Direct School Education Neuroscience

Make high performing brainpage schools to change the world with pencil power and knowledge transfer

Whole knowledge is difficult in learning transfer but it is broken into segments or blocks to increase the efficiency of brainpage processing. In fact, the third dimension of knowledge transfer is block solver that improves the capacity of learning skill and knowledge application. It is useful in making the exact statements of solution and writing the right answers in the exams.

Creativity Problem Solver School 2020

Brainpage school runs on the motor science of knowledge transfer

This is the meaning of default education in which learning transfer does not happen in the classroom. Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Student’s brain has advanced working mechanism to conduct knowledge transfer in learning process. No teaching is defined in the happiness classroom of knowledge transfer. In education system, teaching and learning go together in the classroom but it’s replaced by the cognitive learning and motor writing of student’s brain in School 2020.

Creativity Education Neuroscience

School must be defined as the workplace of knowledge transfer

Teaching is not necessary because students learn from source books by applying the working dimensions of brain circuits. Everything is finished in school hours and homework is not required for practice. A classroom of small teachers is defined in school learnography to make high speed brainpage modules in book to brain learning transfer.