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Plant learnography deals with learning mechanism of herbs, shrubs and trees about modification and adaptation

Plants are able to register learning and memories from their past experiences. They respond to environmental stimuli by movement and changes in morphology. In addition, plant physiology accurately computes unfavorable circumstances, uses sophisticated analysis of survival factors and takes tightly controlled actions to mitigate and control diverse environmental stressors. Plants are also capable of discriminating positive and negative experiences to face the challenges of adverse effects.

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Students need learning space and brainpage making process in school system

School hostel is described as the lodging facilities of students especially for home learning. School warden is the head of hostel’s authority and learning environment must be managed for the academic performance of boarders. Any embarrassing activities of the warden can’t be torelated in school system. Hostel activities against the rules and regulations of institution may be catastrophic in nature to damage the goodwill and contributions of school authorities.

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Students make smart brainpage in real learning

School system must observe relativity theory of differential learnography to produce smart brainpage. Learning from brainpage is remarkable to achieve high academic success.