Truth of knowledge transfer in the classroom of teaching theories and pedagogical methods

School leaders are facing many teaching challenges in education system that successful learning transfer does not happen and all students do not get equal learning in the classroom. They have to encourage the teachers to produce high scores and grades in the classroom. Obviously, students achieve higher scores from the brainpage development of subject matter, but brainpage is not modulated in the classroom.

Challenges and operational problems for school leaders and classroom teachers

Teachers are found highly stressed in school system because of teaching theories and massive workloads. There are three main causes of the teacher’s work stress – high class performance, learning transfer and worksheets. Teachers are observed highly pressurized to present high class teaching for motivation and instruction. The second problem is learning transfer to student’s brain. Although high class performance is given in classroom, knowledge is not transferred to student’s brain circuits. Assessment and worksheets may be the third cause of teacher’s stress.

Modern education runs on the system of indirect schools

What is wrong with schools that educators like to leave teaching profession? School leaders should discuss about the system of knowledge transfer that is conducted in classroom. The system of indirect school is running in education in which knowledge is transferred from book to teacher’s brain and then it is projected towards student’s brain in human language. We should not ignore the defects of teaching theories and pedagogical methods. We know that the system of direct school describes book to brain knowledge transfer for the students in classroom. This is the brainpage theory of school learnography.

Teachers become highly stressed in school system but learning transfer does not happen in classroom. Homework is given to students to make brainpage at home. Teachers also finish worksheets at home.

What happened to the knowledge transfer of school system? Everything is done at home. Why is the classroom built for education? The learning transfer of teaching theories must be tested on the facts of neurological studies that can prove the truth and success of pedagogy in the learning circuits of student’s brain.

Brainpage theory and learning transfer in the classroom

Learning and memory formation is the universal process of knowledge transfer. Brainpage is generated in learning transfer from the zeidgraph of literature, maths, science and technology. The pedagogy of education system is the science of advanced teaching techniques. Teachers are trained with the performance theories of pedagogy, but knowledge transfer for student’s brain doesn’t happen in the classroom. School leaders should appreciate the truth of teaching theories because high grades comes from the smart brainpage of learning transfer.

No teaching, no homework for kids! Future of education is brain learnography that will deal with the learning mechanism and knowledge transfer of school system.

Future of education system and modern classroom for knowledge transfer

School of learnography is an alternate form of education and this is based on the facts, data and research of applied neuroscience. Learnography is the science of knowledge transfer and brainpage development in which learning becomes complete in school hours and teaching isn’t necessary. I have worked on the modular system of brain learning and corresponding finger mapping. Knowledge spectrum of the association cortex of human brain is amazing in learning transfer and the classroom of small teachers can define the collaboration of leadership and student’s teamwork in school system.

Classroom runs in school learnography as the workplace of knowledge transfer.

Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal