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Brainpage of Knowledge Transfer

Make high performing brainpage schools to change the world with pencil power and knowledge transfer.

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Does the solution of plant decomposers break the chain of corona virus transmission?

Decomposers may have such enzymes or organic acids that can dissolve the lipid layers of corona virus. D1 is pure culture while D7 is plant feeder. D2 solution is prepared from culture, jaggery and mustard cakes, used in spraying, washing and bathing.

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Learnography of student’s brain

High performing students of happiness classroom are recognized as the small teachers of school ecosystem. Miniature school is formed by seven students and one of them will be the miniature (small teacher) to conduct brainpage making process on the particular miniature desk. This is the architecture of a collaborative classroom to promote personalized knowledge transfer on the desks of miniature schools.

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Teaching performance is not necessary in the learning transfer of collaborative classroom

Without imagination, a person’s achievement is nothing in the field of creativity and innovation. Human imagination is miraculous and unpredictable. The genius area of brain generates random imagery in thinking process to analyze the possibilities of right outcomes. All persons have their own imagination for learning, writing and working. In real learning, imagination makes everyone exceptional to the others.

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Cognitive knowledge is transformed into motor knowledge in cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry of brain

Cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry of human brain describes the visuo-motor learnography of knowledge transfer which is very powerful to reflect positive changes in the attitude and behavior of student’s brain.

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Origin of creativity is the world of dark knowledge beyond imagination

Dark knowledge is main source of creativity that provides new sequence of smart objects.