge transfer for teachers

We know that student’s brain learning is knowledge transfer in school system and memory formation is crucial to solve and answer the questions in exams. Memories for the brainpage modules are retrieved in the brain circuits of knowledge transfer by exploring space, objects, time, instance, module, order and formatting (SOTIMOF) of subject matter. Brainpage theory is necessary for the students to make the smart modules of knowledge transfer in school hours instead of listening to teaching performance.

Most amazing part of human evolution is the cerebellar learnography of knowledge transfer

In humans, the cerebellum of brain plays an important role in motor learning and movement control. It may also be involved in some cognitive or executive functions such as attention, language and finger mapping as well as in regulating fear and pleasure responses. But its movement or motor-coordination related functions are the most solidly established […]

Logic circuit of knowledge transfer is located in the prefrontal cortex of human brain

Learning transfer is crucial in school system and it is processed by the learning mechanism of brain circuits. We know that the logic circuit of knowledge transfer is located in the prefrontal cortex of brain. It is believed that there is an integral link of a person’s will to live and personality with the functions of prefrontal cortex. This brain region has been implicated in the planning of complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behavior. The basic activity of this brain region is considered to be the orchestration of thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals.