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People believe that high salary is good earning but saving money is real earning

Brain learnography is an essential factor to understand the saving mechanism of financial activities. It is fact that high quality professional skill is developed by the cerebellar learnography of brain. Therefore, cerebellar circuit of the brain is responsible for quality production and high earning job. In personality, earning behavior is projected by the circuit of basal ganglia while high spending attitude is triggered by the limbic circuit of brain. The cognitive circuit of prefrontal cortex can interpret the mechanism of regular savings in working life. In this way, the working mechanism of our brain is focused to express the characteristics of financial activities in real savings.

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High quality of skill, knowledge and experience required for hard working and good earning

Brainpage theory is everything in school system to modulate knowledge chapters in learning process.

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Cheating in the exams will give you fake certificate for working and earning

Certificate will be useless and invalid for working if students cheat to write answers in the exams. Amygdala system of learning brain knows how you have used cheating in answering the questions in exams.

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Exam is test of academic performance for knowledge modulation and brainpage development

Exam is the test of brainpage achievement in which grade quality is awarded for academic performance.