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Brainpage of Knowledge Transfer

Make high performing brainpage schools to change the world with pencil power and knowledge transfer.

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Cognitive phase of knowledge transfer is third phase of development cycle in the advancement of science and technology

School system runs on the application of cognitive science but students need the motor science of knowledge transfer to write answers in the exams. The advancement of technology comes from the phases of learning transfer which are important for the new ideas, creativity and innovation of high level brainpage development.

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Knowledge Transfer of Motor Science in the Learnography of DIYA Project

Students are transformed into the small teachers of collaborative classroom. School can change the livelihood of people in the community if knowledge learnography is processed perfectly in student’s brain circuits throughout the school years of core academy. The zeid factors of limbic brain decide the working pathways of our life. The circuitry of human brain is unique in advanced learning mechanism and modular brainpage making process for school performance. Mistake is a form of zeid factor that always draws the attention of its maker to fix the problem with suitable content.

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Negative potential of brain mechanism leads to the discovery of science and technology

Persistence in learning process, working discipline, self-confidence and creative ideas are required to improve the smart brainpage of knowledge chapters.