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Cognitive knowledge develops from the existing knowledge of science and technology

Technology is the subject of learning by doing which plays a vital role in the evolution of countries to acquire greater specialisation in production. In these both cases, learning by doing and increasing returns in production provide an efficient economic engine for long run growth and sustainability.

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Advancement of science and technology is the pillar of economy and growth

Phases of learning transfer are very important to develop new technology for economy, production and growth. In fact, technology is born in the world of specialized systems, innovative designs and productive energy transfer.

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Teacher to students verbal knowledge transfer is not productive in the digital age of science and technology

Pedagogy of school system must be replaced by the motor science of knowledge transfer. Teacher to student verbal knowledge transfer is conducted in the classroom to provide quality education, but nothing is transferred to student’s brain. Learning by doing is a concept in economic theory by which productivity is achieved through consistent practice, self-perfection and intuitive innovations.

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Four years degree course is not effective to provide productive workforce in manufacturing and economic development

Primary school system deals with the development of the motor cortex of human brain known as motor learnography. Secondary school system is designed to develop the proficiency of object language in the basal ganglia regions of brain known as basal learnography. High level learning transfer occurs in university knowledge transfer system known as cerebellar learnography. Students make brainpage in the learning process of classroom, instead of listening to teaching performance.

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Modern science and advanced technology have been evolved from the pathways of village learnography

There are three main aspects of village learnography – health, education and economy (HEE). Villages are the building blocks of a country, therefore, rural development only brings changes and prosperity in the livelihood of people. We know that skills and brainpage knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development needed in the harmony and growth of a community.