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Brainpage of Knowledge Transfer

Make high performing brainpage schools to change the world with pencil power and knowledge transfer.

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Neuroscience of knowledge transfer is pivotal to the development of high performing students in school ecosystem

What is the neuroscience of knowledge transfer? Learnography is the neuroscience of knowledge transfer that deals with the working dimensions of brain to make brainpage and produce high performing students in the classroom. The sixth and seventh dimensions of knowledge transfer are really the visualizing dimensions of Einstein’s genius brain to advance creativity in the domain of new knowledge.

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Dimensions of knowledge transfer can change the course of student’s life

Maths learning is similar to the learning transfer of bike riding. Teaching is not necessary in bike learning but motor science of the brain circuits is required in bike riding. Teaching system makes maths chapter difficult in the learning transfer to student’s brain. Maths learning becomes very easy in the classroom when students apply the dimensions of knowledge transfer in brainpage making process.

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Teaching is not the scientific system of knowledge transfer in school education

We believe that teaching is provided in classroom and students will learn and understand the subject matter of chapters. It seems very simple and comfortable but our brain has complex systems of learning mechanism defined by several circuits. Knowledge transfer of learnography is processed in the working mechanism of brain circuits. These pathways are input circuit, association circuit, cognitive circuit, limbic circuit, memory circuit, motor circuit and zeid circuit. There are also the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer in learnography such as matrix, spectrum, formator, segment, compass, module and innovation.

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Learning dimensions of brain should be used to modulate and make smart brainpage in school system

Learning runs in education system on only one dimension that is teaching. Students listen to teaching performance in classroom to know the knowledge of subject matter but learning is not finished to apply understanding in problem solving activities. Working mechanism of brain doesn’t follow the dimension of teaching in learning process. It is fact that brain parts take part in the learning mechanism of knowledge chapters. So, school system must run on the learning dimensions of brain to develop the smart brainpage of knowledge chapters in classroom.